Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I let these cuzzies have a sleepover at our house. I lost my mind apparently bc it was A LOT for me.
but A LOT of fun for the cousins so I guess it was worth it :) 
there is a theme to my life: take on way too much but never remember how overwhelmed you felt and do it again two days later. 
classic. don't let chase hear me say that- he'd get way too much satisfaction from hearing me admit it!

AND..... the classic "do you feel anxious before bedtime when you have a newborn?" poll

Had a nice dinner with Heidi! So much love for this girl! and her new little girl, too!

When the older two can't decide who gets to bathe with Piper- Capri holds her while I wash her! Can't fit her little bath bouncer in there with all three so voila!

She's getting to that personality, facial expression, smiling stage! We have seen glimpses the last two days! And I'm happy to say that she is still a happy, easy, good sleepin baby! 
She's 6 weeks old tomorrow so I feel like I'm in the clear of having a colic baby or 
fussy, temperamental, doesn't sleep well (cough sawyer cough) baby! 
That showed up around 4 weeks for Sawyer! 
Fingers crossed! She is perfect!
And on Friday, our bff couple, David and Kristy, came in to town for 24 hours from California! It is such a treat to find a couple where both the husbands and wives are obsessed with each other. 
We miss them and love them so much! It was like 2 years of being apart never happened and the night was amazing! Good food, good games, good conversation, good company, and so much laughter! Come back again soon! Or we'll come to Cali in October! Whichever happens first. 
Ha! These two! Their bromance kills us!

A beautiful Sunday! And both girls in their cousin's Gretchen's and Aubrey's dresses!

Just chillaxing as we watch all the Twilights that just showed up on Hulu (haha! we own them but of course we never get out dvds (aka dinosaur times)!)
And I just love how tiny Piper looks on her giant dad! 

Chase and I are both doing another weight loss challenge and killing it together. Thank goodness he's been doing it for months and is pushing me- I miss sugar AKA chocolate! But I just hold off and enjoy it on my cheat day and will hopefully be down and maintaining by October! 

Adjusting to three has still been pretty easy (knock on wood). 
Adjusting to a newborn again is always taxing and emotional- but having 3 doesn't seem to phase me any more than any of the other times I had a newborn in the house! 
BUT i also have TONS of help around me! So much family, an incredibly generous ward, and thoughtful friends! I'm sure that has a huge influence! 
Well we're just living our best life over here and enjoying the ease of it (i feel like the last 18 months have been intense and I now can breathe and keep my lunch down!) - I shouldn't even admit things like that out loud - a trial is bound to come soon!!

The Fourth

Proud to be Americans! And enjoying this sweet summertime together!
And a whole holiday day off as a family! score!

The night before we went to the Riverton Parade!
The kids with their cousins and putting their hand over their heart when the marching veterans and flag went by! 
Catching every piece of candy they could (i'm not eating sugar right now so that was a little torturous!)

Then we had a camp out in Bluffdale and enjoyed family time! 
These two! My heart is a melted mess.

In the morning, Sawyer was loving on Piper- she was over it.

All ready for that pic perfect posed picture!

Then an epic waterfight in the afternoon. 
Partner toss, dodgeball, capture the flag, freeze tag, king of the hill- all kinds of water ballooning games we tackled! And some people got welts, cried (capri) from getting pegged in the face, and yelled at their husbands (me) for drenching them unnecessarily. 

Then in the evening, I took on watching my cousin's 11 month old baby cakes while they went to the Stadium of Fire. It was easy peasy until I decided to go on an outting! That almost overwhelmed me into a hot mess. But I survived and the kids were happy! And the adults were happy when it was bedtime!!

Why? Why do i take on so much?

The utahn Anderson grandkiddos in grandma's outfits of course!

Then came home and these two goobs were watching fireworks from on the roof! They said there were a buttload of spiders up there so I am happy in my a/c house! Love them!

and a successful, happy, tiring, patriotic fourth!

Piper's Blessing Day

On July 1st we blessed Piper at church. Chase gave a sweet blessing with our family and friends and ward family present. Nothing like seeing an angelic baby girl surrounded by her uncles, Dad, and Grandpas with the priesthood power being laid on her sweet head!

Love this group!
And thanks to my dad for making in to town and of course providing me with a plethora of pics!! 


I felt Garrett's presence there, too. Seeing Millie hold and obsess over Piper. Sigh!

Pappa with his Utah grandkids!

Dad just making himself right at home, aproning it up, and helping prepare lunch!

Notice the waves! Everywhere! est. Taylor 2008

Always with the spikeball!

Games and love and family fun!