Wednesday, November 18, 2009

skyping baby aubrey.

i cannot wait to meet my baby aubrey and when i say my i mean shelby and josh's baby. she is now over 2 months old and still yet to meet her favorite aunt. but that will all change in 3 weeks and 4 days. WOAH i didn't realize it was that soon. whoop whoop.
but until then i have been acquainting baby aubrey with my face, vivacious personality, and love. skype. the beautiful connection of life.
aubrey is beautiful. a perfect baby. i cannot wait to hold her and install my wisdom and maneurisms!! christmas is going to be a great time. the best christmas yet. the best christmas for the next couple years to come. i shall relish and enjoy every second.
i love family. the gospel. and births! aubrey's birth. jesus's birth!! all great celebrations. yay for the holidays. i cannot wait for my WHOLE family to be in utah for the christmas/ new years season. here is the family!!! raise ur glass of non-alcoholic drink and take a swig!!! the end.

look at her cute lil clothes. those pants <3 she's got a good mamma that cares for her!

aubrey <3

love the mother-daughter interaction here!!

her lil feet. love 'em

look at her. so curious and cute.

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