Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Amore! Like a big pizza pie!!

so some of the highlights from my week :)

I had Café Rio with Garrett. Delicious food. I have missed my brother :) I cannot wait to hang out with him, Kristi, Brodi, Elsee, Tay this Saturday after work! i love my family.

I watched Bachelor, Women Tell All at Kina's with Chad (he was happy to be there), Julie, Ciara, Kina, Chloe, Charlotte! I cannot wait for the finale! My bet is on Vienna. P.s. the freekin magazines in the check out aisles are pissing me off. urgh.

AND..... i am officially going to visit Shelby, Josh, and Aubs :) :) :) :) March 10 to the 15th! whoop whoop whoop. i cannot wait. looking at the Loud's blog and videos and pics and everything. eeeeeeeek (that's and exctited eek)
its a much needed break. It will be so nice :) and i'll have a letter from chase to look forward to when i get back. sigh :)

I went to the Andersons to spend some quality time with Grandma Hanks and to prepare a hilarious "pizza" for Chase. please admire.

crust: rice crispee treat
sauce: chocolate
cheese: melted marshmallows
pepproni: fruit by the foot
tomatoes and green peppers and pineapples: sweet sugared gummies
sausage: milk duds
i love you's: peeps

now those things individually are delicoius (he'll prolly pick at it and eat it that way) but if you actually made slices and tried to eat it as a slice. that'd be interesting. i know he'll love it (it was delivered today) but still- his comments will be interesting.

I wrote this for Grandma Hanks. She is an AMAZING woman. I love her and feel like she is family. completely.

Grandma Hanks

your sweet spirit is a treasure to know
your hilarious perspective and opinion, you always show
you haven't lost your fire
and that is something i dang do admire
i love your songs, your cackle, and feisty retorts
let's jump on a plane and for the rest of our lives, just bask on tropical resorts

you're such a babe and i look up to you
you are so youthful and with you, i'm never blue
you make me laugh and make me feel like a million bucks
you have such style and you're always getting dolled up- you would look good with chase next to you in a tux

and through your life and love, you've given me another family that i admire
thank you for raising them right, and giving me a handsome squire
you are a beauty on the inside and out
i feel your love as i travel throughout my route

i feel like we will be together and i'll be your other grand daughter :)
but ciara will always be hotter
no matter what happens- i'm blessed to feel your love and be around your bright soul
so let me just finish with a song. here i go:
I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that means?
she got her own walker, she got her own dentures.
work hard, big drawers, you a bad broad :)
I love you, Grandma Hanks

I went to the temple with two of my favorite people, Kelly and Taylor <3

My blog has been quite serious most of this week. Well it has been a very serious week.

Some good news: 97% on my ScEd final. 93% on my religion "midterm- not really". 82% (which is a miracle) on my business finance class.
I have a lot to be grateful for.

Some other facts. Laughed and gossiped hard at the bachelor. Cried during One Tree Hill. Learned and laughed at Teen Mom. Finished my BoM testimony collection. And compared bodies with Kelly's. And made Kelly's bridal picture bouquet today- i'm going with her to take her bridal pics tomorrow. Genevieve is taking them. It's going to be awesome. Then going to work. Then having a much needed girl session with some of my beloved co-workers after work tomorrow!

Have a good weekend. I plan on it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Shoulders are Sore

my shoulders/upperback/shoulder blades are always sore. but that's not what i really mean. it's supposed to be a pun. or maybe a figurative phrase. well wtv it is called. this is what i mean!


Just a small insight. A LOT has been going on this week. Some big news (some horrific, some overwhelming, some happy, some time-consuming, etc) So of course I became overwhelmed and a little stressed. Well I was talking to my amazing father yesterday on the phone (he is in Canada. He doesn抰 travel half as much as he used to when I was living at home growing up, but dang. I never know where he is  he is such a hard worker.) Anyways. He was telling me that 揗arissa, you just need to cast it to the Lord. He will lift your burdens.?

Now I抦 sure I抳e heard something like this before but for some reason this gave me new insight. If you try to carry everything yourself, you are wasting your efforts. Somebody already has taken on that role to carry everyone抯 burdens. Christ took upon the sins and troubles of the world for our sake and for every soul抯 sake. We don抰 need to feel like we have to bear the weight of ever single person抯 life. We can barely take on our own.

God is obviously challenging us and pushing us to grow; so our own lives can be all we can handle with the Lord抯 help at times. God told us that he will never give us more then we can handle; well with Christ, this is obviously true. Because with Christ as our partner and Savior, he takes on our burdens and joys. Therefore, as we trust and lean on the Lord, half (and even more) of our worries and weights will be healed and shared. Christ took upon the feelings, sins, experiences, and choices of each soul; so now, we shouldn抰 feel like we have to carry heavy burdens and have tired shoulders (for our loved ones, our neighbors, and even ourselves sometimes.)

This isn抰 to say that the Lord doesn抰 want us to be charitable and giving. We should serve others; help lighten one another抯 burden and be super caring. I love being the answer to people抯 prayers. I love when the Lord uses me as his mouthpiece and when I can change people抯 lives. I have had so many experiences of this throughout my life; I literally could not count them all because there are too many to remember.

The Lord is merciful and our partner. When you put him first and he is your strongest relationship, then all other relationships and problems can work out. He is our Savior and our ally. I love this gospel and the plan of salvation. I know that He lives and loves us and atoned for our every care. This gospel is a beautiful thing. It has given me everything I treasure. My Savior, my family, my Chase, my best friends, my education, my every blessing, and my every breath.

<3 <3 <3

as i was doing my hw, my ipod was on shuffle. woah look at these lyrics. coincidence that it played this? i think not :) ok maybe but a dang awesome ca winka dink :)

Cast your burden on the Lord
and he will make it light
Come unto him, ye heavy laden
Find your rest in Christ
Bring him your sorrows, all your grief
Lay every weakness at his feet
He will sustain you, give you peace
And lead you into life

Cast your burden on the Lord
and he will heal your soul
Place on his altar all your sin
and he will bear its toll
Bring him your blindness born of pride
Give him your broken heart to bind
It was for this he bled and died:
That he might make you whole

Cast your burden on the Lord
and he will carry you home
He will attend you and defend
through perils yet unknown
Put your unwavering trust in him
Christ, your constant heavenly friend
Hath graven you in the palms of his hands
And ne'er forsakes his own

<3 <3 <3 <3

woah i copy and pasted from word and all the conjuctives became chinese symbols. i kinda like it. so you can understand what it's supposed to say and i couldn't add chinese symbols if i tried! xie xie my weird mac :) ok well yep. another post soon! gotta get these pics of my bro's camera first before my next post. asta lavista. au revoir. tchao. bye. peace out. sign language (wave!)

Monday, February 22, 2010


So I heard an amazing analogy this week from my beloved.
I was prolly be a little too whiney about how bugged i get with the past skeletons just always dancing in my closet. Like give it a rest already. Get six feet under, would ya?
So I have never been closer to someone than I am with Chase- and he is even on a mission. So that limits are topics and convos- basically it says a lot. Well he AlWAYS gives me the best advice at the best time.
He told me that I should be like a frog. Frogs never jump backwards. They are always jumping forward. Its a simple thing but i realize- you are so right :) so i'm a frog now and i like it that way.

Chase was made Zone Leader and tons of his friends received their visas last week. He could leave this week. AHH i could get to talk to him. I'm wigging out about hearing his voice at the airport but I am also so stoked. I'm so anxious (in a good way) for him to get to Brazil. It's like full-throttle ahead! I will update my blog about him. That makes sense.

So this weekend- this Saturday night was the first Saturday night since Chase has been gone that I haven't worked the evening shift. haha. it was kinda hard- i was stoked for it but then i was at home. and i had like 10 different options to go out and party and stuff but I decided to get my homework done and do some other necessities. Bahaha. Not the best idea i've had but at least I'm less stressed now. Jessica (my Parisien roommate) ok she is a sweetheart. like seriously. just her texting me helped me snap out of my small funk. i love her. i think i will go do her some random charity work. maybe bake her something. or show up with a ribbon and bow on my head and be her gift. hmm. she might read this blog. well that'll be nice.

Last night i went to dinner with my friend Mitch and met his girlfriend, Kayla. I thought it was going to be awkard being the third wheel and i wasn't even sure why i was invited but it was soooooo nice. She was such a sweetheart and funny and mature. Mitch found himself a winner :) and we had delicious crepes. She lived in France for a few years growing up so that was fun to talk about for like five seconds before i averted the conversation because i didn't wanna butcher French in front of her. Haha. Ope why would i not take every opportunity to speak French when I'm a French ScEd major? I'm a toole ;)

Well the "Women Tell All" episode of the bachelor is on tonight. That oughta be good. Let's have a little fun with my blog. hope you are familiar with the bachelor. Ready go :)

Gia: this is my friend Andrea. Why? Well even though she is BEAUTIFUL- you wouldn't expect her to be so nice. But she is soooo nice. She is the peacemaker and has a real history with a real life. She is very beautiful on the inside and out :)

Vienna: this is my friend Caitlin. Ok lets be honest. this is NOBODY! but hahahaha i had to pick somebody. the ONLY reason this is Caitlin is because apparently Vienna posed topless for some calendars and my friend Caitlin poses in bikinis for the BYU art, drawing classes. hahahaha. and Vienna has naturally big boobs and so does Caitlin. but really everything else is an oxymoron of Caitlin. Bahahaha. Oh please don't hate me, Caitlin.

This is Tenley. Aka Lauryn. Bahahahahaha. As you can see Tenley is TINY but ripped. Hence lauryn. And she is the sweetest thing and everyone loves her. So that's why i dubbed her Lauryn. Take the compliment!!! you know how i love tenley (not for jake cuz jake is boring but yeah) well i guess its between tenley and vienna. its a tough call. anyways. i would want you, lauryn, to win (just for the sake of winning. not winning jake necessarily but just to beat vienna) hahaha.

This is Elizabeth (aka Jessica) hahah. why? becuase i always thot they looked alike. and Jessica is such a little riskay mouth but soooo stingey with her kisses. Hence elizabeth. and elizabeth always made me laugh and jessica is a hoot too!!! and they're both hotties with sexy bodies!

This is Rozlyn. aka Kelly :) She has pretty long blonde hair. Isn't afraid to be a little sneaky and she really does react well to situations. I'd fly off the handle or get defensive, but Kelly- no she would just take it, roll her eyes in her head, and then brush you off her shoulder. And Kelly has mad game- she is now engaged and i'm so happy for her but once upon a time, she was the queen of balancing guys and keeping all of them in the dark. well sooner or later- that must come to an end. either Chris outs you or you finally settle down and actually marry the bachelor (aka Lance. bahaha but i'm not saying lance is anything like jake) ok i'm just going to stop while i'm ahead.

This is Ali. aka Becca. She always has guys chasing her and she is loveable. Many people love Ali. and let's be honest. Becca is the most (out of my roommie friends) that is closest to actually graduating and moving forward in the workplace. So they both got that as their goals- work. Except Becca is engaged and not as outspoken so two things Becca has that Ali doesn't. And becca has nicer hair.

This is Ella. the motherly sweetheart. aka megan. everyone loves her. she is a mediator. she is sweet. she motivates others and lifts people up. she is also one hott mamma. and megan is prolly the closest of all my friends to being pregger. so yah. and everyone loves ella.

This is Michelle. AKA ME! i'm a little crazy and obsessive but i really do love hard. i like to think my arms are that ripped. also, many people think i'm pretty but once they get to know me they realize i need a psychiatrist. but i have hope for michelle one day- she will find her chase and it will be awesome. hahaha.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i write too much. the amount i write for myself. on the public internet. my private notes to chase. but it's hard. because if i LIVE more then i have MORE to write about. so it's a cycle. i live more- run out of time more. and the more i write- the deeper i'm thinking and then MORE thoughts come to me and it's just a snowball!! so i'm living more condensely but my time withers away because I can only type so fast. Does that make any sense?

Anyways. (yes i know there is no "s" but it's a habit.)
i.e. "flick" someone off.
she made him jealous "to spite" him or "despite" him
we averted that. good thing we had our "scape-go"
etc. you see the errors.

Ok so I decided to blog today about YOGA.
i used to Yoga a lot in Texas when I was being a pre-school teacher full-time and just really doing a lot of soul searching. It was quite relaxing. I loved going to the YMCA and just unwinding and finding answers. Well now that I'm at Gold's, they have awesome classes too. I haven't taken advantage of every single one of them YET but last night me and Annie ran a couple miles (we needed some MUCH catching up time!) and then we did the hour yoga class after. It was divine.

I am often a tense person. maybe not to the naked eye- but under all my layers and in my over analytical head- i often am a HUGE worry wart (that's kinda a gross phrase)
When i was in elementary school in League City, Texas, my siblings would abuse their authorativie status. We would always go to our Elementary school (aka our backyard) and catch frogs and toads under the huge Houston-like drain pipes and flooding systems. Well who did Shelby and Garrett ALWAYS make catch the frogs? actually touch them? oh yeah that was me. i had the most massive wart on the back of my hand -right square in the middle of my hand. NICE!
another time Garrett and our friend Tyler tickled me til I peed my pants. Did i mention I was a sophomore? in high school. when i am squealing about my bodily functions- you cannot take that lightly. Ha- they deserved to get peed on. My poor mom's new carpet- we just moved into that house. Haha i cleaned it and nobody needed to fret. Ok why is my middle name TMI?! bahahah.

ANYWAYS. i got side tracked again. the whole point of this blog was to talk about Yoga.
Yeah oh boy it was great. I literally felt like a hippie (kelly always accuses me of being a hippie since i love peace signs. but i'm not pro-Obama. or obsessed with the environment. or into free love - UNLESS ur married!!!) anyways. i was all aware of my inner energy and bodily light. it was nice.
except i am sore today. which is sooooo weird cuz i felt so relaxed and stretched yesterday. ope wait- now my muscles are all tense and a titch sore. oh bollucks. but it's still a good kind of sore :)
warrior 1, warrior 2, downward dog, upward dog, chatarunga, tree, planks, shoulderstand, cow face, lotus, etc. oh wonderful

and then after all the meditation and poses- you say namaste. which means like my inner light thanks your inner light. and then you do some prayerful bow thing. it made me think of doing the catholic crucifix over your chest. i don't know why. bahaha. my parents are proud when they see me sneakily doing that before a family prayer. haha caleb copies me. anyways- i will become more appropriate as i mature :)

alright. gotta rush to class! asta lavista schwarzenegro!!

p.s. obsessed with Sally DeFord! look her up!
write thy name upon my heart.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy HAPPY Valentines day :)

So my valentines day :) wonderful!!!

i thought i'd have more time to record all this but i don't and i just wanna get it out there. so here is the copy-pasted paragraph i sent to chase about my vday weekend. but my blog is special becuase i'll add pics and a beautiful video :)

friday night: i went to work. watched some tv. went to bed.

saturday: bridal fair with kelly and lance (it was super hard but fun at the same time) -becca and christine were there too- went shopping at mall with kelly and lance. did some homework. went to annie's harp recital. went to work. went to valentine's day (movie) at the district with lauryn, nick, taylor, nicole. slept over in So Jo with taylor and lauryn and nick. love my cousins and bro!

sunday: church with lauryn. dinner at lauryn's in So Jo. came home. saw my flowers!!!!!! laundry. sabbath studying. now watching the office. it was a GREAT day and weekend. the spirit was really strong at church too and just in general. i'm excited to keep growing and being happy. and i'm stoked to go to the temple this week.

ok so everything was soooooooooo wonderful and i felt sooo much love. thank you to EVERYONE who made me smile! and now i just got off work and cleaned my room. i'm going to"dear john" (AGAIN!!!) matinée with lauryn up at the district. then bachelor time at kina's. whoop whoop!!!! i am such a blessed daughter of god and have the most amazing support system, friends, and family. i hope i am that support for people too. my heart is soooo full <3

lauryn: you are unconditionally amazing and deserve the world
nick: why are you so hilarious and you make me feel like a superstar
taylor: ok hey now- you know how i admire you (closest thing to idolatry that isn't)
chase: sigh :)
kelly: ok baby beau. you're life is a fairy tale and you are so amazing and a wonderful friend that teaches me so much. (lance: i like you just fine. thank you for taking care of my kelly)
parents: oh my beacons that show me the way. you are the answer to my mane prayers.
garrett: i know you're there :)
shelby: you call me so much and i need that. thank you!! you're an amazing mother, wife, nurse, sister. i'm lucky to be your sister.
and i have more people to praise but i gotta leave in NINE minutes. ahhhhh video: hahaha so this is at the bridal fair that i was so obediently attending with my bride and her groom. it was fun. this was a contest then entered to win $1,000. they failed. but the video is hilarious. aj and becca were there too and oh my word. (they are officially engaged. congrats love birds) and yeah. enjoy :) they had to do a series of excercising (i.e. jumping jacks) and remain kissing. hahahaha. epic failure!

the pics :)

walking to the bridal fair. i love these 2. my closest friends- oh eternal celestial love!
I LOVE MY COUSINS and brother :) taylor, me, nick, lauryn!

on our way home we stopped by the jordan river temple (that's two blocks from laur's house) and took some pics!

haha the cookie i sent the missionaries. chase's hair- love the untameableness. oh i love that man.
chase set up flowers for me to receive on valentines day (through janelle smith aka kelly) and brought me to happy tears. how amazing!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


once upon a time, there was a beautiful maiden named Karissa. She made a handsome lad named Chance. They fell in love instantly. He was a blonde, tall, blue- eyed 28 year old lawyer and she loved to shovel snow and take pics all the time. ok that's tribute #1.

tribute #2.
how i met the love of my life.
i met this chic and she had crap and gross old pizza strewn all over her bedroom. she caught my eye. so i decided to move in with her.
then we became best friends and bonded through torturing each other and pranking each other. bikes on beds. newspaper overload. dirty boys on her clean sheets. using her backscratcher. hacking into her fbook. etc. you know the normal things best friends do.
then we hated each other. i liked a boy. she thot he was scum. i liked to party. she thot i was a hussy. i liked to sleep. she liked to talk to her long distant bf for hours at night. i liked to keep my room clean. she liked to collect dirty socks. i didn't have a calling. she didn't have a calling. you can see we weren't on the right track here. this detestable behavior grew to be too much. but before the summer we worked out our immature craziness. and when i say work out- i mean that we morphed into being identical to one another. very healthy friendship. we became two peas in a pod.
but then we had some time apart for our personal independent lives.
well love only knows what it really has once the absence of it overwhelms the solitude. bahah kelly will LOVE that sentence.
so we were reunited after a summer of work and sweat.
we had wonderful memories, talks, and adventures.
i went to paris. she met boys boys boys. we came back together in p-town and both fell madly in love (not with each other but with our significant others) and now we're both marriage bound- hers is more legit. we are freakishly similar in our lives but our personalities are quite different but our brains think simultaneous thoughts. its a hard thing to explain. well anyways. i felt in necessary (and was bugged daily) to write this blog dedicated to Kelly. oh kelly.

kelly is so happy to be with me. like always. chase sent me that shirt :) and DOUSED it with his cologne. hmm. i'm trying to show my "princess" tattoo on my wrist he got me. failed. kelly is NOT amused because i'm sure this is like the 16th pic i made her take. i always find something wrong with a pic and need a re-do. ie this pic has many flaws too. oh boy!

bahhaha ok only kelly will understand EVERY retarded sentence and she BEST appreciate this or i will throw some bows.

also. somebody ask me what i did today.....
Blogreader: Marissa, what did you do today?
Marissa: well i went to pleasant grove high school for my french teaching observing. made some lunch. watched one tree hill with lauryn. did my homework. and PREPARED chase's vday present. and i'm going to the store. then to class. then do some more vday prep. then go to work tonight. then go to the gym.
Blogreader: oh marissa, please tell us some of what you did for chase- but don't tell us EVERY thing you did because obviously some of your love is too personal for this blog
Marissa: ok well if you insist. i will show you ONE part of his vday gift. today i changed my outfit like 6 times and took pics. hahaha so he thinks for "vday week" i took a pic a day. bahahah false. so yeah- i'm pretty extreme and embarrassing and a lil obsessively pathetic but c'est la vie. c'est MA vie and i LOVE it :)

outfit #1. jumping pic. gotta show some personality :) a lil bit of me for him.

chase gave this to me via ciara. and tied that peace sign blanket for me behind me for christmas. and the princess poster he made. and the plate on the right. and the flowers on the shelf are dried from him. and the title page of our story. and the vace. and the perfume he bought me. and the ring i'm wearing. and pics of him on the wall. and the pic frame he got me for christmas. and my weekly flip book he got me for christmas. and the byu santa hat hanging. and ETC. basically there are 30 things in this pic alone in my room that have chase written all over them.
bahaha "outfit" #2 i hope he doesn't realize that its the same day. i'll be super embarrassed. he's a male so maybe he won't notice the small detail similarity of the shirt. eeek :) hahaha

bahahah oh yeah. i would. i did. kelly texting. typical. i don't have any lover to text :( ps NOTICE the kissing map behind you. oh yeah baby! black stars= my color. kelly's are red stars i believe. annie is green. and becca is silver. hahahaha.

this is just me trying to tell chase that i'm still just as weird and exotic as ever. ok good.
ope. yep. another pic. I'm not that self obsessed. i swear he likes pics of me. and besides this is my blog. i do what i want.

hahaha in my closet. so ridiculous and pointless and yet. i hope he loves all these pics. i'm embarrassed for myself. and when i say that i don't really mean it but i SHOULD be embarrassed for myself. i took MORE pics but my blog can only humiliate me to a certain limit. my blog is supposed to sing my praises. not sing my insanity :)
happy valentines week to all and to all a happy valentines week!

p.s. happy wedding day allison. sorry i had to work on your BIG day. i know you looked beautiful. congrats!

ope good thing blog's have spell checker. i struggled today with my typing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a yawn

dear world- i got my first nap all semester. so i hadn't been napping up till now because either (1) i didn't have time (2) i was nervous if i slept i'd get in the habit or not be able to sleep at night. was i serious? that's stinking retarded. i'm the narcolyptic queen AND a 10 minute nap can really change a person's day! it was only probably a solid 20 minutes but now i'm actually EXCITED to go to work. and when i say excited- i mean not cursing work because my eye lids are yelling at me. anyways. i told a very intimate person of mine that i would write a blog dedicated to them so that's my plan at work today- to brainstorm how i will write a beloved blog for this person. ah crap i gotta leave for work in 2 minutes.
oh my word. this "beloved" just asked "is this the blog that's going to be about me?" take it easy, woman! yes this person is a woman.
p.s. my next next blog NEEDS to be about the bachelor. preview.
1. vienna is my idol
2. tenley is hott
3. gia boobs look so real
4. ali's hair is inspirational
ok ttyl. i'm gonna be late for work. freak nasty!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So this is SUPER intense. I’m warning you- don’t look on any further if you can’t handle heavy TMI!!!

P.S. this is about Chase. Of course it is.

So I work at a pretty Mormony store and often have crazy spiritual moments at work. It’s weird territory for me but I’ve come to kind of enjoy it. It’s a cool experience for these college years in Utah.

Well everyone asks me about Chase. People, stop already. Well you don’t have to- because I LOVE talking about him and us but I can’t predict the future, people. I don’t wanna have to defend my love for a set apart missionary 24/7.... So recently, whenever my arm is twisted to talk about ‘waiting’, I always say a little prayer before hand so I can speak with peace in my heart.

Well I think I explained it so well yesterday when i was talking to one of my favorite co-workers ever. Of course it will be hard to repeat it in words. It’s been over 12 hours. You can’t expect me to remember. Well actually I am a woman, and I have a memory like an elephant. Well regardless- I won’t be able to say it perfectly.

At THIS point in my life, I’m marrying that man. However, I don’t want to be disrespectful to God. I wanna be willing and open to whatever the Lord teaches me and wherever he takes me. I’m not saying the Lord is out there showing the Isaac’s to Rebecca at the water well but I am going to recognize that He is leading me. Also, relationships are about making choices and actively living your life. And becuase i'm not planning on man-hunting, I see it VERY unlikely to not wait. Chase is the best- gosh I'm so in love with him. And I’ve prayed about my life and such and I know Chase is a righteous man.

At THIS point in our life, I feel the approval. As far as what the Lord has shown me and how he has directed me to my path here, my choice is Chase. But it’s not set in stone. Nothing is- not even engagements (especially at BYU- that’s for sure.) So my heart is with the Lord and Chase. And I can’t ever really see that changing- but I’m not all-knowing. Only our God is.

AND I doubt I’ll be dating at all. That wasn’t my plan at first but after all this mission talk and my decision to serve a mission this summer, dating really isn’t prioritized in my weekly plans. 8 months of no dating drama- ah I look forward to these next couple months.

Ok so does that make sense? Because it does to me. I'm not defending. I'm declaring :)