Monday, June 18, 2018

The Amazing Race, Season 2


And a little bit of the breakdown with some pics for my scrapbook!
I can only find my first draft docx so this will have to do! The final papers might have been a bit different. But you get the gist!

8:30 Donuts and Juice and Milk
8:45 Instructions (take phones, have write down our number, paper and pen)
9:00 Uhaul puzzle hand out and 3 teams of 5 for Fermented Herring
10:00 Lowe’s Extreme Sports
10:45 Lehi frisbee golf “Orienteering” LTAES
12:15/1 Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center
1:45 Brigham Young’s Grave – park at City Center
2:30 Gilgal Sculpture Center Photo Challenge Joshua 5:9
3:00 Finish Line at SLC garden roof library
CHASE and anyone else who can make it
4:00 Pizza and Party in Bluffdale

9:00 Uhaul puzzle hand out and 3 teams of 5 for Fermented Herring

TT 1752 F
1.       Winnie the Pooh’s Striped Friend: _*****
2.       Home Alone’s character Buzz owns this as a pet: _********
3.       _ is the loneliest number.
4.       Will Smith Movie: _ Pounds
5.       Up top! Down Low! Too Slow! Hi- _
6.       Noah collected this many of each animal: _
7.       “Families can be together _******”
_ _   _ _ _ _   _
1 2   3 4 5 6   7

“Grab a number and wait for the rest of your numbers to arrive. Once all ten are there, ask for your next clue from host.”  (15 copies)

“ROADBLOCK: Only one partner in your group will be performing this challenge. There are four roadblocks total. So each partner must perform two. Choose wisely! Please have your partner tell the host who is performing this roadblock.
Who is brave like a Viking?
You will be working with 4 other Amazing Race participants as a group to complete this challenge. Take these yellow keys and find a unit with a yellow lock that has your next challenge. Once you tell the host who is performing the task, you may find the yellow locked unit.”  

“This is a can of the world’s smelliest delicacy: fermented herring. It is youtube famous! It has been imported from Sweden! There are five spoons and a can opener. We do not care if one or all of you help eat this can clean. All we care about is that you as a group lick it clean and show your host the empty can for your next clue. You CANNOT throw up during the challenge (or your whole team will receive a penalty.) As soon as you show the clean can, be our guest to hurl away.“ 

“Congratuations! We hope your stomach is settled as you jet off to cougar town and have fun at Lowe’s Xtreme Air Sports. It opens at 10 AM.”

3 minutes EACH time someone barfs. They still have to lick it clean and then when they show you the can, they have to sit at the gate with you for 3x how many barfs.

10:00 Lowe’s Extreme Sports

“ROADBLOCK: Who’s sneaky like a Ninja? Tell your host which partner will be completing this challenge to receive further instructions.” 

“You must complete the Ninja warrior course after you’ve signed the liability screen! If you have been here before, then you can skip that part. You must attempt each section of the course at least twice to not get a penalty! Climb through the foam pit course if you aren’t ninja enough to get it done right. Good luck!” 

“Dry Creek Trail Park in Lehi!
100 W 1580 N.
Don’t get lost!
Find your next host at the playground.” (15 copies)

10:45 Lehi frisbee golf “Orienteering” LTAES
“ROADBLOCK AND TEAMWORK:  Which partner will toss across? Tell your host and then you will then receive further instructions.” 

“During this roadblock, one partner will be tossing the frisbee to 6 holes and once there at each hole, as a team you will search for your letter. Go to the start of hole 7, play the yellow hole, and find a clue at the basket once the Frisbee is in there. In frisbee golf, you may not walk with a frisbee in your hand. You toss, let it land, toss it again, let it land, etc – until it’s in the basket. After your partner has made it in the hole, you may read the next clue together and find the letter together. Then go to hole 8 (the same roadblock partner) and golf to the yellow hole again. Find the next letter together. Do this six times: play at yellow hole 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. After you have all your letters, then the roadblock partner must unscramble the letters ON THEIR OWN next to the host and tell the host what the word is. If you are caught walking with your frisbee during a hole- you will receive a lengthy penalty. If you are caught brainstorming unscrambling options, you will receive an even lengthier penalty. Honor code people.”  (15 copies)
Receives 5 minute penalty per time walking with frisbee during a hole.
(1 copy each at hole)
#7 Yellow: In a pine tree nearby

#8  Yellow: Look in the rocks closely

#9 Yellow: Under the middle of the bridge

#10 Yellow: On the fence

#11 Yellow: Great tossing. No letter at this hole.

#12 yellow: Go to the Gazebo

“Drive yourself to the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center. You can start your next leg at 1 pm – you can get your clue, get your uniform on, be ready and in line before but the challenge won’t open until 1 pm! But hurry, the window of opportunity will close by 2 pm!”

And if they give you a different answer, ONLY say “Try again.”

12:15/1 Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center
“ROADBLOCK: Who is the true Olympian? (it doesn’t matter at this point because one partner has already done two roadblocks and the other partner must complete this task!) Tell your host who it is just to keep track and so they can record it and give you further instructions.” 

“Let’s get ready to dive!! There are 1,3,4,7,10 meters worth of diving platforms on this tower! You must jump off the 10 meter (the highest one) diving platform to quickly receive your next clue. If you absolutely cannot, you can take a 10 minute penalty and jump off the 7 meter dive. If you’re too frozen to jump at any of those heights, then take a 20 minute penalty and sit next to Chase being a party pooper. If you didn’t make it there by 2 pm, you have a 20 minute penalty until you can move on also! The diving boards are only open from 1-2 pm on Saturdays! Good luck! Smile for all the videos and pics I’m sure everyone will be snapping!”

“Hurry! You’re over half way done and the race is coming to a speedy end! Go park at City Creek Center’s underground parking. You will have 2 hours of free parking. You must show Julie your parking stub to prove your parking conditions. Then make your way (not by your car- open to any other way besides your car) to Brigham Young’s grave. Your next clue will be waiting for you there.” 

1:45 Brigham Young’s Grave – park at City Center

“Get back in your car and make your way to JOSHUA 5:9 SCULPTURE GARDENS.” (15 copies)

2:30 Gilgal Sculpture Center Photo Challenge Joshua 5:9

“Here are 11 pictures of this garden and a map. Take your map along with the pictures and work as a team to label where each picture can be found on the map. Bring me back the labeled map and I will see if you’ve passed!” 

“make your way to the finish line. go the BUILDING on the hill."


Settling in

Here are just a million pics and videos to get caught up on my blog after Piper was born!!

Dinner with the fam

Fav fam pic ever

Bowling. LOVE my mom in the background. Wished so bad this wasn't blurry!

Shirt from Grantly!

My poor mom! Just grocery shopping for me and I tell Chase to go scare her!

Father's Day prep for the grandpas!

A ZOO DAY!! with daddy's maternity week after grandma left!


Thought this would be cuter

More Father's day prep!


Move morning!!

My little frog!

We wall went to church Sunday! 9 AM! 
A lot of Saturday prep to make it go smoothly!


Happy Father's Day to my fav dads!

Cute airplane time last night at grandpa's house!


Sleep over at Chad and Kinas!

The best mom of a lifesaver!

Splash pad fun!


I have gotten better wash cloths since hahahah!


Becca took the older two on a play date! Amazing!


And I'm caught up! Holla!