Friday, January 19, 2018

January time

Just sitting here watching the office for a second while Chase replaces light bulbs in the hallway. I'm not behind on my blog- but happy to keep at it. I am feeling very hormonal pregnant these last two days- my patience and irritability level is shocking! I need some advice on how to cool it. Poor Chase and my poor children. 
Whenever I sit- I really feel pregnant! But I know this is nothing- this belly will be halfway to my knees in no time!

2009 vs 2018

And last weekend, we had a cousin sleepover at our house and visited Puppy Barn. When we knew Charlotte (the biggest dog lover I know- no seriously. She has been put in time out for Chase teasing her about dogs being dumb and she'll go to bat for those dogs and flip out! I tried to put Chase in time out too, but I'm not his mom.) was coming over- we knew we had to take them. Anyways- it was $3 for all of us (6 kids and 5 adults!) and the kids were in heaven!

The sleepover set up with their new sleeping bags from Grandma Julie and pillows from Aunt Tracy. 

And we watched our own movie while I worked on Grant's man bun.... our mom is thrilled. 

Playing headbands and this was the best! You see, Grant is trying to go to all 84 Wendy's in Utah. He's been to 45 already I believe- so when this was his person for headbands- it was perfect- but super hard to guess. We had a good laugh!

And then the next day- I went to my cousin's wedding while Chase worked and watched all the kids (the nieces that slept over too.) It was a bit chaotic for him but my morning was peaceful and joyful!
 What a great celebration. No pic of the wedding party- just us Schroedters. 
And I got home around 2 pm (two hours before our shift ended) and the kids and I cleaned the house. Then we headed up to watch Charlotte's junior jazz basketball game. 
Chase was the assistant coach and really got into it. All throughout the night he was brainstorming with me how to utilize each kids' strength and how much fun it was- I was pretty shocked at his enthusiasm but loved it. Looks like he'll be totally stoked to coach Capri and Sawyer and Piper in their sports. 

My official halfway pic! #20weeks 
On Tuesday my mother-in-law sent Dave down to my house with some phenegran. It has changed my life. I'm taking one pill at night before bed and since Tuesday I have thrown up ONCE! Which is huge. It's 10:30 AM Friday and normally I'd have thrown up twice just today! Oh happy day! And so far (fingers crossed) no side effects [migraines, bowel problems, aches, etc]!! I still feel nauseaus but it's TOTALLY bearable and I barely notice (bc UC makes me nauseaus like this anyways!) 

Oh you know- a play date with the Quilters in 54 degree weather in January! Crazy!
It seems the rest of the country (esp Houston) has stolen our winter and we're already enjoying spring! I'm a little sad we haven't had a single snow fall to go sledding in- but it's still too early to say it won't get cold (I looked at the weather app and it's supposed to snow next week). I'll believe it when I see it. 

Last night we finally made it to Coconut Cove (no joke- about 1/4 mile from my house). And the kids were in heaven! 
And today is my dad's birthday- Chase came in (it was 8:30 so I'll forgive him) this morning as I was sleeping with "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" blasting on his phone and tried to lovingly wake me up..... then the kids jumped on me. Then we facetimed my dad and we all serenaded him "Happy Birthday"- then Chase took this screen shot of my mom! Those two and their relationship kill me. Well, this pic represents my dad's birthday, too. Happy Birthday, Dad!!! LOVE YOU!

Ok well the dishes and the laundry are calling me name! Over and out. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Back to Normalcy

Another day, another gymnast!

It's nice to be back to normal! We had 2.5 AMAZING weeks of Christmas joy but I've been enjoying resting, getting the kids back on schedule, eating right, and starting those new year's resolutions! 

On Jan 8, I finished the Book of Mormon (cover to cover) it took me multiple years...... I blame motherhood for it taking so long this time! But it's still the New Year so I found this app that can make sure I finish it in less than a year and keep me on track. I'm excited to read it as a comprehensive book and look at the big picture! What an amazing gift we have to read every day! 
I also want to read the Four Gospels and 3 Nephi consecutively, too before 2019! It's going to be amazing.

And last week Chase and I went on a much needed date. We received gift cards from our bosses to La Jolla Groves and the movies. So we had dinner and went to see the Greatest Showman. 

Chase and I have loved all the family and group time, but being just the two of us was something so special since it had been so long! When it's all said and done, he's the one that's yoked to my life day in and day out. He truly is my best friend, and I feel lucky to know him in a way no one else does. He's the best and so perfect for me (and the craziest - bc when you truly know someone- no one seems crazier bc no one shows you their whole self as much hahaha. Heaven knows he's seen my crazy!) I'm happy to share my home, life, and heart with him. Ok how did this get so sappy! Classic. 

Anyways- we LOVED dinner and LOVE LOVE LOVED the Greatest Showman. Neither of us take others' popular opinions very seriously and do not enjoy jumping on the bandwagon. 
(i.e. Lala Land- i'd be fine never seeing it again. 
In-n-out, give me five guys anyday. 
most Marvel movies-not my cup of tea.
Chipotle- I don't really get it)
 but The Greatest Showman has been sold out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for 3+ weeks for a reason. It is soooooo good. The story-line, message, acting, songs- I cannot get enough! I bought the soundtrack for my car immediately, and Capri has already memorized all the songs (bc it plays on youtube on our TV constantly) before she even saw it! 

So a couple nights ago, we invited both sides of our family (their first time) to with us for the second time! Sawyer was babysat again (thanks again, Ciara!) and Capri loved it. And was singing along in her reclined seat! I can't wait for it to come out on dvd :) it's a definite feel good movie and one of my favs now! 

Ok well I'm covering the office today while the kids have a daddy day and Chase helps his mom with some errands. Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding and I'm going with my bros and can't wait! The uhauls are all done for the day, and I'm sure the office will be slow- so I will go eat my leftovers and lay down! Blogging is officially caught up and that was 2 hours of my life gone hahaha! Over and out. 

Taylor and Kaitlyn Schroedter

Kaitlyn and Taylor got married! Sealed for all time and eternity January 2, 2018 at the Payson Temple! It was so beautiful. I love weddings where I feel just pure joy and peace. It was so special to be a part of their big day! 

Waiting for the bride and groom to come out and snapping pics (while Sawyer was still happy!)

These two flower girls were so beautiful! 
and they took their jobs very seriously! SO CUTE!

Some of the waiting crew. I videoed more than I snapped pics- and I can't wait to see their professional pics bc they will be gorgeous! oh and their videograph!!!

Hugs, hugs, and more group hugs!

They held her train the whole morning! Be still my heart!


At this point, Sawyer was DONE!

Only pics I got from the luncheon- but see video for more details :)

And a little 18 week bump pic!
They left for their honeymoon after the luncheon- I was happy there was no reception bc my pregnant self was wiped by 3 pm! They are having a reception in Katy and Pittsburgh so they still have more wedding celebrating coming their way! It was such a blessed day and I couldn't be happier for them!
(p.s. the last two video clips are stuff i was told to delete on instagram but then sneakily put them on the end just for my blog- i have like 4 viewers anyways. but i never wanna forget them)

Christmas Break Part 2

Christmas Break doesn't really exist when you're adult who's graduated from school but with my brothers still at BYU and my parents coming in to town- I count it :)

After Christmas we had more fun and prepared for Taylor and Kaitlyn's wedding!

The day after Christmas I started having severe heart palpitations and a ton of pressure on my chest (it felt like Chase was sitting on my lungs) and stabbings in my heart- UGH!!! I could barely stand for more than a minute without losing all my strength. It started happening at 6 AM- i took 8 hours of naps that day and have been getting good sleep at night so it was a lot! and by 5 PM 
i decided to finally go to the doctor- who found signs of a blood clot and admitted to the ER (where I was until 1 AM!) UGH!!!!! Oh i should also mention that while at Sheryl and Gary's on Christmas Eve i fell down a flight of stairs (on my back- I felt like I just bruised my top ribs) but that's why Chase was extra concerned when these signs started happening. 
 I was by myself bc I made Chase stay home with the kids- but I wasn't anxious or anything- I was really just hungry (and they wouldn't let me eat the whole time at the ER! I was a barfing mess with no food in my stomach.) 
LONG story short- no life-threatening blod clots and also a heart attack had been ruled out. They do believe I have a heart condition but nothing can be diagnosed while your pregnant bc your vitals, blood supply, and signs are all irregular anyways! And they wont' do a CT scan or anything too intrusive unless it's an emergency. 
But the only thing they noticed on the monitor and while I was hooked up for the next 24 hours was that every time i said i had a "stabbing pain" the green line on the monitor (my heart beat) would go a little skeewampis (PVC) and that happens in most people but to happen every minute or so and for it to be causing me pain was weird. 
Also my white blood cells were sky-rocket high but my UC is acting up so that's not surprise. It has been since the day Garrett died and I can't seem to get it in remission.
Anyways. The heart.
So i'll get it checked out post delivery more AND just take it even more easy than I already have been. I was supposed to get it checked out back in June when I complained of heart/chest pain but I procrastinated and then got pregnant- Chase is/was not happy about that.
This pregnancy has been psycho! With the subchorionic hemorrhage, extreme pregnancy barfing, migraines, flared up UC, and now my heart/lungs- OH BOTHER! 
It has caused me to seriously reflect if this will be my last pregnancy- I'm taking it up with the Lord. We'll see. One thing is for sure, I'm super grateful the baby is in perfect health and I am enjoying every kick and flutter I feel. 

Ok enough about my pregnancy. I could talk about it all day bc it haunts me all day!

I planned a groupon adventure to The House of Escapes when my family was in town- it was so fun but way too much even for our sharp, intelligent minds all put together! We accomplished the primary goal but all the little goals- way too much! At least we found the anecdote and didn't die from poisoning! But the million dollars was just out of reach. 

AND OF COURSE!!!!! Our little lady made herself known at our ultra sound the following week!
 This pregnancy has been almost identical to Capri's so I had a feeling! And am so excited to dress up a little girl again. Sawyer still doesn't know what's happening (but is shouting CHEESE in this pic) and Capri couldn't be happier! We just call the baby Piper now [Piper Jean Anderson- my middle name is Jean].  Oh I hope she has porcupine hair like Capri! Or maybe blue eyes like Chase! Or huge pouty lips like Sawyer! Oh i can't wait to look at her beautiful face and hold her! 

Whenever I feel overwhelmed about having a third baby, I look at this pic and realize we'll be just fine! and we'll all be bffs!

I printed this off the night before we did Garrett's temple work- and it was so surreal. You go to the temple 50 times and see names on the slip of paper- but then you see your brother's and it really hits you. My dad was the proxy and it was a very special experience!

 And a little Top Golf activity one day!

And these two girls started gymnastics! It's so cute! They love it, their coach, and I love seeing them in this new social environment! There's a little girl in Capri's class named Piper so she's also thrilled about that, too. They've had two classes so far and Capri is even more thrilled for Sundays (church) bc that means the next day is gymnastics. Haha!

Capri's first class was on New Year's Day (I was shocked they were even open) but she was the only one on the roster of 6 that came that day! It was actually perfect for her first time- she doesn't know a thing about gymnastics so she got a lot of one on one instruction and got to know her coach!