Monday, October 19, 2009

right here, right now- i'm looking at you and my heart loves the view <3

wow today was a great day :)
last night was great too. hanging out with laur and annie and the cats! we're cat ladies now. got treated to jamba. watched "drive me crazy" pow wow!!
and today.... recap quickly cuz i'm way tired but here we go
woke up (a lil late but crazily- i'm the one that woke annie up) and we drove to SLC to go to elizabeth smart's farewell. on the weay we almost got hit by a fire truck. never been so blessed and scared in my life. ok exxageration but seriously. yikes. kids, don't listen to ur radio too loudly..... anywho... we just attended her sacrament meeting- its wicked how much i enjoyed that tidbit but yeah. one hour of a church was wonderful and she is a great speaker and her words really hit me hard. her brother is also going on his mission and he had some great messages too. She is going to Paris, France and he is going to Mexico. Gosh, she is gonna adore Paris!! I'm jealous. If i went on a mission- that's one place I'd just wish to be going to. French High School teacher bound and all. anyways- then we went to her house after for a lil brunch/party extravanganza and that was just adorable and delicious!!

good luck in france, girl!!!!

so who wants to hear how fate stepped into my life today.... ok ready. I COINCIDENTLY DROVE RIGHT BY EAST HIGH!! and if u are in any way cool- u recognize that name. that's right ladies and gentlemen- HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (hence the name of my blog) and apparantely bro patterson lives so close to there but i didn't know where and dind't wanna talk my creepiness to another level by searching but yeah. it was awesome. me and annie parked and walked around. looked in all the windows (too bad it was locked) but we saw classic scenes. the scream song. the cafeteria is exactly like the movie. the 'view from here' song balcony part. oh my gosh it was just heaven for me. we took wayyyyy too many pics but its hilarious and i was so giddy and still am thinking about it.
yeah wildcats
one hott mamma
E for East high of course and annie looks hilariously fantastic
what i wouldn't have given to be a cast member

the only high school i would ever be willing to spend longer then necessary at

i hope they have a good arts program or else i'm embarassed for them
this is where he parks his car to have his "scream" solo in hsm3 haha
it was locked :( struggles
did we take too many pics? no way- it was an epic afternoon at our fav movie set
East High FOREVER. long live high school. best days of my life.... shifty eyes
look familiar! oh wonderful!
a lil over the top but idc!!!

ok moving on... to something a lil more tragice.....
chase has the swine flu and that is tragic but of course the second his mother gave me permission to see him since he wasn't contagious anymore i took full advantage of that. she still made him wear a mask but it was a great day. mrs. annie was stuck to my hip all day and i loved it. we hung out with chase and ciara and the parents and the relatives and it was hip hip hurray for sure. we baked. had dinner. played games. laid on the grass. went exploring in the woods. chatted. watched the proposal. and MORE

this is before i got a thousand little stickers stuck in my tights. LOVE ciara and annie <3

my lil japanese airplane passenger boyfriend

so 2 serious highlights.......

how to spot a polygamist: they shoot u with bb guns, they have huge vans, they have weird fashion, they buy everything in bulks, have multiple seats in their strollers.... oh wait i could be describing mormons... bahahah THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING. for the record ;) haha what a glorious sport it is to hunt them!!
we have a great plan for next sunday. we are now know when there church starts and ends. we're either going to (a) attend their church or (b) wait for them to get out of church and video their crazy life styles of one man and a billion babies and many wives. oh snaps!

waiting for them to get home from church...
blurry but its a child polygy!!

a van chuck full of them!
ope at their church/huge home for a couple of 'em. notice the modes of transporation.
other side of parking lot. typical.
in the front yard. of course.
ope. they're everywhere.

2. we (annie, chase, and i) went electric wheelchair adventuring. off roading. high speeding. tag! follow the leader. pop wheelies. circling. oh it was hilarious and soooo crazy fun but a little spooky. some ghost sighting might have occured :)
hahah this was taken in the east high parking lot. but it applied to this part of the day more. hence.
sitting 'spider' on the grammy chairs. hahahah. it was best to sit like this as to not tip over.... even tho we were reassured that they are made to NEVER tip over. doubtful.
as ricky bobby would say "i wanna go fast!" it has different speeds.a hilarious joy ride ;)

oh snaps. shelby called me today-i must remember to call her back. note to self!

and to wrap it up. i came home and my miss mary had left me a plate of cookies and adorable card. she is the sweeeeeeetest. gosh old, good friends are priceless. i love you, mary.

ah freak nasty-i left my car light on. now i have to go out in the frigid cold and turn it off. barnicles! have a great day followers of me :)

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