Thursday, January 28, 2010

oh heyyyyy

yeah so nothing to really report. let me just say a few words.

#1. service is the best. and it helps you wanna be more clean and organized and self-sufficient and grateful and all these other great qualities

#2. missionaries are the best. i can't wait for me and taylor to join e. anderson!

#3. i was at lehi high school and some silly kid thought that everyone in new mexico speaks spanish. ope- i thought i was bad at the united states' history and geography and some culture

#4. temple is awesome. mount timpinogas tonight baby!

#5. my new boyfriend (besides bryton ;)!!) is name golds. his last name is gym. he's hott. sweaty. makes me feel so great. and makes me feel great about my body but sometimes i get self conscious when i'm with him but thats how you know its real love. i also have been seeing him about 4-5 days a week. which i think is healthy cuz i don't wanna rush into anything or us to get irritated and bored of each other . especially since i'm still in love with chase and i'm so newly single. but yeah its new. so i'm hoping it lasts! and apparantely he will wait for me for free if i go on a mission. free 2 year freeze with the right paperwork.

#6. i love my loved ones :) and even those that don't love me!

#7. ok this is getting a little ridiculous. i better be productive.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

a pic with every thought :) ps my dad is 50 and my mom ain't far behind. HAPPY BDAY WEEK, DAD!!!

SO i realize its 1 am and i didn't take taylor home cuz i was sleepy and fell asleep. ope i'm a bad sister :(

ok so had a GREAT weekend. productive. the whole no hw on sunday thing is working out. its obnoxious but i hope to get a testimony on that. maybe not the best attitude. im just trying to be funny for my blog but i really can feel it helping.

Oqquihr (apparantely its not spelled Okre. idk if oqquihr is even right. its some indian [oh excuse me. native american] spelling type of thinga majig) Mountain temple is beautiful and was AMAZING!

i got a letter from chase today :) his pday was yesterday (friday) and the reliable postal service got it to me today. wowee. love you mr. postman. i got 16 pics with detailed captions, a postcard, a weekly brazilian mtc schedule, and a great letter. the most hilarious part was as i was reading i was like wow i feel like i can smell chase and just as i was about to ask lance (kelly's fiance) if he was wearing this special curve/axe mix i sniffed the letter closely. yes siree ladies and gentleman. my man sprayed his letter. and when i say sprayed i mean DOUSED it with his scent. yum yum.
(p.s. remember when he was a skinhead. hahaha. )

hahahaha. he is doing so great and flourishing. so i know this is MY blog but all i do is vent about him. bahah well c'est la vie. speaking of french, great to see jessica. gosh we laugh continuously. fantastic.

oh p.s. this is to CHAD so in his letter there was this brown smudge with tape over it in the letter and i'm like what the? then the caption says "I had to use what I have to kiss this with, so I rubbed chocolate on my lips. I love you." BAHAHAHAHAHA do u realize what this means chad? opeartion chase kissing you thinking its me was a success. and his chocalate lip print is hilarious. i'll bring it up on monday when i come watch the bachelor with kina. hahahaha what a nerd.

gosh chase is so perfect and hilarious. my two favorite qualities in a man!

ok so tomorrow is gonna be a BIG day. i'm anticipating it HUGELY (not a proper sentence.) Hopefully i'll have a great blog after tomorrow. I know this all sounds vague but patience, grasshopper. Everything will reveal itself with time.

Alrightie. well i really had better get to bed. I am quite exhausted.

P.S. have fun kelly waking up before the sun to shovel snow for work. i'm proud of you, my lil hard worker :)
I also wanna give a shout out to my younger brothers. You're never mentioned on here but that doesn't mean i don't think you're the most incredible ppl. i just respect you SO much i don't wanna overuse your names and tell your stories without your permission. have fun being under mom and dad's thumb under their roof going to school without a license. ok cool :) i miss you, stud muffins. LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

perfect simple kind of lovin

gosh nothing like being busy. waking up at 630 everyday and going to bed at 1130 every night. and NO times for a nap. i feel so productive (not as time Nazi-iesh as the mtc is but i still feel crazy productive)
ope Lauryn is coming to pick me up in 13 minutes. this will have to be a short blog.

so last night. me and laur had a short personal training session at gold's. oh my word that was hilarious. "You have a girlfriend? Then why have you been flirting this whole time with us??" "Flirting helps me sell." hahaha little glimpse of how ridiculous the situation was. I love provoking awkwardness. The full dialogue is funnier and way longer. So anyways- after that we did the elliptical for 30 minutes and then the ab-work out class. OH MY WORD. i thot i was all hott stuff- um YIKES i feel my non-existent sick pack mocking me today. now we're going back for a second personal training session. we'll see if i survive.

oh p.s. MAKE SURE you check out the most amazing missionary that has my heart in his holy hands!!!

yeah. also can you send mountain dew to the mtc? its a common controversial question. wow life in Utah is heated and exciting.

9 minutes left! what else shall i ramble about?? ope so i heard that chase might have to go state side for a little bit if his visa doesn't come through. and Louisville is an option. i remember those Brazilian missionaries working hard and waiting. but i will inflict PAIN on myself if he goes there. that would just be sooooo weird to me. oh hey new albany stake wazzzzzup?!! i'd be so tempted to visit me "alma mater" because i've been so anxious up to this point to visit. hahaha. everyone would see right through me. there are plenty of other places they'd place him but i don't think it's up to him. he should tell them it'd be a conflict of interest to go to Louisville (isn't that some legal lawyer/jury issue) oh well i'm sure it can be applied to the mission field.

so some pics that make my heart FEEL!!!! i love being soft-hearted and loving and safe with my strong coeur!!!

officially set apart. i can feel, see, love the difference already!!

his farewell. he did SUCH a good job. i'm so proud of you, elder chaser d. anderson!!!


the MTC.

BIG day :) GREAT day!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

4:35 is my FAVORITE part of the day :)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!! i got my first letter via postal service from the Missionary Training Center!! It was amazing. He is so focused and already having great spiritual experiences. I'm already in the process of replying. Are you surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. I love to write. I love missionaries. I'm in love with Chase. I love Chase. I love mail. So it's a perfect fit :)

Item #2. Oh my gym membership. Yep within 24 hours of Chase leaving I got a Gold's Gym Memberhsip ( a little advertisement for ya, Gold's!) and it's been glorious. Gone everyday. Lauryn has given me a great swimming work out. I knew how to swim but just simple instructions on how to make it into a form of excercising. We (lauryn and I got our gym memberhsips together) have taken it pretty slow in working out because we're getting a 'personal trainer' (for free with our sign up) on tuesday evening and we don't wanna be too sore when we're evaluated and pushed to our limits. haha we are cowards. fabulous.

So Saturday was a great day. I needed it :) I woke up and went to Gold's to swim. Then went wedding dress shopping and got my bridesmaid dress 100% together (still need the shoes)
Kelly bought her wedding dress. Laur, Annie, and I accompanied her through her hunt. we were good at telling her how hott and awesome she looked. p.s. wedding dresses are HEAVY!!! it was best when we were in the store that had attendants that catered to your every desire and helped you with every issue.
Her dress she picked is gorgeous and she has loved it since she first saw it a couple months ago. I'm so happy for her. she looked like one hott mamma. skinny!!! and gorgeous!!!!
and then I went to work (it was a pretty good shift) and right before work I was walking out to my car and saw Mr. Postman and ran and stood there and I said "Anything for 775 N?" and he said "yeah what's your name?" and i said "Marissa." He handed me my friend Allison's wedding invitation (which is gorgeous) but then he handed me THE LETTER!!!!!!! AMAZING. already been read a bazillion times.
Anyways and then I got home from work. Taylor came over (he has been so comforting) and I made Spongebob Mac-n-cheese which is DELICIOUS and then Taylor practiced his talk (that he gave in sacrament today- it was so great. i was proud of him. good work tii. your ward was attentive too) and then we watched 500 days of summer.
oh it was a good day. i wasn't stressed and yet i wasn't sulking. whoop whoop.

Now i'm going up to Bluffdale to have dinner with the Anderson's. They are super awesome. I look forward to the Bachelor this week. Oh goodie!!! It's my pathetic entertainment.

and p.s. saturday is chase's p-day so i know mid-week i'll be cheered up again. i'm so proud of him! and i made leaps today with my own personal meetings. I'll be going to the okre mountain temple this week- that's what i'm MOST happy about!!!

And a three day weekend. oh my word this smile on my face is hurting my cheeks!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Chase (Elder Anderson)

So I have so much to say about Christmas but honestly I HAVE to live in the present for now. It's holding me together for the moment. I am soooooo proud of my Chase. He is now Elder Anderson and in the provo MTC til his visa comes through. Hopefully he'll get to spend some time in the Brazil MTC. He is the most amazing man to me and I am so grateful for him. He was so strong and prepared. He looked amazing and I had the most incredible, spiritual week with him. Seeing him get set apart was one of the most spiritual moments I could have ever prayed for. God answers prayers and cares about each of us. My heart i so full and feeling mixed emotions. I love him and his service as a full-time missionary.
So on that note. you might notice that i have changed my first song that accompanies my blog. why you ask? because (1) chase loves this song even tho its a little bizarre (2) i am singing this NEW version (look below) for Chase in a tape I'm going to send him later. It's a surprise so "shhhh" don't tell.

Oh before I do that let me share a few pics ;)

hahahahaha i LOVE Lauryn!!!!!!!!!! told you i'd pay tribute to you. you're a good blog follower. and faithful. thank you my cousin! i look fwd to our semester together. the tears will stop eventually ;) you are amazing.


WE love you sooo much (more pics coming from Ciara's camera) thanks Kina for these pics. I was so happy to see them so quickly.

I long for you. But I know you're exactly where you are supposed to be. You can trust me to keep trekking on :)

P.S. coincidently my bridesmaid dress came in the mail yesterday and that was a nice ray of sun to my day :) cannot wait for kelly and lance's wedding. i'm so happy for you kelly

and i just wanna thank all of you that have been so caring and gone out of your way to call or text or message me and care for me. I appreciate it so much. I was expecting my phone to be so inactive once Chase left (cuz i text him every two minutes) but it wasn't. Not that i care that much about my phone but it was still nice. I love you all :)
Enjoy my song lyrics. I made it quickly so it's a first draft. I'll have a couple weeks to revise and fix it.

Dear Chase,
Do you remember when you were pre-mi and very handsome? I do, I remember Utah shirts, duct taped white tennis shoes. Do you remember dancing that night? I do, I still think of you when I karaoke, although I didn’t sing as good as you back then.

Do you remember when
How long has it been?
2010 you opened their Brazilian eyes
TO see the way to life

Do you remember when
They told you this that night
That if you’re on His side,
When everyday begins
You’ll read the scriptures again
You made a promise when
You were set apart that night

I’ll be fine
Cause when I pray, then I pray hard for you
It’s alright, I’ll be ifne
Cause when I pray, then I pray hard for you
Praying hard, praying hard

Do you remember the times, you would never give up on your investigators and they’d listen, then they were finally baptized in 2011. You walked on your two feet all over Belo Horizonte. Do you remember? I do

Life has led you here
On the path all these years
This temple that they’ve made
Holds twenty-thousand names

And lives we’ve saved
Since life has led you here

I’ll be fine
Cause when I pray, then I pray hard for you
It’s alright, I’ll be fine
Cause when I pray, then I pray hard for you
Praying hard, praying hard

Coming home to Him
Slipping off our shoes
Kneeling at His chair
He’ll see us kneeling there
The sins won’t be there

We’re coming home to Him
When we pray tonight, let’s close our eyes
We know His son did rise
Giving us a new life
As long as your still mine, it’s more then alright

I’ll be fine
Cause when I pray, then I pray hard for you
It’s alright, I’ll be fine
Cause when I pray, then I pray hard for you
Praying hard, praying hard

You get to remove your badge now but you’re a beautiful man and the years have been good to both of us. We run fast now, but we still have each other. The glue of loves is still bonding us together. Love is what I remember. Do you remember?

I am a lucky girl. 2 years will zip by :)