Thursday, October 29, 2009

the best birthday ever

yes i'm vain but seriously. it was the best birthday ever. better then any birthday i've ever had. i haven't had the best luck with birthdays but i made sure that wouldn't happen to chase!!!!!
happy birthday chase. it was a picture perfect day!!! i'm kinda whiped out from all the facebook updates i just did so i'm just gonna write a summary and then post some pics. better blog coming soon. promise!!!

ok so our day:
IHOP in riverton
STEPFATHER at the district
chic fil-a
made snow angels
Hiked the "U"
went to our special place at TEMPLE SQUARE
talked to some sister missionaries
a lil bit of shopping
SOlase Massage for an hour massage. heaven
a lil bit more shopping at the provo mall
to chase's parents' house in bluffdale


and chase has a great family. just like me :) his mom is amazing and his dad is incredible and syblings are so pleasant. but seriously. the conversations i've had over there- i love them!!!!great late night/mid-afternoon/early morning talks. anytime with them is great!!!

11:59 his birthday was almost over

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