Monday, May 21, 2018

Ready to Pop

Oh you know- when I'm on the phone with my mom and she tries to convince me to ride one of these for my shopping excursion. I am a waddling penguin. 
I had just went to the park with Becca and Bec said I should leave the kids at her house while I went grocery shopping- that sweetie!- so I could have gotten away with riding this cart since I was shopping solo. I was tempted bc I'm walking around like an Orc/ Ape with this baby wedged down low. How cute. But I was tough and went for the normal shopping cart experience. 

Just a lot of belly pics! Always thinking it might be my last one. False. 
At the doctor's on Friday, I was dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced. I am having contractions daily (for an hour or two constantly every five minutes and some of them HURT!) but everything is just teasing me! Garrett's bday is still this Saturday so I'm still shooting for that. I have had a lot of tender moments knowing he is up there holding her and Piper is saying her goodbyes to her loved ones on the other side of the veil. It's a special time for her and our whole fam!
 I'm getting so uncomfortable with the constant vomiting, headaches, restless leg syndrome, and now add contractions and pressure to that! Wonderful! Good thing these perfect angel babies are worth it! I would even welcome Piper coming before Garr's bday at this point bc of the impatient waiting game and uncomfortable state I am in! I have invited 5 people (plus Chase) - I know I'm crazy- into the delivery room. My mom probably won't make it if I go before my induction. And then one other person will be out of town at some point from now until the induction. So each person is praying that she doesn't come when they are (A) at the Taylor Swift concert in Seattle until wednesday (B) on vacay in St. George from tuesday to monday or (C) on vacay in Mexico from next tuesday until past my induction. Julie is for sure in town the whole time- the other three all have trips planned. We'll see who makes it! And no one is invited except Chase and the moms if my water breaks and I have no epidural. Haha.
And my mom comes in June 1st. She may try to hop on a plane if i go into labor early but it's unlikely that it will work out. and it's unlikely that I'll make it past June 1st. 
I just want Piper to come soon, safely, and with an epidural. Haha. All the invited ladies are trying to put their vibes out there and influence me and are giving conflicting prayers with diff desired dates. I have no control. It's all in God's hands! She's coming when she's coming. 

Hoping this is my last Sunday pregnant (yesterday). Knock on wood.  
There are about 20 more of these (no joke) that Chase took. He knows how picky/double chin/angles/kids smiling/hard it is to get a good pic so he goes crazy! And will never take more after he's done putting the camera down. He moves the camera all over the place and just snaps away. He kills me. 

Napping daily! And we have a huge king bed- but of course right next to Mom is where they need to be. These two little lovies can sense a big change is coming bc they've been so cuddling and hugging one me like crazy. Sawyer esp will nuzzle in my neck and grab my cheeks and kiss me for 1 minute straight! 

Yesterday after church, Chase was feeling antsy and wanted to go for a drive in the mountains. We left straight from church in our Sunday best.
 We found this cute trail and LOVED the impromptu adventure. I would have preferred better shoes for all of us and a packed picnic but the impromptu-ness of it was worth it. 


It was beautiful and we already wanna go back in July sometime with kid carriers and hiking supplies and make it a full on hiking day up there further. 

Well I'm working today- my last day for a month or two until after the baby is born! Unless Chase thinks he can take a nursing baby for 9 hours straight right in the beginning? doubtful. 
But I DEF got the better end of the deal today. I'm sitting in the office alone and making sure auction, late rent tenants, and other minute details are all in order- Chase is deep cleaning the van, then the car, got one of those deep cleaning carpet machines to do all the bedrooms, stairs, bought me donuts (he's still killing it with losing weight and I'm bigger than ever stuffing my barfing face with donuts), changed all the sheets, doing laundry, taking Capri to gymnastics later, and other little tasks. What a day for me to work down here while he goes ham upstairs. What a blessing! The baby can officially come after today with all this cleaning prep in full swing!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

more May fun

Last weekend, we spent some time with the fam and Juan and Giselle Friday night. We went swimming- well once I saw how many adults wanted to swim, I actually opted out and just watched. I can't hot tub and the idea of changing clothes exhausted me HA! 
I still had a blast watching. And melts my wifey mommy heart to see Chase (and aunt Kait and uncle Tay) teach Capri how to swim! 
Independent swimming and a bike with no training wheels are my summer goals. Well my summer mom goals! Proud of this little fish! And also terrified bc both her and Sawyer think they can swim and have no fear or water and are constantly tempting fate and trying to drown! I'm glad they're brave though.

I only have two items left on my to-do list before baby comes (some last minute Amazing Race, Season 2 planning and deep clean the carpets!) 
Chase surprised me on his day off last week (I worked down in the office- I prefer it now sometimes bc I am tired all the time and when I work, I am alone and sitting in a chair.) and he deep cleaned the bathroom. I'm talking that he took every item out of the bathroom, out of drawers, cupboards, etc- and deep cleaned it all!! He is a better deep cleaner than me and I love when he tackles a task. He has to take a minimum of 3 hours on one tasks. So when I want the whole house cleaned in two hours- I normally give him the one or two items that I think needs a lot of work and I do a decent job on the rest by myself. He gets fixated! 
And my least fav chore of all chores are bath tubs! So voila! And just knowing it's spick and span clean to give the baby her first bath at home- oh good!

Even now- I am sooo tired and asked Chase to take the kids to the park while I sit at the office desk. Even the idea of driving and sitting on a park bench exhausts me. I have problems. I haven't been sleeping well (restless leg syndrome, more barfing than ever, have been having contractions for about a week but the past three nights/evenings they have been getting painful, and our whole house is battling a cold right now so the kids have been extra tired, grumpy, stuffy noses when they're sleeping and pregnant with a cold means no meds so that's glorious. Hopefully this means this is our one summer cold and we/Piper will have all the antibodies and health we need the rest of the summer!) and I am just trying to take it easy and suppress the mom guilt by making sure Sawyer and Capri do fun stuff everyday. So win-win: the kids get to go to the park with dad while I can sit in silence and blog. 

Chase and I have also been working our butts off the last couple months on the Amazing Race, Season 2. I'm a little insane bc if I don't go into labor naturally and get induced- the race will be 5 days after Piper is born. But I wanted to do it when family was in town and my mom could help me with the kids and running around hosting the race. The hardest part about the race is all the planning beore hand. The day of is a party if we plan it smoothly and enough in advance! We are 95% done with the race and all the planning and I'm so excited! I want to tell everyone what the race is about- but this I must keep a secret! But it's going to be epic. And let's pray for good weather. 

Also last week, I wanted the kids to get out but couldn't imagine actually going out- Chase wanted to weed and get the yard in better shape - so I thought- let's let the kids run through the sprinklers while I help Chase. I lasted about 10 minutes weeding before I realized this is ludicrous and I'm going to sit. Ha! But I loved watching the kids play in the most ghetto sprinkler environment. We have a huge ditch along Geneva (a pretty busy road so I was a serious hawk keeping my eye on them) that has a cement alley with grass hills on either side- they were running all over the place and loving the bike rack, too. They could have cared less about how unconventional it was and played for well over an hour loving life. Those are some happy kids!


And we've all been napping a ton with these colds we're battling. Sawyer with his backpack always. 

Had a great BYU roomie Cheesecake factory lunch last weekend. Becca had her baby two days ago!!! so there's that! And it's all getting a little too real for me with her baby out! I've been begging for this pregnancy to be over and now that it could be any day or week- I'm freaking!

The girls thought it was hilarious when I put diapers on them the other day. Oh the things kids put up with around here!

My life.

And yesterday, Chase and I were able to do a final session before Piper arrives! I have been having contractions regularly the last three days from 4 pm until I fall asleep. So I was in a little bit of pain at the temple but thought I hid it well. Obviously not because three different temple workers came up to me afterwards and asked if I was okay. I said I was fine but then she told some other workers, "she's light headed. Let's let her go first and help her out of here." Haha- Chase was watching me the whole session (bc he was worried about me) but even he didn't think I was making myself obvious- maybe they just have women's intuition. Ha! 
But I still enjoyed the temple and am glad I have gone to the temple right before every baby has been born. It comforts me and is so surreal how they're in the temple with me and in heaven and soon they'll be in my arms. 

While we enjoyed the temple- the kids were in heaven as uncle T and aunt K babysat them! They're babysitting is always the BEST and puts my daily routines to shame. I'm glad they're so spoiled and loved! I never worry when they're with T&K. Or any of my fam really! 
The kids got to go to the park, feed ducks, go to chic-fil-a, and then we all met up at Grant and Taylor's intramural soccer game! Look at these pics! I've melted!


The boys killed their game last night. Tay was goalie the first half and Grant was goalie the second half! A shut out! 4-0 and Grant was one of those goals, too. They played awesome. And we're proud (but not too proud since the other team had no subs and played down a man.) But still. I love these early summer nights, the weather, the fam, and soccer! If I'm in a chair- and Chase is not- back tickles are expected.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nesting and weekend getaways

Oh you know! Just a glorious site of a deep cleaned fridge. Nothing better!
We had a wedding reception a couple weeks ago- the kids looked so dapper! What cuties. And we didn't stay too long bc three kids at a reception.... too much to handle.

And I didn't even ask them- they just invaded me. All three of them can be found randomly together or separately throughout the day kissing Piper. It startles me every time and I have to remember that personal space is overrated! 

Another nice spring night, the boys all got together and played basketball while the women watched the kids at the playground. I wanted to shoot a few hoops but no chicks would guard me or be on the opposite team and I wasn't about to get in the middle of all that intense testosterone. 

Two weekends ago, Preston was in town from Vegas and my in-laws requested a grandkid sleepover at their house! The kids are so blessed and have no idea how lucky they are to have all the cousin time and grandparent dates that they do! I also am totally spoiled with this treatment!
I am even okay with the full 24-28 hours it takes after one of these parties to get the kids back on routine and in good moods again!

Chase asked me to take his pic one Sunday before church! I am SOOOOO proud of him for all his dedication and weight loss. This is the most weight and longest he's ever stuck to it. He actually feels like it's the new him! He has officially lost 40 lbs. The before and after pics are gonna be killer. 60 more to go! I am thinking at this rate he will be at his target goal by his birthday in October! He could be insta famous with all this success but he'd never :) I am one of those people that loves looking at transformation weight loss insta accounts. 

Be still my heart! 

Had a fun girl's night the other night getting Thai food and watching "I feel pretty." 
Chase was at home with all three kids. 
The movie was funny. A little risque for me. and honestly made me a little depressed that some women really suffer with self-image problems that intenselu. Grateful for my parents and the gospel that raised me with confidence and a lot of self love.
but if i'm being honest- becoming a mom has created some physical insecurities i never knew i had (and i love my stretch marks) so it's not even the cliche mom bod probs! ok moving on. 
I'll see the movie on hulu or something when it comes out with Chase again, I'm sure. 

Chase is cracking me up these days bc everytime I plan a girl's night- "another one? once a week now? ok just have fun and i'll be here with all the kids and cleaning and slaving away." 
-"Ok hun! Thanks!"
Haha. I have had a lot of girl's nights but I will keep it up bc I know this third baby is gonna be a big life change! I am getting pedicures this Friday with Kait and having a byu roomie lunch on saturday- hahaha- i told chase when we planned these events a week or two ago but i won't remind him until right before bc he'll tease me up until then if he remembers! 
He had basketball and played cards with some old co-workers last night so he's doing just fine having time to himself! 
And we had two weekends straight where we were kid free and bonding it up like crazy. 
We are ready for this third baby and our pots are full of self-love and family bonding!

We had cut locks for auction last week....... ummmmmm......... opened this unit to inventory it for the auction website. Strangest unit I've seen go up for auction. 
Maybe someone in the business for an Alice in Wonderland set or Willy Wonka play will bid on it...... Chase and I couldn't stop laughing.

Went on a bike ride around the facility one afternoon (on a day I was feeling particularly ill but wanted the kids to get some outdoor time) and I lasted about 15 minutes. The braxton hicks came on and I was embarrassed how much cramping it caused. I have been having daily contractions since last Friday but they're nothing to write home about.... yet. 
2.5 weeks until my goal due date May 26th. Induction will be June 4th. 

Capri graduated from her first year of preschool! My good friend and old BYU roomie was her teacher, Becca. She is due the same week as me with a baby girl as well. We were both ready for preschool to end and to let baby month really commence! 
Because Capri has a September birthday, she just BARELY misses kindergarten. She has a new preschool closer to home next year and I am just thrilled with all she has learned in preschool this year. She can read almost any 6-letter word or less, is mastering writing, knows all her upper and lower case letters, can do some basic addition and subtraction, can count to over 100, knows over 20 sight words, and has grown a lot. She is check-list ready for kindergarten already but another year of socializing and preschool fun will be good for the little gal. She amazes me, and I love doing homework and practicing her work with her!
Chase, Grandma Julie, and I really enjoyed her graduation ceremony!
Every student received a special reward for one of their strengths. Capri received the "heroic helper" award bc she is always so helpful and lending a helping hand. Proud mamma. 

Another slothful, sick day - the kids entertained themselves with art most of the morning. The dry-erase boards are always a hit! Capri was thrilled with her masterpieces and her family portrait with Piper in it. 

 And last weekend, Chase and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Coincidentally, my nephew Preston had his bday party in vegas that weekend. My mother-in-law ONCE AGAIN asked for our kids to go with her and my father-in-law to his party. I was nervous (Sawyer- and swimming in general with so many grandkids) but I am way too prego/uncomfortable to drive 5.5 hours and 48 hours later drive 5.5 hours to return home. So once I realized it was also our anniversary weekend, I thought win-win. The kids had a BLAST! They were either in full-steam fun mode or dead asleep with exhaustion! 
And Chase and I had the best weekend two nights at a hotel just getting away from stressful life/ baby mooning it up! Thanks, Grant, for covering the office for us! We tried to do some hiking (snow + braxton hicks - key word "tried"), played pickleball, drove around and did some more Amazing Race planning, swam, ate good food at many places, relaxed, napped, and went to a Jazz Club in SLC. Chase has really been into Jazz music lately (thanks, Alexa, every morning and night for that smooth jazz.) and he was told this weekend about a Brazilian Jazz genre so that's been on non-stop. So we decided to hit up a live Jazz Club and it was awesome! The swag mood- you just feel uplifted and hip and cultured! The atmosphere was totally relaxed and so enjoyable (except for about a 20 minute period when we received a LOT of attention from some drunk girls that just came from a bar where they were betting on the derby and were having a girls night and drank half their weight in liquor!) - hilarious story from my insta: "Chase’s ego was boosted since a drunk smoking-hot 🔥 30 year old was hitting on him last night at a jazz club.... when i was sitting there holding his hand. We told her we were celebrating our anniversary and having one last great date night before baby number three comes. She wraps her arm around him, puts her other hand to his ear, and whispers (aka shouts bc i could hear her drunken slurs) “i am soooo jealous!” Ha! What the?! Kentucky derby and cinco de mayo were too much of a combo for that girl!"
She was a nice girl, just clearly wasted. And personal space meant nothing to her. I wish I could meet her sober and see what she was like! She was super cute and ripped - she looked like a contestant on the bachelor. And I tried not to compare our sizes hahaha. She said she was married with two kids and said she never has a night out so she goes crazy when she does. Clearly :D


This was ONE sandwich from Grove Market Deli (it's in SLC and was DELICIOUS!) Chase and I split it. He went here a lot growing up and I'm glad he showed me this little gem of a place. 

And I am even more excited after our weekend for our Amazing Race (season 2) we are throwing for our family. We drove all our Utah and SLC valley this past weekend just to go over the course and the activities! I'm a little insane bc I am throwing it on Saturday June 9 (if I get induced- Piper will be 5 days old) but I wanted my mom in town to help me and we've planned all of it already so it's not too stressful. Chase, Mom, myself, Julie, Becca, and Ben will be at the pit stops and ready to challenge all of our loved ones! They should be a little scared! Mental, physical, emotional challenges! Let's go! It's gonna be even  better than last year. 

And here are some cousin pics from Preston's Vegas weekend. 
And when we came home after our weekend away, these two uhaul customers were blowing my mind- literally could not be closer! And not a scratch on either truck! What the?

Also, no pics but some exciting news- our Argentinian second family Juan and Giselle (they lived with my parents for the last year- if you know that story) just transferred and moved up to BYU! We helped them get settled and had them over with more fam for games and dinner Sunday night. It was so fun and I am excited to have them so close! Giselle served at Temple Square the year after I did so we're bonded over that! And there are quite a few Spanish speakers in our fam so Juan (who is still learning English!) appreciates that I'm sure. They are just the cutest!

I have not lowered the thermostat settings since we moved here almost two years ago but Chase (bc he's in ketosis mode) and Sawyer have both been saying they're so cold and I'm freezing them out of house and home! Haha what the? It's in the 80's outside and I need the air on, people! 
I am sorry I am an actual human oven just cooking away all the time! I am so hot and it's only May! How did I do my last two pregnancies with Sept and Oct birthdays? Judas! 

And another great week back to real life! And post-work  (post 6 pm and with sunset being later!) we have been loving the parks, playgrounds, hills, and family dog-piles! What a fun stage of life we are in. And I'm glad Chase is the fun parent (esp since I'm so prego and not in jungle-gym mode like him!) He loves to challenge, tickle, and play with the kids every night before bed esp! Rile them up? Wear out their energy? Either way!