Monday, February 19, 2018

Snowy Sunday

Yesterday, we walked to church. It's not far (0.9 miles) but the second half of the walk is up hill (a very steep hill.) But because it was a cool day, we didn't break a sweat. The best part though was once we got to the hill, Capri of course wanted to ride in the wagon- haha good luck Chase! I'm pregnant and popping and even though the handle is too short for him- he couldn't have ppl judging him for making his pregnant wife pull the wagon up hill to church. I love the pregnant perks :)

And I posed like I did some of the work. Capri pulled the wagon more than I ever did :)

And during Sacrament meeting, I literally found 10 grey/white hairs on Chase's head. The top of his head looks a little greyish (that's from gel and the angle) but in his side burns and above his ears there is NO gel and you can clearly see white hairs! I think we have a Dave-junior even more now. Adorable! He will kill me for posting this pic :) And not a grey hair to be found on my head- we checked!

And today (yesterday's storm) there is a snowy wonderland here. We aren't even mad in February bc we haven't had snow all winter! Capri was loving life for an hour out there and I finally made her come in bc I was getting too cold. Sawyer lasted for about 30 second two times. The best was when Sawyer saw a HUGE snowball bigger than him (it was a tumbleweed covered in snow) and tried to dive in it- that's when he really turned on the snow! I wish I had my camera out for that shenanigan. Poor guy! I was laughing and Chase was yelling at me from inside the office to wipe his face. I didn't realize it was a tumbleweed until it was too late- I thought chase had rolled that snowball early in the morning when he was doing uhauls or I would have warned sawyer (probably!) 
Ok well over and out for now!

Friday, February 16, 2018

An Antelope Valentine's Day

Every year, Chase and I trade off who plans Valentine's Day and who plans our anniversary. This year Chase had our Valentines Day celebrations covered and it was a smashing hit! He went to the store and bought picnic items, packed the cooler and supplies, and researched our course of action.
We went to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. 
The weather was great for February and warmed up as the day went along. 
We went on actual Valentine's Day (a Wednesday) and we had the island almost all to ourselves!
We had the company of Ciara and Nathan, bisons (sp? plural is bison too?), and owls! It was a great day and a memory I'll cherish. 
It was mine and the kids' first time and Chase went when he was little but couldn't remember much. The animals, beaches, picnic area, farmhouses, ranch, look out point, and drive was beautiful! Sawyer needed a better nap by the end of the island tour but handled most of the day like a champ (and I don't know where he came up with the idea that he'd see a kitty but he called for a kitty all day and looked everywhere for one. Good luck, buddy)! Capri was in heaven (esp with the sand) and we all had a good time. 

I was super sick most of the day (I was hardly sick the day before so why couldn't that have been our big adventure day!) but I pushed through and tried my best to hold it together. It didn't stop me from having a great time and enjoying the day! 
My face is quite puffy (from barfing) and any make up I had on had now leaked off. Classic. 

Thanks for all the planning and effort and great day, Chaser!

And then Julie took all the Utah grandkids (that woman! she's a machine!) and we had a nice dinner at the Garden atop the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (they took their artichoke dip off the menu in case you go there for that specifically [which we do/did] so just letting you know. It was all still wonderful and delicious but yah.) I esp loved the view of  the temple, the company, and the piano/violin playing the whole meal!

and just to clear off the pics of my phone: Millie lost her tooth at my house last night at like 8 pm and was stoked! 
And the next pic- I found about 50 of them just like it on my phone. Capri said she was parking all the cars in the temple parking lot (ok?) haha and was super proud of her masterpiece. And unfortunately she is already a part of the generation that feels they need to document and take pics of their accomplishments. Classic. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Still pregnant.

My title for this blog.... well i'd hope so. I'm only 24 weeks. I meant to say still marissa-ish pregnant! But that is confusing! Aka I'm still dying over here. But Piper is as strong as ever so I'll take it.
I just reread my last post. How hopeful I was that phenegran was my saving grace. FALSE. After I took it for about a week, I started barfing more than ever. Projectile vomiting (just ask Chase about the time I couldn't get to the toilet fast enough and he was cleaning barf off the walls, back of the toilet and in the screws of the toilet...... thanks hun AHHHH)
After my doc's appt they realized that bc my body was getting used to the anti-acid medicine on a daily basis, it was no longer producing any anti-acid naturally and now creating double the acid and once I stopped taking the medicine for another week- i was back to normal (aka throwing up 3-4 times a day rather than 10). And since then it's been another couple weeks and I really am doing better. I will have 1 day a week where I don't throw up at all and on the other days it's normally no more three times. So I'm doing better or maybe just getting stronger so it feels like I'm doing better. Ok no more pregnancy complaining. Onto the other parts of my life...... 
A sweet drop-by visit and present from Danielle

A couple weeks ago, Kaitlyn randomly asked if she could take the kids to the park- that SWEETHEART. and it was perfect timing bc one of the storage facility owners came by for a meeting at the exact time she offered to take them- so it was extra helpful. What a blessing this family of mine is. 

A pic from our 20 week in-depth ultra sound last month. The baby cold not be healthier! Which is a huge relief with all the h-e-double-hockey-sticks I'm enduring! So what really matters is taken care of! Gosh ultra sounds just melt my heart! The kids were loving it and I'm not sure why Capri is frowning in the pic below.  
Will Piper be blonde? Blue-eyed? Chubby? Bald? Big-lipped? Fat cheeks? Oh I can't wait to find out!

A fun trip to the Bean Museum with the Espinosas!
Had a fun Sunday dinner and games at Taylor and Kaitlyn's- we stayed quite late bc the next day was MLK day and nobody had school- luckily the kids fell asleep and were champs!

Just some parenting gems for ya

A beautiful selfie by Capri- and what her hair looks like 99% of the time with growing out her bangs!

Superbowl Sunday pre-naps at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

A family affair- barfing in the bathroom with me

Had a much needed temple evening with Chase last week. Thank you Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Grant for wrangling the kiddos. Chase was anti-photo opp before the temple. "Is this the only reason you come to the temple? That's not why we are here. Blah blah blah." and then AFTER the temple- he was loving the sunset and demanded we take photos! Power of the temple and the beauty of the earth. 
I took family names that I found for the second time ever for sealings and it was incredible! We have some big decisions and matters we are praying about and I know I need to specifically pray for answers at the temple. I am grateful we have so many temples for the peace and clarity and unity they provide!

Look at the smiles post temple sesh

Then we had dinner at this DELISH mexican restaurant in orem. Bonita Maria. We shared that platter- but it was still too much for us! And Piper doesn't love Mexican food but I still enjoyed it while it stayed in there :)
And Capri always tells me how Piper is swimming around in my stomach barfing up the food.... I have explained to her the reality of the anatomy but I'll let her go with her imagination on this one hahah!

A couple Fridays ago I went to my old college roomies Annie's house for the day and last Friday I got together with this other roomie for a play date at the park! It's been good for me to be out of the house more and make more of an effort! So grateful for my girlfriends! 
And I love when we're pregnant together. #34weeks #24weeks 
And i'm super impressed with Capri's photo skills (she was buckled in her car seat but capturing the pic perfectly!) At least I remembered at the very end for one photo with Kelly!

I love seeing all of Taylor and Kaitlyn's professional pics back! I can't wait for the video too! Some of my favs that Kaitlyn texted me a while back. 

So I watch Millie most days after school or on Saturdays- they are like siblings with how much time they spend together playing/laughing/fighting. And one day, it had been about 7 hours of playing and they were fighting too much. They were put in time out and then made to do this lovely song! hahaha! when they get older I'll drop the T-shirt and just make them hold hands and sing the song. Hahaha- Chase's mom did this when he was growing up and I loved the idea. The tension of fighting is easily diffused and they talk about being nicer and saying sorry much easier! 

Today when Chase brought Capri and Millie home from school- oh Sawyer. He melts me!

And Chase bought an Alexa with some Amazon gift cards last month and it's changed my life and mornings....... hence