Thursday, October 15, 2009

the cat who swallowed a spider, that wriggled and jiggled and wiggled inside her

As of right now. I'm sitting here typing and the cats are asleep on my lap. Here is a live picture for proof. AWWWWW

I HAD A LITTLE PARTY. and when i say party i mean i just told a few friends that i finally got my cats. TA DA here are some pics. thanks for welcoming them home. oh twilight and blackberry <3 thank you garr, chase, and kristi!!
too many pics? no such thing!!

the love is overwhelming

Dave- the prize chase won me at lagoon- and twilight are good friends

uncle taylor

me with my baby twilight

auntie and mommy. awwww

blackberry's photo shoot

Laur. my little beautiful cous.

my french wannabe boyfriend with twilight. BONJERRRR

kevin came over. finally.

daddy chase is lettin twilight hang out in his hoodie

blackberry conked OUT with auntie annie

baby twilight. come to mamma.

this is their favorite spot to sleep. oh presh!

mommy kelly and blackberry are snuggles

they are lil explorers

they get along great


so some highlights.... i had to work sunday morning at 6 am at the mall to do floorsets. OH WAIT. the mall security guy fell asleep on the job and made us wait aimlessly for an hour. so we had to do it monday night instead. 930 pm to 430 am. oh my word what a week. after an already 6 hour shift that monday. the glories of working retail at the mall. classy. high class.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. holy hellllllllllllllllfreaknasty!!! i love scary movies but have never been more scared in my life. it was soooooooooooo scary. that real life documentary. i almost peed my pants. i am soooooooo freaking myself out just seeing it. go see it. end of story.

i finally had dinner with the famous nicole. yay!!! she is as amazing as i thot. pics coming soon.

been hanging out with laur this week like i should have been my whole life. oh laur. love you!!!

at tii's frisbee game!

after ihop of course

Haunted forest. happy halloween. oh my gosh it was great. three years running now!!! it was a great experience. a rough day but the perfect night. it was soooo scary. and what made it even worse. was that the first guy heard my name and then walkie talkied all the other creatures, samaras, employees, and monsters. so they all knew my name and kept chanting it and i almost died from fear. and my reaction when scared- idk if u know..... is to either run (but chase was detaining me) OR collapse into a ball in defensive fetal position. well one of these collapsing episodes- i almost fell into a pond when we were over a bridge. oh good times. i love halloween. hip hip hurray!

some of the clan at the haunted forest

mr. scary man that wouldn't leave us alone. we decided to embrace him.

this is me imitating my mid-fetal position crouch. thank you chase for always catching me :) and saving me from ponds

it was soooo great. wonderful. i missed the chicks!!! and the convos. and their lives. i don't care how much time passes, these girls will always know and be in my heart. <3 official reunion with everyone should be coming soon!!

the clan that i love


some of the loves of my life



and to wrap it up
my answer to my prayers. my best friend. the man <3

chase anderson everyone

lucky i'm in love....

ok until next time blog stalkers. i appreciate ur business!!!

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Shelbs said...

can i just tell you i hate cats. ew. should have gotten a puppy.