Wednesday, January 20, 2010

perfect simple kind of lovin

gosh nothing like being busy. waking up at 630 everyday and going to bed at 1130 every night. and NO times for a nap. i feel so productive (not as time Nazi-iesh as the mtc is but i still feel crazy productive)
ope Lauryn is coming to pick me up in 13 minutes. this will have to be a short blog.

so last night. me and laur had a short personal training session at gold's. oh my word that was hilarious. "You have a girlfriend? Then why have you been flirting this whole time with us??" "Flirting helps me sell." hahaha little glimpse of how ridiculous the situation was. I love provoking awkwardness. The full dialogue is funnier and way longer. So anyways- after that we did the elliptical for 30 minutes and then the ab-work out class. OH MY WORD. i thot i was all hott stuff- um YIKES i feel my non-existent sick pack mocking me today. now we're going back for a second personal training session. we'll see if i survive.

oh p.s. MAKE SURE you check out the most amazing missionary that has my heart in his holy hands!!!

yeah. also can you send mountain dew to the mtc? its a common controversial question. wow life in Utah is heated and exciting.

9 minutes left! what else shall i ramble about?? ope so i heard that chase might have to go state side for a little bit if his visa doesn't come through. and Louisville is an option. i remember those Brazilian missionaries working hard and waiting. but i will inflict PAIN on myself if he goes there. that would just be sooooo weird to me. oh hey new albany stake wazzzzzup?!! i'd be so tempted to visit me "alma mater" because i've been so anxious up to this point to visit. hahaha. everyone would see right through me. there are plenty of other places they'd place him but i don't think it's up to him. he should tell them it'd be a conflict of interest to go to Louisville (isn't that some legal lawyer/jury issue) oh well i'm sure it can be applied to the mission field.

so some pics that make my heart FEEL!!!! i love being soft-hearted and loving and safe with my strong coeur!!!

officially set apart. i can feel, see, love the difference already!!

his farewell. he did SUCH a good job. i'm so proud of you, elder chaser d. anderson!!!


the MTC.

BIG day :) GREAT day!

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Taylor S said...

great post for your 13 minutes you had. seems like it took longer than that? and also great background. looks fantastic!