Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Weekend

We've had a great weekend and I've finally started feeling better the last two days. Knock on wood. Don't get me wrong- I still feel like a carsick, head throbbing, emotional wreck- but the barfing can be stuffed down and the headaches are bearable. So I tried to get out a little bit more and do a little more while I can :) and here are pics.

Just some moral support during one of my barfing sessions. Ha!
They requested that I take a pic with them (Capri did) and we're kneeling by the toilet. Yikes. 

I let Capri wear eye shadow when she was Belle for Halloween. Then a couple days later, I saw her playing with my make up and she said she didn't have enough eye shadow on. Oh no!

The ONLY pic I got from Charlotte's baptism!
Charlotte is such a sweet niece and has always been a great cousin. She is a a darling, obedient, fun example to my kids and I'm so glad they get to spend so much time together. Her baptism was very nice (well the parts I was there for- see next video. The chalk part is the day before). 

Then after Charlotte's baptism, we wanted to go to the Planetarium and have a family day. I wasn't feeling well (shocker) so I took a nap first and then it was off to downtown. We took Charlotte and Chantelle with us (I shouldn't be scared for another kid since I always seem to have extra cousins with me- but I'm still scared!)  
The Planaterium was awesome. Then we wanted to try this new ramen place we saw on facebook. Well the wait was super long and we had a lot of kids. So Nathan and Ciara met up with us and they enjoyed a nice dinner with Chase. 
I didn't have much of an appetite and thought I'd enjoy watching the kids play at the play area in the mall more. (there was no play area. classic. then the mcdonalds across the street- no play place either). So i ended up at the food court. The kids were eating Panda Express and I was just chaperoning. Then the kids needed to go to the bathroom. We went in the family one so we could all be together. Me with 4.5 kids and not feeling well...... this story becomes a joke. You'll see. 
So we're all doing our business and then Charlotte says she's not feeling well- she starts THROWING UP! good thing we were in the bathroom. I got an empty cup for her and we decided to book it to the car (which was on the other side of the mall of course). Chantelle was holding Sawyer's dinner (Orange Julius smoothie). I was holding Sawyer and holding Charlotte's hair back. Capri was holding my purse. We're trying to go down the hall quickly and Chantelle was doddling. She was skipping and dancing and I was losing my patience. I looked back at her and said, "Chantelle! Walk normal, you're gonna trip! Stop dancing and let's go!" and right then, she tripped...... smoothie everywhere. Charlotte barfing (pretty successfully in the cup) and I put Sawyer down to get out my wipes. (it was a FULL cup of orange julius and the radius of spill was no joke probably 3 ft by 3ft. And of course Sawyer decides to start jumping in the juice. Then Chantelle tries to join him (and I was already mad that she spilled the juice). So Sawyer and Chantelle are now sitting in time out. Charlotte is barfing. Capri is handing me wipes. It felt as if 20 people surrounded me in a circle (I'm sure it was only 5 or 6 but it felt like a million!) And NOT ONE SOUL offered to help. Not with Charlotte. Not with the spill. I almost screamed at the crowd, "Well just keep watching me!" 
But I cleaned up the best I could and just kept walking to the car. Called Chase. He was luckily ready to go. And we took Charlotte right home! And that was five days ago and we didn't seem to catch whatever bug that was! Oh boy!! Had to record that for memories. 

And last night Chase and I scored free tickets (thanks Kaitlyn) and free babysitting from the fiances, too! It was a nice night and I held down my food. So win win (but not a win for Jazz- in the last 18 seconds, we had a chance to tie it up but NO!) Still a great date though.  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017

Took these gems before Capri's Pre-school
I was sure once it was actually time to trick or treat they wouldn't sit still or cooperate as much :) These cuties!

Halloween at Chad and Kina's
Trick or treating with cousins
We love our traditions!

It was so fun and we had almost just as many adults as kids- those are the times we live in :) and every parent wanted to see their cute kids too! Not pictured: me, Chase, and Kina!

Then for the scaring part of the night. Another Halloween in the books. 
The highlights in Chad's front yard: two kids (not in the same group) peeing their pants (they left puddles), a 14 year-old girl in the fetal position on the ground (Dave had to remove his mask and help her out of the hall she was so petrified), and another 10 yr-old girl got so scared she ran through the cardboard wall........ haha with the footage we all took and Chad's drone- we have some good clips to watch! 
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

End of October!

Just catching up on the end of October. I'm sitting here in the office covering for a couple of hours. And I'm dying. AKA pregnant. Both kids are napping (and wiped from Halloween last night).
Anywho. This pregnancy is all too familiar (aka just like Capri's- well a little less intense but still almost just as unmanageable!) I know this baby is a girl! I never know or am confident one way or the other (and since I have one of each I honestly have no preference) but bc of the lovely symptoms I know it's a girl. Shall I share TMI? Of course. Nausea, body aches, bacne, cramping (that's unique for this pregnancy), migraines, and bowel problems.
I got my ultra sound back and they said the baby, growth, and heartbeat look awesome. So that's a relief. And these symptoms seem to mean a strong hormonal baby in there.
Two not so great details:
1) I have never had flared-up UC/Crohns when pregnant before and it's loud and proud right now. Not pleasant with all my other symptoms. Normally pregnancy puts me in remission- but with this past year- even pregnancy couldn't counter the UC symptoms. It's definitely more mild but still present.
2) A couple days after they called to tell me my ultra sound was perfect, the doctor called back again. They said they noticed a subchorionic hemorrhage where the baby implanted into the uterus. They asked me if I had severe cramping and other side effects i'll spare you. I said for two days last month, I almost went to the ER 20 times that first day bc the cramping was so bad I couldn't breathe through the cramping waves (equal to labor- I could have sworn I was miscarrying but there was no blood.) And every day I have what feels like period cramps for the past four-five weeks. So that's fun. And ibuprofen is forbidden!
Well anyways, so they said it's almost healed now and shouldn't be a problem for the baby (if you have a tear once the placenta is developed- then you have risk for still-born. but they said the egg yolk is just developing into placenta and the tear is healing. so hopefully the cramping stops in the next couple weeks.) Anyways yeah so you're welcome and hopefully you skipped that if it was TMI.
They gave me a due date for June 9, 2018. I am going to shake that baby out and walk all night on the 25th of May so I can have the baby on Garrett's bday May 26th. I hope the stars align! Sawyer came about that early so I have hope! And I think my due date is a little off (more late than what I would have thought) from my own tracking.
Our names:
Girl: Piper Jean Anderson
Boy: (debating between the two)
Frontrunner: Alexander [Xander] O'dell Anderson
or Sullivan [Sully] O'dell Anderson
Judge away if you must. But we love them.

Ok on to pics and then on to a halloween post.
Picked these two up from their grandparents after a date night. Asleep and cuddling. I was dead with cuteness.

Sawyer wins the Academy Award for Best Drama. 
Why is he in time out? Hitting and being crazy. 
I had woken up around 7 AM, fed them, bathed them, played with them, but by 11 AM I needed to lie down from pregnancy probs. He was furious that I was lying in bed and started hitting me to "up up up". 
Poor guy isn't used to such a lame mom. 

That CPR/ First-Aid Class Chase and I took. 
"Ah Ah Ah Ah staying alive staying alive" -the Office
I actually loved this class and it gave me even more confidence (esp with being a mom).

I love taking sleeping pics of my kids I guess!

Had a fun double date with Nathan and Ciara at Pumpkin Nights.

Some cousin play!

And last week was Garrett's One-year Anniversary for his death. I was happy to have that behind me and over with. It was a tough day with some sweet moments. 

"One year. I feel as if I’ve been holding my breath throughout this first year- first Christmas, your first birthday, first family reunion, Millie’s first birthday all without you. We got the call tomorrow about the tragedy today. I’m glad that many of the firsts are behind me, but don’t want time to keep passing with you not here. I miss you every day but am so grateful that Kristi loves our family so much, is truly a sister to me more than ever, and allows me to be a part of Millie’s daily life ❤️ We miss you and love you, Garrett Schroedter." -October 24, 2017

Kristi shared this video on that day with the family group text- obsessed!

Flowers from Michelle. The best to get that morning!

Kaitlyn (and Tay) brought over this package of sunshine. It was so appreciated and lovely!
Well voila! Onto my second post for the day :)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Chase's Sleepover Birthday Party

Last Friday, I hosted a birthday party for Chase with family and friends! It was originally an Air BnB downtown party- but with two cancellations and flaky Air BnBs...... my in-laws graciously let us host it there. So much less stressful and less expensive! We had dinner at Leatherby's, then some fun games I organized around the house, yard, and basement, then snacks and chatting, then Count of Monte Cristo and a sleepover, a delicious breakfast in the morning and voila! A birthday present he'll always remember. He had a great time and we love our loved ones so much! So much support, fun, and love!  

One of the games I planned: "Bash"
It's Chase's fav game where 10 people pick a straw and whoever picks the black straw has to do something horrible. I picked tame punishments. Of all the punishments I picked, the ONE i did not want was doing "single ladies" on my social media..... of course I picked "BASH" for that one punishment! OH BOY! We had some fun prizes and fun laughs!

Sleepover set up with some extra bedrooms and beds to the left!

Chase LOVES his onesie from Tay and Kait and wore it for two straight days! 

Well his actual birthday is this Saturday and I'm sure we'll celebrate even more! A customer is coming in and I'm covering the office! Over and out!