Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is just what i needed <3

So Christmas time is definitely here. It finally snowed officially. Like six inches or so! i'm bad with measurements but in my mind that's what i see when i look out my window (which has terrible sealing edges and when its windy- blows right onto my face and gives me a cough by morning) bollucks. anyways.... christmas is definitely here. we have a beautiful "Y" topped Christmas tree outside our door. I thank thee, Kelly and Lance! And my store is OUT OF CONTROL but makes the shifts go by insanely fast and the music is so holly jolly.
What has made Christmas really nuzzle into my heart is the wonderful "FORGOTTEN CAROLS" play that I went to. Chase and his family go every year and this year they brought me :) it was absolutely amazing. So many tender moments in that play. personal moments. and then other moments i got to share with Chase. It's wonderful to have a shoulder (even if it means crying on it sometimes.) The soundtrack is amazing in the Forgotten Carols. I bought the CD and the whole cast signed it. TREASURE!!! Christ lives and he cares about each of us and can be a best friend to all who let him in <3 i'm on my own little friendship path and i'm getting there. slowly but surely :) somedays i go miles and others just the steps i can force. it's better to be a 1000 steps away from heaven and heading in that direction then 3 steps away from heaven headed the other direction :)

Another great even of this week. The Phil Vassar concert. Minus the Phil Vassar. Cuz i had a meeting i had to be at for work so me and Chase just went to the concert for 2 hours (as long as we could) and that meant we only got to see the 2 opening acts and left SECONDS before Phillie came on stage. but Bombshell and Bucky Cuvvington were so good. I'm googling/amazoning their cd prices as you read :) Ok well yes yes. As you can see i have a great boyfriend. schedule. and friends that feel like family.

AND i'm stoked for my family to get here. Then more integration and bonding and snuggling hearts will occur :)

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