Wednesday, December 16, 2009


months of waiting. months of being (im)patient. and FINALLY she is here. totally better then i ever imagined. pure climax! wonderful!!!!
woke up at 630. skooted off to the airport in giddiness and then waited at the bottom of the escalators in the delta terminal just waiting! pestering everyone that got off the escalator and had to awkwardly pass me! 'did you just get off the san jose flight?' and finally there they were! we made eye contact. aubrey reached for me. ok not really but she was still at the top of the escalator. then they had to take the elevator with all the baby stuff and stroller! i ran and stood uncomfortably close to the opening doors and was jumping up and down ready to bombard them! yay!!!
spent the next couple days up in liberty bonding with her and 3 feet of snow. it was super great and got to love the louds even more.

aubrey is the smiliest baby!!!!!!!

my first minute with the angel

my little aubritto

so much quality time together.

pretty pretty pretty aubs. perfection.

zupas. she's addicted already

AND ...

Chase got his endowments out on Saturday. I can seriously see a difference and I am SOOOO proud of him. I love you, baby. You are such an example to me. and soooo man pretty <3

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