Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Lucky girl

A couple weeks ago, Capri and Sawyer went to Disney on Ice with their grandparents and cousins. Capri really felt extra beautiful on this day! She loved getting fancy. But she kept telling me "even without my hair done or lipstick, I am still beautiful." haha bc I am constantly telling her that bc I'm paranoid about raising girls with with a lack of strong self-esteem. haha. 

The matching outfits! They kill me! Their grandma Julie lives (and shops) for these kind of shots! And Sawyer is never included in these outfit purchases. Poor lonely Sawy. Haha probably for the best. 
What a couple of AWESOME grandparents. And this night they had a sleep over, too. Chase went night snowboarding and I got zupas to-go, folded laundry, and watched Survivor. It was my perfect night, too! 
Capri still is talking about this night over and over.

When Chase was snowboarding at Brighton- he found this in their database from when he had a pass way back when. I was dying! 

"I like 'em big. I like 'em chunky. I like 'em round. I like 'em bumpy" -Madagascar 2 
aka I am Gloria. #29 weeks

A couple weeks ago, we were both just old BYU roomie besties that were pregnant and 100% epidural kind of chicks. Yesterday, Kelly gave birth to her first baby boy (her fourth baby) and had to go through her first natural birth experience. As she told me the story, an actual tear rolled down my cheek. Not from the beauty of the miracle of life. But from the fear and horror of our worst nightmare and scariest, most painful experience i can imagine- oh please pray i have an epidural with piper!! So happy to meet her lil man and be close enough to visit! #ringoffire#nothankyou #miracleifisurvive#miracleoflife

Last Wednesday, we had a rare day (I think we've had four in the last year) where it wasn't a Sunday but Chase nor I had to work! Chase esp wanted to take full advantage of it. So we did a little service project for a family friend, went to the bank, went swimming, went to zupas, took naps, and then went to the pet store! The kids were in heaven and we loved all the family time and how we were just able to turn our mind off to work for a whole day! 

The girls hurried and asked me to take a pic bc it was starting to sprinkle rain and they knew their pieces of artwork would be washed away. Sawyer is furious that I both made him sit down and that he was getting sprinkled on. That boy and his temper- oh he is one a kind!

The other day Cody came over and I was making dinner for everyone and Sawyer was laying on the counter like this and it was just the cherry on top. Everyone sitting enjoying "the office", sawyer lounging, capri playing, while I do the work. It isn't always like this but it is most of the time ;) oh motherhood and wifehood! 
I have been cooking and doing dishes like crazy bc Chase is a part of a weight loss challenge (two- one with a group from his side of the family and one with a group from mine. if he wins both- he will be making over $500) and I am hardcore encouraging this (not for the money reason) and we're trying to make a lifestyle change (I'm not getting too crazy or strict with what I'm eating since I'm still vomiting every second and gaining weight rather than losing!) but I haven't cooked much these first six months of my pregnancy (a lot of cereal, mac n cheese, quick meals, and eating out). So to go from that where I'm preparing 5 small meals a day for Chase- it's been an adjustment! and in the last 8 days he's already lost 16 lbs so there's that. 

Last Friday, Capri's pre-school had a field trip day to the fire station! Ever since I have imagined motherhood (aka since I was a wee lass), I always pictured me chaperoning field trips. It was fun to be a part of it and go on my first official field trip with Capri!

The first picture- 
Chase: "Ok, I took your pic. Let's get to church." and he was dead serious. He kills me.
Almost in the single digit countdown weeks!
I was super sick yesterday and have already projectile vomited today, too. So this was a snippet of yesterday- a lot of dress up and my view from the couch most of the morning! 

Well I decided to work today (my 1 of 2 days for the month) and Chase is off taking Capri to pre-school and having fun with Sawyer. I got some dishes waiting for me, some cleaning, but for the most part- I am going to be alone and just answering the door. And I know the kids are having fun and Chase is getting some time off. Sounds like a good day to me! I chose today, bc there were no uhauls on the schedule (me hooking up uhaul trailers- not ideal). Lo and behold, what happened the second Chase drove off to preschool??.... someone walked in to get a trailer. Luckily, they volunteered to hook it up themselves! Thank you, kind sir. It kills me when 40 year old men ask me to lift and do manual labor. I'm 6 months pregnant and vomiting over here but sure!
Ok well over and out!

Oh wait one more thing! I didn't take a pic so I almost forgot! Last night, I had the best night with three ladies from the ward! My friend Trish is scheduled for her c-section next week so Jamie suggested we all go to dinner and have a last hurrah before baby #4 comes for her. 
Chase was cracking me up as he suggested the restaurant (he's dieting remember) and then said, "So you're going to one of my favorite restaurants to eat and I'll just be here with Millie, Capri, and Sawyer. Have a good time." and  I replied, "Sounds great!" hahaha. 
But in all seriousness it was such a fun night. We went to dinner at 6:30 and it lasted until 9:30. It blew Chase's mind how we could talk and talk that much- that's nothing, hon! The restaurant was closing- that's the only reason we even realized it was so late! Good, strong, funny, real, faithful, genuine women- what a blessing!
and tomorrow night I have a dinner date with the women I visit teach- we're combining this month and all having dinner. I'm one lucky girl. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

onto March

About a month ago, we had this talk as a discussion in Relief Society. The Three Sisters.
And I normally pride myself on being the glad sister (I hear the irony with the word "pride")- but lately, esp with the pregnancy and current family trials- I have been the mad sister. Everyone around me seems selfish or irritating and I can be found calling my mom multiple times a week and starting the convo off with "I'm gonna lose it......"
Esp after this talk, I realized I need to get it together.
I've been trying so hard and I don't know if others can tell a difference in me - but it's been an interesting month for me to be aware of choosing your attitude, reaction, and what not!
Even now, my kids are both napping (bc their grandparents are taking them to Disney on Ice tonight and they must be well-rested) and Chase has the day off (i work two days a month- so can i really whine?) and he's snowboarding. The office is quiet, the house is clean, and I'm going to have a nice alone evening (which is heaven to me these days). But then a rude customer just came in and I feel the urge to let it ruin my whole day. That's irrational. Come on hormonal Marissa- get it together!

Chase and the kids have bent over backwards to make me as comfortable as possible, help out as much as they can, and answer to my every beck and call these last six months- that alone should make me the most grateful mother and wife on the planet- but still- I let outside circumstances turn me into a spiral of emotion.

Anyways- if any of you are struggling with being the Glad Sister- I got you ! and we can bounce ideas off each other if need be.

Ok onto the few pics I took this week.

I've been re-taking pics lately for the cleaning system I have for the kids' room. I have been keeping them on my phone this time bc when they get new toys, the pics are all outdated and updating the phone album is quick! So here is an example of some of the pics that Capri, Sawyer, and Millie look at to see if that area is clean enough. And if they follow all the pics- they aren't overwhelmed and pic by pic the room is clean! It's been a life saver!


There proud poses! esp Capri. Killin me!
Also you know what kids love to do (well at least mine) vacuum, sweep, mop, dustbust, dust, clean toilets, windex windows- it's true that it doesn't look at good if I were to do it alone- but the time they save and the bending over I can avoid and the nausea that is put off!!!!! and hey I'll take 80% clean in 30 minutes rather than 100% spotless in 3 hours! When Capri, Millie, and I clean together- we are a well-oiled machine! I love all the stages these kiddos are in!

The other morning, Chase said I could do his hair however and he'd leave it all day. 
He looked in the mirror, said "I at least thought you were gonna be nice about it", and then begged for me to let him fix it- hahaha he fixed it and the customers were none the wiser!

and Sawyer is cuter than ever in our opinion! So here's some random clips of him being him. 
We have been watching CoCo at least once a day since it came in the mail..... so hence. 

Yesterday, around 1:30, the barfing and a migraine hit me like a train wreck. Everyone always offers and tells me, "if you need anything, let me know!" Well the problem with me is that I don't know when it will hit and I can't plan days in advance. 
So I hate asking for help last minute bc what are the odds that I text you and you're available in the next 30 minutes! But my vt came over Wednesday and told me that exact thing "I only live a couple minutes away. Call me if you need me." 
and so Thursday, finally at around 3:00 pm- I could tell with the kids, the noise, the homework, the snacks, the fighting, the singing, etc- that I was not going to get better until Chase was off work and could take the kids out of the house and the next 3 hours seemed UNBEARABLE! 
So I took a long shot and swallowed my pride and asked Amy! She was free!!! And her teenage kids were in heaven, too, she said. I was so grateful! She watched my kids for about 2.5 hours and I just laid in my bed in darkness with a heating bad burning all the pain to numb! It was heaven and when I stood up at 5:30 and went to get the kids, I was so much better for it! What an appropriate #internationalwomensday. Amy is a rockstar and I never want to leave the ward bc of her friendship! 

Well we've been having lots of fun with all the other pains and issues- but I've been trying to be courteous to Chase and not take pics of every activity we do (it really irks him)- so I can't remember either...... bike rides? out to eat? invited a family over from the ward for games? night time walks? family game nights? playing at the park? just the usual family days for us! 
Well I better go eat something bc it's been 3 hours and I've waited a little too long with this prego stomach of mine. Adios!

Friday, March 2, 2018

another day

The other day my mother-in-law had an errand down in my neck of the woods. She dropped off my two nieces and add that to my other niece I watch- we had a full on cousin party! 
And we like to scare them, too. They're used to it!

Another day Julie asked if my kids could sleep over and voila!
This woman is a machine! To a fault- in my opinion- in that she gives and gives SO much too much- but that's not the worse weakness I've heard of ;) ! 
And I am happy to be the one giving for her at times. 
I've known her for 9 years now. Her health has never been a glowing report (aka she has a lot of health issues, surgeries, etc.) but in the last month it has really gotten scary. When she was on vacation in Hawaii last month, she passed a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) through her heart and into her lungs. She waited until flying back to Utah to visit the ER (that's how high her pain tolerance is) and when they were figuring out all of the above- they realized she had passed previous ebolisms in the last year [now that she looks back she can remember when she did have some chest pain. WHAT? this "chest pain" is what kills most of us! I like to think I have a high pain tolerance- but nobody has the tolerance I've seen in Julie.] And she has another health condition where she can't take pain meds (she stops breathing if she takes anything stronger than tylenol- literally she can't even take ibuprofen.) so to go through double knee surgeries, tonselectomy, numerous back surgeries, numerous feet surgeries, cataract surgery, etc!
 So she is one tough cookie and we are all trying to have faith in the future. 
I've told her many times how much she means to me but she is legit my second mother. I see her weekly, I call her more than that for advice or check-ins, and she has performed her own miracle by convincing me that I wouldn't mind living in Utah the rest of my life. Living near family (her family) has shown me the joy of what I missed as a traveling expact! I have learned so much from her as a wife, mother, friend, and just being an amazing person. Even with all her trials and problems, she still doesn't let up with helping others! We're having a girls' night tonight and I can't wait to see her and the other ladies!

Millie has been sick this week so we've had her over even more (she has passed it on to Capri but not Sawyer [surprisingly if you consider the pic above]) and we've had a lot of snuggles and movies this week. 

Oh the one day I got ready this week - I documented it.
Sawyer's smile kills me in this. Well I told him to smile and this is what I got. 
Reminds me of Shrek practicing his smile! 

Then I surprised Chase on Wednesday with a week date (bc I knew he'd be needy with me having a girls' night tonight- haha) and we went to dinner (with the babysitting couple T&K) and then just us to the movie, Black Panther. Everyone had been telling us how amazing it was and he kept telling me how much he wanted to see it. I'm not stoked about Marvel movies like the rest of the country (and the name really shocked me- I told Chase if there was a Marvel movie with a mainly white cast called the KKK people would poop their pants- and even CHASE (the biggest antagonist out there) said it's not the same bc 'black panther' has many meanings- and the KKK only has one. ok ok) ANYWAYS. I really enjoyed this movie! It was so unique and creative to me I loved it!

Ok well that's all- sick Capri just told me she wants to eat- so I must go perform my motherly duties. Over and out!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Snowy Sunday

Yesterday, we walked to church. It's not far (0.9 miles) but the second half of the walk is up hill (a very steep hill.) But because it was a cool day, we didn't break a sweat. The best part though was once we got to the hill, Capri of course wanted to ride in the wagon- haha good luck Chase! I'm pregnant and popping and even though the handle is too short for him- he couldn't have ppl judging him for making his pregnant wife pull the wagon up hill to church. I love the pregnant perks :)

And I posed like I did some of the work. Capri pulled the wagon more than I ever did :)

And during Sacrament meeting, I literally found 10 grey/white hairs on Chase's head. The top of his head looks a little greyish (that's from gel and the angle) but in his side burns and above his ears there is NO gel and you can clearly see white hairs! I think we have a Dave-junior even more now. Adorable! He will kill me for posting this pic :) And not a grey hair to be found on my head- we checked!

And today (yesterday's storm) there is a snowy wonderland here. We aren't even mad in February bc we haven't had snow all winter! Capri was loving life for an hour out there and I finally made her come in bc I was getting too cold. Sawyer lasted for about 30 second two times. The best was when Sawyer saw a HUGE snowball bigger than him (it was a tumbleweed covered in snow) and tried to dive in it- that's when he really turned on the snow! I wish I had my camera out for that shenanigan. Poor guy! I was laughing and Chase was yelling at me from inside the office to wipe his face. I didn't realize it was a tumbleweed until it was too late- I thought chase had rolled that snowball early in the morning when he was doing uhauls or I would have warned sawyer (probably!) 
Ok well over and out for now!