Tuesday, November 3, 2009

slept in late but still way too lazy to get out of bed

i added all those dang pics on the side of my blog info and now it just trips my mind out when i see them and then my post with all pics. so i'm writing a post here with no pics so maybe it will be less trippy. does that make sense? well i understand and its my blog- so thats all that matters.

let's see. what to write about.
oh yes i know

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE LINFORD CLARK. you are one of the most amazing people i have ever met. i am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as a roommate and best friend. you are beautiful. i am so proud of you and your exciting life. being friends with me, going on a mission, making hard choices, being happy during bad times, traveling the world, being the nicest person i could never be, having great people skills, being clever enough to get my jokes, always up for adventure, being great at the harp, snuggling firmly in my heart forever, etc.
have the most beautiful day ever my little princess buttercup <3

ok moving on.......
you know one thing i despise..... being put on hold and getting transferred and then 2 hours later. you're still at square one with no help or answers. ugh.

i really wanna type up a hilarious conversation me and chase had yesterday but i must go take kelly to class real quick. asta lavista.

ps i saw a really hilarious shirt the other day that i kinda want. it was a picture of jesus on the front and it said BRB under his picture. it sorta seems sacrilegious but i kinda thot it was clever and yet true. hahahaha.

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