Friday, November 6, 2009

i used to....

i used to say "once a heart breaks, it begins to find little cracks in everything." NOW i say " a friend's love says 'if you ever need anything i'll be there.' true love says 'you'll never need anything, i'll be there'"

i used to feel that songs (love songs or break up songs) only brought one emotion: heartache. NOW i think that every song has a silver lining or is just downright great.

i used to think men were pigs. well i still think they are but NOW i find it endearing.

i used to wanna be skinny to watch boys drool and mock them. NOW i wanna be skinny so i look like good arm candy on him :)

i used to think that love was for retards and that i would only love people like my best friends. people like kelly, annie, lauryn, my parents. but now i realize- love isn't something that replaces something else. it just gives u the capacity to grow and makes room for more love!!! and being in love and being best friends really are best when they go hand in hand.

i used to think i'd never be happy in the fairy tale sense. well now i realize that god blessed the broken road and NOW i can enjoy this bliss because opposition is important :) now i see the reason fairy tales really are so great because they're tough roads that have happy endings.
ie cinderella. beauty and the beast. sleeping beauty. shrek. baby mama. aladdin. THEY ALL HAVE HOPELESS SITUATIONS. BUT THEN bam!bam!bam! LOVE :)

i used to give up on any relationship once there was a bump in the road. well four-wheeling with chase has never been so fun. and it helps me with all my other relationships too. "it takes hard work" said a very smart man!

i used to be a happy person and love life but secretly was a cynic.... well i can't say i'm not a total cynic but... i'm getting there :)

so i wrote this love story of how me and chase met and our courtship. its super long and intense but i lost a bet and i owed him a 20 pg note (since money is not an option for me to be risking) and so when i lost....i was just going to copy-paste one sentence for 20 pages but then i thought.... hmmm i love to write. this isn't such a punishment. let me make this worthwhile. and ta da. the story was complete. of course i can't put that long story on my blog but i do have it on my comp and a copy laminated and bound <3 but for now.... i'm just gonna copy-paste some fun quotes from the story. keep it mysterious but quenching some curiosity. haha who am i kidding? i'm doing this for myself. nobody else cares about me and chase as much as me anyways. haha.

"CDA+MJS=<3" written by ME on October 22, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a tough yet fragile maiden named Marissa Jean Schroedter. She was studying abroad in Paris, France; she loved every second of it and knew it was one of the most thrilling chapters in her life. Little did she know, that an inkling of a seed would be planted in her heart on one fateful, brisk January evening. She woke up on a glorious day in the European sunshine. Shed decided to skype her roommates back in pitiful Provo. As she was chatting their ears off and animating her life’s play by play, she saw a peculiar silhouette in the background.
‘Who is that estranged being over yonder?’ she questioned.
‘Oh psh. That’s just Chase. You’d love him. He is just like us and shares our sense of humor and way of life.’ Says Rebecca No Middle Name Allen.
Later though, Marissa got the skinny from her confidante, Kelly Dawn Larsen. She dished some juicy details and Marissa realized the complicated tangles he had already spun himself....................
Well Marissa has been texting Chase, like every other day this summer. Chase says he will meet her after work and it will be a great introductory event. Well, Marissa and Kelly do not get penciled in; they pencil their own lives. So what do they decide to do? Be creepy of course.
They stealth their way over to “Buy-Low,” which was Chase’s prominent place of employment. As he is successfully scanning his customer’s food, Marisa was sizing him up. ........ She goes down the side of the store so she can crawl her way to an aisle with an articulate view. ...... Well they decide that they didn’t come this far to not MAKE THEMSELVES KNOWN as being creepy. So as they’re standing in the teeth-cleaning aisle. They decide that they will send a pic of himself cashing out customers to HIS phone. Marissa whips out her Voyager and snaps his photogenic face. It’s a distant shot of him and a cute old lady. She hits send and they await anxiously for his perplexed look and creeped out hunch. Well to no avail. They wait and wait and wait. .....They need a plan B. This is so strange because Kelly and Marissa usually never need a plan B. They are always so witty and thorough. Freak nasty. Well they decide they will buy something and non-challantly purchase it through Chase. It’s his job to serve them with chipper customer service and a smile on his face. Hmmm… what to buy? What to buy? BUT OF COURSE!!! Marissa is back in town- the pranking wars must start up again. They decide it would be hilarious to buy dog food from chase. The very dog food they will later use to prank him. Bonne idée girls!! So they do- they snatch the cheapest dog food (still not getting caught- even after being in the store for a good 15 minutes) and they meander towards Chase’s check out station. Chase looks up as these two gorgeous women approach and looks away then realizes he knows them and smiles- a beautiful smile with perfect pearly white teeth.
“Woah- he is so tall. Even taller up-close,” Marissa thinks to herself. “He has beautiful teeth.”
“Hey Chase!” beckons Kelly.
“We would like to purchase this dog food,” Marissa Schroedter
“Why haven’t you checked your phone recently?” pesters Kelly.
“Huh?” says Chase.
“We’re super creepy!” they chant.
He is confused but continues to scan their purchase. “Why are you buying dog food?”
Smoothly, Marissa does not skip a beat. “My aunt had a dog.”
“Oh ok,” says Chase.
The purchase is complete and the girls are so suave that Chase doesn’t even notice their giggles. Kelly concludes this awkward encounter by introducing the two, who obviously already know each other but the awkwardness was still present. Chase hands Marissa her receipt and because his hand was so close, Marissa decides to shake his hand as a proper introduction. Well the receipt paper was cumbersomely in between their hands and it was hilarious. Classic.
Kelly and Marissa skip back to the car and gossip about their adventure. Then a couple minutes later Marissa receives a text from Chase “Are you serious? Creepers.” Marissa was a little offended as she relayed the text to Kelly. Then she remembered the picture they had taken and sent to him. The giggles continued...........
The main thing Marissa got from that conversation was that Chase was like Edward Cullen; many girls liked him but he never liked them back. And Kelly warned her not to misread Chase or think anything of his flirtatious behavior and not to get attached in any way more then just a friend……..
Things began to get weird though. Marissa kept seeing signs that Chase liked her. But she convinced herself that she was just self-obsessed and over-analyzing nothing. He’s just a flirt who likes to go on friend dates..........
Well now that Marissa did realize that Chase liked her, she was in a weird position. Who knows what Chase thought, but Marissa thought things were pretty awkward for the next week or two. They still hung out everyday but now Marissa was in unknown territory. Did she like him more then a friend? She was having to look at him completely differently to analyze this and switch mind gears. So Marissa did something she never does, she decided to give Chase a chance. Just see if she could like him; see what could happen. Who woulda thought? It started forming a pretty perfect relationship............
Well, on this particular Thursday, it was a special night for the park. That’s right ladies and gentlemen- the Medieval club was getting their fight on. Hilarious. Chase even got dared to go get one of the hard core, magical girl’s number. One thing Marissa likes about Chase is the way he, like her, barely ever backs down from a challenge. Marissa knows that Chase made that chic’s day; who wouldn’t wanna be hit on by Chase David Anderson? No one fits in that category ☺ Lucky girl..........
Well they get back to Marissa’s place and Chase was being a pain in the arse about the Utah game on TV. So Bec, Matt, Chase, and Marissa settle in to watch the Utes. They actually weren’t half bad, but in now way would Marissa say that aloud. Especially to Chase. She was a cougar through and through. When she was 40, she wanted to be known as a true cougar. Her veins run cougar blue. Well during the game, Chase decides he actually does have all his male gears and decides to go in for the kiss. He goes 90 of course (he has seen Hitch. Duh) and Marissa does decide to go 10. Oh CRAP! Marissa realized now that there first kiss was, in fact, during a Utah game. What? She was a traitor. This was a sign. NO way could Chase be meant for her. She didn’t want a Utah game stamped to her history. Ugh. This was a sign........
Anyways, so that night they were at Applebee’s for Becca’s birthday. It was Tuesday, aka KARAOKE night at Applebee’s. Marissa, Annie, Kelly, and Lauryn had a few tricks up their sleeves and signed them +Becca up for Karaoke. They sang “Crazy” by Britney Spears. They butchered it and it was embarrassing (in a good way.) Well then, Chase and Jordan decided to show them up. They serenaded her with the beautiful, even more butchered version of “Teardrops on my Guitar” by Taylor Swift. At one point, Jordan left Chase on the stage to struggle by himself. Jordan went to Becca’s side and bent down on his knee (oh wait he left the monitor with all the words on it, bahaha.) So us die-hard Taylor Swift fans decided to do what we could for her classic song and belted along with the boys. It was a great night. Good food. Hilarious karaoke. Good company. Good memories made.
After Applebee’s, Kelly, Lance, Chase, and Marissa were in Lance’s car when they decided to pull over and dance. Yes spontaneous activities are the best. They had a lil pow wow waiting for them to watch a movie back at their house but oh well. They danced. Danced in the parking lot to the car’s music. It was magical. Chase spun her, dipped her, moved her, kissed her. She’ll never forget those moments.......
Well around this time, Marissa’s dad, Rick, came in town for business in Park City and General Conference weekend. It was awesome. …. Well the Saturday of General Conference, they decided to go hiking. It was Kelly’s idea which is hilarious because she is just as much of a non-morning person as Marissa. Well the plan was 06:15 army time at the Stewart Fall trail. Well, of course they didn’t start hiking until around 08:00. It was a random group but so great. Rick, Taylor, Chase, Lance, and Kelly. The hike was beautiful with all the colors…. ..Rick loved Chase and totally encouraged Marissa to consider wait and hold on to Chase……..
Then they drove to Bluffdale to chill with Chase’s family, have heated discussions, and enjoy the company…….
…. There was a spat or two going on. Chase grabbed Marissa in his arms and gave her the most memorable memory.
Chase leaned against the counter, pulled her close, and locked eyes with her. He was so sincere when he told her, “Relationships are hard. They take a lot of work. I wanna be with you forever, Marissa. I’m never gonna give up on us and I’ll always be working on us. I love you and there will always be a we.”
Then she finally realized he was right. She let him hold her and she held him back with all her might. She would never let him go….. He is hers. She is his <3

i left out 20 pages but that's some of our story. let's all be on team chase :D

i cannot wait to go to laur's this weekend and party with nicholas, nicole, other pepes. i love family. friends. getting out of provo. cannot wait!!!!! pps. lauryn let's get stoked to re-inact and video our version of SYTYCD!!!!

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