Wednesday, April 25, 2018

maybe officially Spring

We can hope and say that maybe it is officially spring and it is here to stay! It's May next week so here's to hoping! We have had glorious weather and outdoor fun this past week.

 Sunday after church and naps, we met up with some fam and went into the mountains. We fished, threw rocks, explored, played at the park, walked, and enjoyed this beautiful landscape (on Earth day nonetheless).

A cute moment when I was sitting on the couch reading. I looked over and Capri brought her chair out and just sat on it while she looked around. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was a mom watching her kids play at the park! CLASSIC! I'm so proud. It's a win win. Independent kids that make friends with everyone and relaxing mom time - that's how i roll.

Then another not so cute mom moment: when you're in the shower and you hear both kids yell "it was an accident". Smashed the play eye-shadow everywhere! They cleaned it all up themselves though so no harm done and I've been wanting to toss that eye shadow anyways. 

Another item on my to-do list checked off before the baby comes! Organize and clean our storage unit! YES!

I got my topic for teaching RS on the fourth sunday for the next 6 months.
It really stresses me out that that is the only guidelines I get for 6 one-hour lessons but it's good for me to rely on the Spirit to help me plan and prepare! Some talks I wrote down from last Conference that relate and some ideas. Any ideas or subtopic suggestions are welcome! I have to enter my titled lessons into the ward word doc this week for now until October- so I'm collecting my thoughts and could use all the help I can get!

For FHE this week, we went geocaching by Utah Lake. More exercise than I've gotten in months and it was fun! So beautiful and I think I finally like/get geocaching.
I was the slowest walker for sure though and it showed me how penguin-like I am these days. You know you have problems when your short two-year old is speeding past you. Haha! 

Yesterday, a beautiful time at the park rolling down hills and running around the playground!

And last night, we babysat for a couple in the ward while they went on a date. The kids were in heaven! This baby is sturdy and 8 months old but it still blew my mind how much maintenance and different the household is with a baby in the home again! The kids were in heaven and doting on his every squeak and movement!
and the usual baby of the fam (soy boy) had a hard time sharing his toys- it was good for him to have a baby around. we'll see how he does with a newborn haha. 

Well..... more to-do list items to get done! Deep clean the fridge and freezer- here I come!

Friday, April 20, 2018

April fun!

Just working, catching up on my blog, and getting these phone pics posted!!!

Bowling over Millie's spring breakt! I was trying to catch some cute pics with the little ones and esp sawyer's baby size shoes. I was dying!

We had  a fun time bowling, and we all got a kick out of the fact that Sawyer won. I didn't play- I just chaperoned. But with all three kids having bumpers- it was anyone's game. Sawyer was first, Capri was second, and Millie was the dirty dish! The irony! The kids laughed and enjoyed it though so at least their competitive drive was in check. 

I found these next two pics on my phone. Thank you, Capri. A creeper pic of me and a papparazi pic of Sawyer eating cereal.  

We had a fun double date a couple weeks ago with Becca and Ben. They just opened this restaurant called Good Move. You have an assortment of games to bring to your table and you can enjoy dinner. We didn't know if the food would be good since the games are the unique point but the food was delicious, too! We'll be going back! We love games anywhere and esp with our food and friends!

 Almost every woman in the world struggles with getting their husbands to cooperate with the many pics social media pressures us to post, right? hahahaha.  

Another church outfit pic for you. Classic 

I always dress my kids the cutest on Sundays so those are the outfits I capture the most! 

Oh you know. Just a pic I sent my mom when I was sitting on the bathroom floor barfing (into the toilet not onto the floor). TMI is my life. 
"I am HOT and I'm EXHAUSTEDLying NAUSEAUS on the floor. Illusion never changed. THIS FETUS IS FOR real."

Feeling all sentimental one morning looking at these wet footprints exiting the bath. I never want them to fade!

I have a group text with Chase's mom and aunt (they're doing similiar diets like Chase) so we're always sharing recipes or food ideas. Hence my pics I took. Chase is officially down 33 lbs! This is the new us! Well at least until we hit our goals and figure out a maintaining lifestyle plan.

pulled pork/squash, 
veggies/ natural pb/sunflower seeds/cheese, 
egg whites/mushroom/turkey bacon,
steak/ salad,
spinach ham veggie wrap,
ham/ brussel sprouts, 
corn tortilla turkey tacos

A cold, rainy day called for some indoor hallway plasma car time!
Almost every morning around 7 am, Chase encourages and yells for the kids to come snuggle us.... Somehow I'm always invaded and piled on while Chase is cozy and alone on his half.....



Chase's second cousin told me that Sawyer looked just like Chase the other day. The blonde hair and cuteness- I can see it. But really I just think Sawyer is a mini-Schroedter/Ross boy. Look at Caleb in this photo on the left? now that's Sawyer. Chase on the right- that cutie!

I took these belly pics (the smallest I've ever been at this stage) and even then, when I told and showed my mom- she said "You're not going to share these anywhere are you?" hahaha what positive body reinforcement hahahaha. XOXO #34 weeks

and yesterday was this cutie's birthday! I have always loved this 8 year my junior brother but him living in Utah these last two years have been the absolute best! He is such a welcomed house guest, uncle, friend, and bro-in-law to us! WE LOVE HIM! 

took this this morning- I know Chase wouldn't approve of me posting pics without his permission so voila! We are a snuggling family. Watching Despicable Me 3 in our bed at 7 am- y'all don't do that?

Last weekend, we made it up the AF canyon after work on Saturday! We love being back in the mountains, bonfires, fishing, campfire food, good company! 

Capri was terrifying me on this rock. It was only 55 degrees and falling in this river would have put a real damper on the evening! And then Sawyer tried to get in on the climbing action. 

I then found this rock (AWAY from the river) and they went to town. 

A couple ppl didn't make it for the group photo but we loved all the company!

Well I am proud of myself for keeping this post positive! I am sicker than ever, but with my fav season coming up (summer) and having 6 weeks left- things are just going to keep on getting better! I am working alone today at the office- Chase is off at a museum with the kids and I need to work on my RS lesson, now! It's going to be a good day and it's almost the weekend!! Over and out. 

Ok - this last part is about an hour later. Just finishing up my lesson and wanted to share this jewel of a gem! It was a direct message I have been needing to hear from the Lord and I wanna share it again and again. Also I found these three pics on my phone when I was deleting that I didn't post. So enjoy and enjoy. 

President Eyring, April 2014 “The Priesthood Man”:
I have observed three common characteristics of the disciples of Christ who are my heroes. One is a pattern of prayer, the second is a habit of service, and the third is a rock-hard decision to be honest. We all pray, but the disciple you want to be prays often and with real intent. In the evening you will get on your knees and thank God for the blessings of the day. You will thank Him for parents, for teachers, and for great examples to follow. You will describe in your prayers specifically who has blessed your life and how, during that day. That will take more than a few minutes and more than a little thought. It will surprise you and change you. As you pray for forgiveness, you will find yourself forgiving others. As you thank God for His kindness, you will think of others, by name, who need your kindness. Again, that experience will surprise you every day, and over time it will change you. One way you will be changed by such fervent prayer is, I promise you, that you will feel truly that you are a child of God. When you know that you are a child of God, you will also know that He expects much of you. Because you are His child, He will expect you to follow His teachings and the teachings of His dear Son, Jesus Christ. He will expect you to be generous and kind to others. He will be disappointed if you are proud and self-centered. He will bless you to have the desire to put the interests of others above your own... As you pray and serve others, your knowledge that you are a child of God and your feelings about Him will grow. You will become more aware that He is saddened if you are dishonest in any way. You will be more determined to keep your word to God and to others. You will be more aware of taking anything that does not belong to you. You will be more honest with your employers. You will be more determined to be on time and to complete every task you are given by the Lord that you have accepted to do.…So my counsel to you who want to bless others with your discipleship has to do with your life which is private to all but God. Pray to Him. Thank Him for all that is good in your life. Ask Him to know what individuals He has placed in your way for you to serve. Plead that He will help you give that service. Pray so that you can forgive and so that you can be forgiven. Then serve them, love them, and forgive them.