Monday, December 7, 2009

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause.....

well i'm Mommy in this situation and Chase is Santa Clause. The world is our mistletoe!!!!

So this week has actually been really rough. Just some struggles but yesterday- i do say was quite melodious. Just warmed my lil frown into a smile. Cuz that's what heat does (especially in the winter time!)

I went to temple square with my beautiful engaged roommate and her FIANCE!!! and my other beautiful pre-mi missionary roomate and her boyfriend. and Chase was my escort for the night (like every other night for the past 5 months )

Well I tried to call Tii but of course he was being a toosh and didn't answer his phone so looks like he didn't have to be the seventh wheel :) it was great though and FREEZING but great. Chase had to hold my bare (blue) toes between his werewolf hands the whole ride home and they had that aching feeling of when you jump into a cold pool and then into a hot tub. ouch. but i'm glad chase is always warm because i'm usually always cold. perfect.


So get ready for some adorable pics and some lovey dovey kissing ones too :)

the clan at temples square. love. christmas. all in the air!!!!

this has turned out to be a signature picture for us. yep that's me in a dress. classy :) and chase is a ute fan so u can expect him to be "classless" hahaha that just reminds me of the HEATED discussion we had about Max Hall the ride up to temple square. The BYU fans defending him (even if we didn't approve) til our faces turned blue. 5 against CHASE (the ute fan! psh)

yep. re-inactment!!!! typical high maintenance me!! good thing i have a couple years to make him realize he wants this ;) haha

my man is strong! and has his priorities straight. i'm a dang lucky chic! it's great not having to change someone :)

hahaha we found a heating vent. yep this is on temple square. my feet couldn't feel it cuz they were way past frozen but my legs warmed up and this pic is totally appropriate. my leggings are practically like pants. kelly is so posh. annie is marilyn monroe. and i'm an unaware child.

with just one kiss he lets me know
that there isn't anywhere he wouldn't go
but the best place for him isn't far and wide
it's always right by my side

brazil isn't so far <3

the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.

some say "if you ever need anything, i'll be there." i say "you'll never need anything because i'll be there."

if you're scared to look ahead and it hurts to look back. just look beside you and there i'll be.

PS I pick up Shelby, Josh, and AUBREY in less then a week!!!! I skyped her yesterday and it just made me that much more excited to see her!!!!! I will be holding Aubrey a week from today!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for those blog pics!

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Megan said...

haha the world is our mistletoe!!! cracking up. also : "typical high maintenance me!! good thing i have a couple years to make him realize he wants this" hahahha trust me he does. but hilarious thing to say. how do you come up with these things??? hey mar, i love you.