Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Happy Cougar Thanksgiving!!!!

So surprise surprise. First thing is first!
For months I have been in heated discussions, angry spats, and uproaring arguments about the Ute rivalry with BYU. yah yah
"it's just a sport"
"we're all children of God"
"does it really matter to you personally?"
COME ON PEOPLE!!! WHERE IS UR LOYALTY? have you not been brainwashed since you were in diapers to fight for your school. GO COUGARS! Rise and shout the cougars are out and this season we're out and kickin the utes' butts. haha. ok so let's be honest. this is the ONLY game that really breaks my heart or makes me feel on cloud 9. (unless it's like an undefeated season) i always cheer for BYU and get emotionally involved with every game but THIS [utah] game is the game that decides whether or not i believe BYU had a good season or not. AND all of these discussions, spats, and arguments about the rivalry has been with my beloved Chase. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CHASE DAVID ANDERSON! i'll wear that cougar blue and everytime i see you or anyone in red- it will remind me of your defeat! ok now i might sound like an arrogant, self-righteous, blinded fan (well maybe i am) but i will say that utah didn't play their best and utah, in my opinion, is the better team with the better talent BUT i guess that just shows that BYU has more heart. hahahahah. ok well yes. now for the next year i will always have this bragging right and leverage with chase (and when he is on his mission- no matter what the factual outcome- i will tell him that the cougars won AGAIN!!!)

NOW for the other part of thanksgiving weekend :)

ps i'm not uploading pics cuz i'm running short on time and i can't find where i stored those dang pics. refer to facebook!!!

Chase, Taylor, and myself drove to Roosevelt (the area where my whole mother's side of the family originates from) right after i got out work on Thanksgiving Eve. Got there around 830 and played some games, laughed, made introductions. Bedtime!
The next day, parts of my "Ross" family, reserved the stake center gym for our huge feast. there were about 48 of us i believe.
We set up the chairs and tables and decorations. Then went home to do some more cooking, explore the land and ponds, and played some more games. Then it was time to get together and share all the glorious food!
I missed my other relatives but glad to meet and reconnect with the ones i could :) we played games, sports, and great activities. and ATE!!! gosh my family is good at cookin. YUM! and i'm so glad Chase could come and be integrated into my family. Family is the best! And Lauryn, Taylor, Chase, and me see each other daily anyways so we were all so comfortable and later i found out my grandma told my mom: Chase and Marissa acted like an old married couple how comfortable they were with each other. And Laur fits right in. He is a nice boy!!!
Yes yes, he is a nice boy. I am so lucky! My family loves him (check!) I love him (check!) He loves me (check!) We both love the Lord (check!) I love the way he makes me feel (check!) I love his family (check!) His family makes me feel so loved and welcome (check!) Can we say CHA-CHING!!! checks all around!!!!
ugh i just had to write my check rent :( good thing chase is sooooo good with money. between my parents and chase- i am educated and i have all the right money tools- i just need to apply them and not be a stinkin idiot. be more fruigle is KEY!!!
Sidetracked once again! Anyways..... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I have soooo much to be grateful for :) Soon it's going to be Christmas (i already feel it in the air) and that just re-iterates to me what is the MOST important thing i have to be grateful for!! The gospel and the Lord <3

And something i just HAVE to add..... hahah this sunday me and Taylor went up to Chase's parents' house to play risk and eat a delicious dinner.... well we realized Jessica had these dog collars that shock dogs when they bark. ENJOY!!! (if we're facebook friends u prolly already seen this but this needs to be everywhere!! all over the internet and imprinted into everyone's mind!) i'm in love with a dog!! my own jacob. and yet my edward at the same time! hahaha.

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