Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There are only two times I wanna be with you... NOW and FOREVER!

those that i love- i will always love and am grateful for you. so much love in the air. family, friends, etc!!!

hello friends!
can i just say these dang acryllics are killing me and way outgrown for these little macs. lauryn, nicole, annie: trip to the salon is necessary!! SJ here we come <3
ok so i just got back from breakfast with my lauryn. what a great cousin. what a great person. gosh i love it when you have unconditional loves in ur life. hahah and oh lauryn- hilarious story exchanges. is that u dancing in the disco ball? i shall see u in an hour or so to do some shopping. oh baby!

so what i wanna talk about it is this weekend. my dad. my brother. my boyfriend. my roommates. my prophets. oh my word it was a great weekend.
i picked my dad up from his business trip at park city (gosh my dad stayed in a pimp hotel. pics of the balcony view coming soon.....) sorry i missed lagoon :( but chase still won me a prize and i got some much needed awesome quality time from my dad. i remember the last time i saw my dad before he left home to texas- wow i was in a different state in life. thank goodness for personal revelation and seriously guided people that have been angels in my life <3
so here is park city. me and my dad have the best conversations about everything and everyone (not in a gossiping way) so we prolly talked about you if ur reading this :) haha jokes!

yeah so i went to bajio with garr and dad and then to work friday night (i missed elder scott and the football game) but i'm so grateful to be employed that i can't whine too much.

saturday morning. someone (kelly cough kelly) had the ingenius idea to go hiking at 645. well after some "accidental" delays. we made it to stewart falls. oh my gosh what the flagnard. it was the perfect hike. i didn't even sweat but i still felt active. it was early and i hate being out in the sunlight that early but it was totally worth it. the fall colors. kelly, lance, my dad, taylor, chase. it was perfect. my family and all those that are in my life LOVE chase so that's amazing. oh my dad and his counsel. classic!! i love you, dad. the hike was great and even tho chase broke my parisien sunglasses- the hike was totally worth it. and afterwards we went to kneaders and had all u can eat french toast. i'm ashamed to admit that i put the heifer club to shame but i just cant eat THAT much in the mornings.

all this quality dad time made me miss my mom, caleb, and grant but that just makes me STOKED for christmas. i'll be with my whole fam in the winter wonderland and mamma will love chase even more in person and christmas is just glorious. and hopefully laur can move in and i love my roommates. and family. i'll get to see aubrey, shelby, and josh. garr, kristi, and the kids will be with us. oh baby!!! i can't wait for christmas!

and then GENERAL CONFERENCE BABY!! oh my word did i ever get so much out of general conference? i don't know. it was amazing. inspired. perfect for me. wonderful. divine. etc. I LOVED IT!!! going to general conference center on sunday with chase was one of the BEST, most special days i've ever had. ps it was cool to see bec there too <3
i took my dad to the airport, went to the conference center, had the best moment with chase, went to temple square again with chase, went to his parent's house in bluffdale, went to watch a movie with chase and chad's house, and just had the best day with the best people, messages, food, laughter, etc.
LIFE IS SOOOO GOOD. even when trials are hovering over you- and its a major downpour. u just gotta learn to dance in the rain!!!


i love my two jobs and don't think this world is an obamanation after all. there are sitll major problems but i'm glad to be apart of the economy again :)

STOKED for the crepe breakfast reunion girl pow wow this saturday :) yay baby!

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