Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let's get this party started!

Alright- so many people have told me that my life is a joke. Well THANK YOU. That is a compliment because laughter is my favorite!!! So i just thought since my life is just sooooo busy these days- I'd start a blog.

Story of my life...... making retarded decisions that should put me in harm (and sometimes it does) but most of the time it just makes a great story for the grandkids!!!

Ok so four highlights of my week so far

i am an aunt! my parents are old grand parents. my grandparents are great-grandparents. my favorite sister is a mom! AUBREY IS HERE!!! 7 lbs 8 ounces. thick black hair. caucasion (sp?). beautiful!!!!!!!

so i recently just opened a wells fargo bank account! exciting i know. i'm growing up so fast..... yeah well i had to activate my debit card and since i was stranded at the university mall cuz my lil brother who is my everything, TAYLOR (you're on my blog- ur famous!), needed the car. i had a couple hours to kill (yes i realize that it prolly woulda taken me 20 minutes to walk home but um.... this is america- we don't walk anywhere) so yeah. i remembered that there was a wells fargo somewhere around so i went out searching for it- well i walked around the whole mall when it was really just a quick right- well that's embarassing for me but i got some excercise and go to talk to my mom and sister at the hospital in california for a while and complain about walking around the mall. anyway- i finally get to the wells fargo and can't find the normal ATM and only see the drive-thru. so what do i do?? yes yes i stand in line. a car in front of me and by the end of my wait- 2 cars behind me. and there i am just standing like a NERD in line. but my card is activated and now i can burn through my bank account like a utah fire in the heat of a summer's day!! yes i love it when someone sees me doing something bizarre and i put a smile on their face (that's what she said...)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!! it was jamie's birthday so he wanted to go to yo zone. it was delicious and i don't even really like dairy or ice cream. anyway- on the way home i am driving a car full of my loves and we're at a red light and there are two guys in front of us on motorcylces and i turn to Annie, who is in shot gun, and i say- i will pay you 10 bucks to jump on one of those guy's bikes. and then a couple ppl in the back are shouting out some bids too. so she's up to about 20 bucks and she yells out the window- hey can i get a ride and they say YES. well in my mind- i'm like "SNAPS-i want a ride" and i'm also concerned for annie as well of course- i can't have her riding off by herself into the dark of night in scary provo so at the next red light they're stalling to catch the red light and slow down- i throw the car in park and me and annie both hope onto these guy's bikes. and some girl (i just met 20 minutes before) was gracious enough to drive my car home [safely without a scratch!!!] and anyway. me and annie got a great 30 minute ride on some sexy bikes and just had a great night and got some numbers and free-meals in the future. hahaha only in provo - but its like singapore says "just cuz there's low crime doesn't mean there's no crime" hahaha- it all turned out to be awesome tho :)

so last night after SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE premier for the sixth season. my cousin, LAURYN- who is my hero, ANNIE, and i are being nerds. anyway- annie is being productive on her computer and so i wanted to get my computer- well i'm just being useless and youtubing random crap and i start looking up oklahoma vs. byu wins and i see hilarious stampedes and dancing in provo from our victory night. well on one specific video there are these shirtless boys who are screaming about max hall being president of the USA instead of obama or something like that and then they start ranting how they're single and shout out a phone number.... what do i decide to do? oh you know it- i call them and another date opportunity. perfect. i already saw them with their shirts off so i have the advantage. hahahahah. oh gosh provo is hilarious.

even tho life can be hell- for some reason laughing makes it bearable. i hope i made you laugh and in my next adventure- i won't be dead in a ditch but instead laughing on my blog about the adrenaline rush! have a great week- you know i will ;)


Abigail said...

I love it Marissa!! Thanks for being the best roomie!!

Annie said...

oh man, Marissa. I love this. now we really have to keep up our crazy things to make good blog posts...right? love you!