Sunday, January 24, 2010

a pic with every thought :) ps my dad is 50 and my mom ain't far behind. HAPPY BDAY WEEK, DAD!!!

SO i realize its 1 am and i didn't take taylor home cuz i was sleepy and fell asleep. ope i'm a bad sister :(

ok so had a GREAT weekend. productive. the whole no hw on sunday thing is working out. its obnoxious but i hope to get a testimony on that. maybe not the best attitude. im just trying to be funny for my blog but i really can feel it helping.

Oqquihr (apparantely its not spelled Okre. idk if oqquihr is even right. its some indian [oh excuse me. native american] spelling type of thinga majig) Mountain temple is beautiful and was AMAZING!

i got a letter from chase today :) his pday was yesterday (friday) and the reliable postal service got it to me today. wowee. love you mr. postman. i got 16 pics with detailed captions, a postcard, a weekly brazilian mtc schedule, and a great letter. the most hilarious part was as i was reading i was like wow i feel like i can smell chase and just as i was about to ask lance (kelly's fiance) if he was wearing this special curve/axe mix i sniffed the letter closely. yes siree ladies and gentleman. my man sprayed his letter. and when i say sprayed i mean DOUSED it with his scent. yum yum.
(p.s. remember when he was a skinhead. hahaha. )

hahahaha. he is doing so great and flourishing. so i know this is MY blog but all i do is vent about him. bahah well c'est la vie. speaking of french, great to see jessica. gosh we laugh continuously. fantastic.

oh p.s. this is to CHAD so in his letter there was this brown smudge with tape over it in the letter and i'm like what the? then the caption says "I had to use what I have to kiss this with, so I rubbed chocolate on my lips. I love you." BAHAHAHAHAHA do u realize what this means chad? opeartion chase kissing you thinking its me was a success. and his chocalate lip print is hilarious. i'll bring it up on monday when i come watch the bachelor with kina. hahahaha what a nerd.

gosh chase is so perfect and hilarious. my two favorite qualities in a man!

ok so tomorrow is gonna be a BIG day. i'm anticipating it HUGELY (not a proper sentence.) Hopefully i'll have a great blog after tomorrow. I know this all sounds vague but patience, grasshopper. Everything will reveal itself with time.

Alrightie. well i really had better get to bed. I am quite exhausted.

P.S. have fun kelly waking up before the sun to shovel snow for work. i'm proud of you, my lil hard worker :)
I also wanna give a shout out to my younger brothers. You're never mentioned on here but that doesn't mean i don't think you're the most incredible ppl. i just respect you SO much i don't wanna overuse your names and tell your stories without your permission. have fun being under mom and dad's thumb under their roof going to school without a license. ok cool :) i miss you, stud muffins. LOVE YOU!!!


Taylor S said...

great post. like the "blog" pic of you and chase reading the scriptures. harley davidson, have a good sunday? thank you for mentioning me. no pic of me? what the?! how was the bach tonight?


~Genevieve said...

haha you crack me up!