Monday, February 22, 2010


So I heard an amazing analogy this week from my beloved.
I was prolly be a little too whiney about how bugged i get with the past skeletons just always dancing in my closet. Like give it a rest already. Get six feet under, would ya?
So I have never been closer to someone than I am with Chase- and he is even on a mission. So that limits are topics and convos- basically it says a lot. Well he AlWAYS gives me the best advice at the best time.
He told me that I should be like a frog. Frogs never jump backwards. They are always jumping forward. Its a simple thing but i realize- you are so right :) so i'm a frog now and i like it that way.

Chase was made Zone Leader and tons of his friends received their visas last week. He could leave this week. AHH i could get to talk to him. I'm wigging out about hearing his voice at the airport but I am also so stoked. I'm so anxious (in a good way) for him to get to Brazil. It's like full-throttle ahead! I will update my blog about him. That makes sense.

So this weekend- this Saturday night was the first Saturday night since Chase has been gone that I haven't worked the evening shift. haha. it was kinda hard- i was stoked for it but then i was at home. and i had like 10 different options to go out and party and stuff but I decided to get my homework done and do some other necessities. Bahaha. Not the best idea i've had but at least I'm less stressed now. Jessica (my Parisien roommate) ok she is a sweetheart. like seriously. just her texting me helped me snap out of my small funk. i love her. i think i will go do her some random charity work. maybe bake her something. or show up with a ribbon and bow on my head and be her gift. hmm. she might read this blog. well that'll be nice.

Last night i went to dinner with my friend Mitch and met his girlfriend, Kayla. I thought it was going to be awkard being the third wheel and i wasn't even sure why i was invited but it was soooooo nice. She was such a sweetheart and funny and mature. Mitch found himself a winner :) and we had delicious crepes. She lived in France for a few years growing up so that was fun to talk about for like five seconds before i averted the conversation because i didn't wanna butcher French in front of her. Haha. Ope why would i not take every opportunity to speak French when I'm a French ScEd major? I'm a toole ;)

Well the "Women Tell All" episode of the bachelor is on tonight. That oughta be good. Let's have a little fun with my blog. hope you are familiar with the bachelor. Ready go :)

Gia: this is my friend Andrea. Why? Well even though she is BEAUTIFUL- you wouldn't expect her to be so nice. But she is soooo nice. She is the peacemaker and has a real history with a real life. She is very beautiful on the inside and out :)

Vienna: this is my friend Caitlin. Ok lets be honest. this is NOBODY! but hahahaha i had to pick somebody. the ONLY reason this is Caitlin is because apparently Vienna posed topless for some calendars and my friend Caitlin poses in bikinis for the BYU art, drawing classes. hahahaha. and Vienna has naturally big boobs and so does Caitlin. but really everything else is an oxymoron of Caitlin. Bahahaha. Oh please don't hate me, Caitlin.

This is Tenley. Aka Lauryn. Bahahahahaha. As you can see Tenley is TINY but ripped. Hence lauryn. And she is the sweetest thing and everyone loves her. So that's why i dubbed her Lauryn. Take the compliment!!! you know how i love tenley (not for jake cuz jake is boring but yeah) well i guess its between tenley and vienna. its a tough call. anyways. i would want you, lauryn, to win (just for the sake of winning. not winning jake necessarily but just to beat vienna) hahaha.

This is Elizabeth (aka Jessica) hahah. why? becuase i always thot they looked alike. and Jessica is such a little riskay mouth but soooo stingey with her kisses. Hence elizabeth. and elizabeth always made me laugh and jessica is a hoot too!!! and they're both hotties with sexy bodies!

This is Rozlyn. aka Kelly :) She has pretty long blonde hair. Isn't afraid to be a little sneaky and she really does react well to situations. I'd fly off the handle or get defensive, but Kelly- no she would just take it, roll her eyes in her head, and then brush you off her shoulder. And Kelly has mad game- she is now engaged and i'm so happy for her but once upon a time, she was the queen of balancing guys and keeping all of them in the dark. well sooner or later- that must come to an end. either Chris outs you or you finally settle down and actually marry the bachelor (aka Lance. bahaha but i'm not saying lance is anything like jake) ok i'm just going to stop while i'm ahead.

This is Ali. aka Becca. She always has guys chasing her and she is loveable. Many people love Ali. and let's be honest. Becca is the most (out of my roommie friends) that is closest to actually graduating and moving forward in the workplace. So they both got that as their goals- work. Except Becca is engaged and not as outspoken so two things Becca has that Ali doesn't. And becca has nicer hair.

This is Ella. the motherly sweetheart. aka megan. everyone loves her. she is a mediator. she is sweet. she motivates others and lifts people up. she is also one hott mamma. and megan is prolly the closest of all my friends to being pregger. so yah. and everyone loves ella.

This is Michelle. AKA ME! i'm a little crazy and obsessive but i really do love hard. i like to think my arms are that ripped. also, many people think i'm pretty but once they get to know me they realize i need a psychiatrist. but i have hope for michelle one day- she will find her chase and it will be awesome. hahaha.


Claire said...

Pahaha. I can't believe you just compared yourself to that crazie!

Chad, Christina, Charlotte, & Chloe said...

In honor of Chase... Muahahaha!!!

Taylor S said...


From Frogs to the Bach...hmmm.