Thursday, January 28, 2010

oh heyyyyy

yeah so nothing to really report. let me just say a few words.

#1. service is the best. and it helps you wanna be more clean and organized and self-sufficient and grateful and all these other great qualities

#2. missionaries are the best. i can't wait for me and taylor to join e. anderson!

#3. i was at lehi high school and some silly kid thought that everyone in new mexico speaks spanish. ope- i thought i was bad at the united states' history and geography and some culture

#4. temple is awesome. mount timpinogas tonight baby!

#5. my new boyfriend (besides bryton ;)!!) is name golds. his last name is gym. he's hott. sweaty. makes me feel so great. and makes me feel great about my body but sometimes i get self conscious when i'm with him but thats how you know its real love. i also have been seeing him about 4-5 days a week. which i think is healthy cuz i don't wanna rush into anything or us to get irritated and bored of each other . especially since i'm still in love with chase and i'm so newly single. but yeah its new. so i'm hoping it lasts! and apparantely he will wait for me for free if i go on a mission. free 2 year freeze with the right paperwork.

#6. i love my loved ones :) and even those that don't love me!

#7. ok this is getting a little ridiculous. i better be productive.

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Megan said...

haha. i love you for so many reasons... i wish i loved the gym enough to cheat on my husband with him... i only flirt with him... i bet matt would love it if i was a cheater.