Sunday, September 20, 2009

my veins run cougar blue

i would just like to start my blog off with a moment of silence.... actually more like a moment of prayer..... byu lost last night. and not just a disappointing loss. i'm talking a heart-wrenching, faith-shaking, tear-jerking, stomach-lurching kinda loss. let's all pray for them in the future and be silent for the tragedy of last night. props florida state- for making me CRY ON COMMAND...... and for the record i will ALWAYS be a cougar fan. i will never give up on you COUGARS!! and when i'm 40 i would still like to be known as a cougar. COUGAR THROUGH AND THROUGH. cougar blue runs through my veins!

stoked before the game.... that quickly turned into a frown

ok now to more random blogging done by yours truly!

been on some great dates lately. one in particular involves my beautiful friend kacey with a beautiful harley. oh baby!! anyways i'm just out here advertising for kawabunga bay. it was awesome. grant it, i didn't have to pay but i do say it was totally fun. an afternoon of crazy water wonderland!! and the next thing i'd like to advertise is ECHELON CONSPIRACY. a fabulous movie with the beautiful shane west. please please watch it. u won't regret it. it was 2 of the best hours of my life!! NICK!! LAURYN! good times. crazy bread! pizza. yum.

this is my cousin lauryn: who i RAVE about all the time!


SPIDER INFESTATION..... we have a spider problem. oh my word!!! i see AT LEAST 2 spiders a day. hobo spiders. black widows. brown recluses. basically i predict my death will be by spiders. me and annie tried to disinfect our place and we cleaned and RAID-SPRAYED for 5 hours but to no help. two days later i saw a HUGE A* spider and the boys next door rushed over at 2 am (like they've done before) to kill it. thanks moby dicks! and i have been bitten twice now by these house spiders. oh my word. and in the winter it is going to get worse. and i've complained to our landlord a MANY times and i finally threatened him with byu houseing office so he said he will get a fumagator. i hope so. oh bother!!! i'm scared and sooooooooooooooooo on the verge of peeing my pants, having a seizure, and dying from fright CONSTANTLY! pray for me!

I SPENT OVER $100 ON MIDNIGHT NEW MOON SHOW TICKETS. BIG GROUP PARTY MIDNIGHT PREMIER CANNOT WAIT. november 19th will be the LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE with anticipationg and hyperventalating!!!! oh edward. oh jacob. oh love <3

u are no longer a teen. finally! for bec's birthday a big group of us went to karoake at applebee's. it was glorious (and i love getting free meals. haven't bought groceries in weeks!) and lauryn, annie, me, kelly, and bec sang "crazy" by the classic britney spears in honor of how we feel about becca and the beloved chase (a utes fan but i try not to let that be his label) and the hilarious jordan seranaded her with "teardrops on my guitar" by taylor swift while bec's bf, matt, sat by. haha. THEY DID NOT know the tune and butchered the song (which i'm sure kanye would have been happy about) but we belted along to not totally shame taylor swift so i hope she appreciates that. oh boy oh boy. but the whole night was fantastic and memorable!
my beautiful becca and me (sometimes i look 500 lbs but thats ok cuz the way i eat- i should be 500 lbs!!!)

Best WEEK in months
what i mean when i say this is.... nothing like the gospel. the priesthood. the holy spirit. and the comfort of our savior. ok short and sweet but the priority of my life :)

STILL GOTTA SHOUT OUT TO TAYLOR- we are tennis monsters. he is everything to my lil fragile heart. i love you tii!!! taylor man banana!

and i was told to include a lil caption about my beloved roommate and her boyfriend, Lance. so this is a line of i dont even know what for them but i was commanded and i am the most straight-edge obedient person i know!

I went camping this friday night. haven't gone camping since i was like..... in 4th grade. it was great and i saw LESS spiders out camping then i did in my own house. so that was nice. it was fun. fire dancing. sleeping under the stars. making s'mores. cooking weenies. telling ghost stories. not sleeping. being too scared to go to bathroom. oh good times. with some of my favorite ppl :)

my kelle belle! we bond it up and she is my prettiest best friend. its a shallow/unshallow relationship. like a swimming pool that is made for children but also divers! i love her!!
my lil skin head!!! one of the best friends that god put in my life <3
awwww prec! he is strong and still my lil skinhead. one month= 2 inches of hair. can't wait!
this IS the serial killer creepy pic of the night. hahaha. we used the natural resources for our wood. yay for cutting down trees. yeah ppl tell me i have an environment and animal problem!
annie and ben showed up! better late then never. yeah this is a foul pic but look at the cool light head thing i'm wearing!
the fire dancing begins!! yay! rain boots were essential obviously!
preparing our hot dogs before we started up our fire again. wrong order but there were still delicious!

Bowling with Garr and Kristi. LOVE THEM!!! and elsee- i want to babysit that firecracker. happy birthday on tuesday, kristi! and i cannot wait to bring my lil kittens home. those spiders will have met there match then! and i'm stoked to tie-dye anything white i own.

AND OF COURSE. my life and mind has been revolving around my favorite, beautiful, perfect neice AUBREY!!!

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