Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE halloween. it finally arrived. gosh it was a great day.
so university mall gets CRAZY on halloween night. well evening really. 4 to 7. a BAZILLION trick or treaters. it was nice though cuz for half of my shift i stood out in the foyer and just gave candies to adorable trick or treaters and wished everyone a happy halloween. dressing up as a tulip was a lil awkward at work but totally made the shift go by quickly. i dreaded working halloween night but it turned out to be fun!!
then when i got off work- i hit up some dance parties. oh cougar town is hilarious.
at one dance beloved cousin got some. i paid some guy a dollar to kiss her! i wanted to make her night memorable. he turned out to be a creepy rabai. anyway. we left that party soon after and went to another. then later on we were famished and went to ihop. gosh it was a great night to be there. every single person in there was in costume and it was absolutely packed with a waiting line. so the image was glorious. i gotta admit. one of the best parts of the night was the photo shoot. hence..... these next pics are all posed but classic!!!!
all of my most beloved people. oh my heavens, i love chase!! and my girls are just amazing and i approve of lance. oh wonderful! life is good :)

.... and i just skyped aubrey. and even tho i was supposed to leave for California 2 hours ago and thats not happening.... at least i got to skype my two baby girls, shelby and aubrey. oh i love family. friends. faith......

my boyfriend is a P.I.M.P.
his steering wheel even says it.

my 3 life savers.

the beetle walking pose

a garden in a tree!

IHOP! a great find. delicious.

my little lauryn pie. i just crave her.

people i can't breath without

23rd try! 80% success!!! jump on it.

we don't get along 24/7.... and he likes it apparantely

i can't help but love him

no matter where, what, when, why, how. we enjoy each other's company!

frolicking. a daily occurrence.


i'm on the olympic hurdling team.

my gorgeous, happy BYU fan. this might be my fav pic.

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