Sunday, January 17, 2010

4:35 is my FAVORITE part of the day :)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!! i got my first letter via postal service from the Missionary Training Center!! It was amazing. He is so focused and already having great spiritual experiences. I'm already in the process of replying. Are you surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. I love to write. I love missionaries. I'm in love with Chase. I love Chase. I love mail. So it's a perfect fit :)

Item #2. Oh my gym membership. Yep within 24 hours of Chase leaving I got a Gold's Gym Memberhsip ( a little advertisement for ya, Gold's!) and it's been glorious. Gone everyday. Lauryn has given me a great swimming work out. I knew how to swim but just simple instructions on how to make it into a form of excercising. We (lauryn and I got our gym memberhsips together) have taken it pretty slow in working out because we're getting a 'personal trainer' (for free with our sign up) on tuesday evening and we don't wanna be too sore when we're evaluated and pushed to our limits. haha we are cowards. fabulous.

So Saturday was a great day. I needed it :) I woke up and went to Gold's to swim. Then went wedding dress shopping and got my bridesmaid dress 100% together (still need the shoes)
Kelly bought her wedding dress. Laur, Annie, and I accompanied her through her hunt. we were good at telling her how hott and awesome she looked. p.s. wedding dresses are HEAVY!!! it was best when we were in the store that had attendants that catered to your every desire and helped you with every issue.
Her dress she picked is gorgeous and she has loved it since she first saw it a couple months ago. I'm so happy for her. she looked like one hott mamma. skinny!!! and gorgeous!!!!
and then I went to work (it was a pretty good shift) and right before work I was walking out to my car and saw Mr. Postman and ran and stood there and I said "Anything for 775 N?" and he said "yeah what's your name?" and i said "Marissa." He handed me my friend Allison's wedding invitation (which is gorgeous) but then he handed me THE LETTER!!!!!!! AMAZING. already been read a bazillion times.
Anyways and then I got home from work. Taylor came over (he has been so comforting) and I made Spongebob Mac-n-cheese which is DELICIOUS and then Taylor practiced his talk (that he gave in sacrament today- it was so great. i was proud of him. good work tii. your ward was attentive too) and then we watched 500 days of summer.
oh it was a good day. i wasn't stressed and yet i wasn't sulking. whoop whoop.

Now i'm going up to Bluffdale to have dinner with the Anderson's. They are super awesome. I look forward to the Bachelor this week. Oh goodie!!! It's my pathetic entertainment.

and p.s. saturday is chase's p-day so i know mid-week i'll be cheered up again. i'm so proud of him! and i made leaps today with my own personal meetings. I'll be going to the okre mountain temple this week- that's what i'm MOST happy about!!!

And a three day weekend. oh my word this smile on my face is hurting my cheeks!!


Claire said...

Isn't the Bachelor RIDICULOUS this season? Love it. :)

Taylor S said...

wait are your cheeks "hurting"?