Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy HAPPY Valentines day :)

So my valentines day :) wonderful!!!

i thought i'd have more time to record all this but i don't and i just wanna get it out there. so here is the copy-pasted paragraph i sent to chase about my vday weekend. but my blog is special becuase i'll add pics and a beautiful video :)

friday night: i went to work. watched some tv. went to bed.

saturday: bridal fair with kelly and lance (it was super hard but fun at the same time) -becca and christine were there too- went shopping at mall with kelly and lance. did some homework. went to annie's harp recital. went to work. went to valentine's day (movie) at the district with lauryn, nick, taylor, nicole. slept over in So Jo with taylor and lauryn and nick. love my cousins and bro!

sunday: church with lauryn. dinner at lauryn's in So Jo. came home. saw my flowers!!!!!! laundry. sabbath studying. now watching the office. it was a GREAT day and weekend. the spirit was really strong at church too and just in general. i'm excited to keep growing and being happy. and i'm stoked to go to the temple this week.

ok so everything was soooooooooo wonderful and i felt sooo much love. thank you to EVERYONE who made me smile! and now i just got off work and cleaned my room. i'm going to"dear john" (AGAIN!!!) matinée with lauryn up at the district. then bachelor time at kina's. whoop whoop!!!! i am such a blessed daughter of god and have the most amazing support system, friends, and family. i hope i am that support for people too. my heart is soooo full <3

lauryn: you are unconditionally amazing and deserve the world
nick: why are you so hilarious and you make me feel like a superstar
taylor: ok hey now- you know how i admire you (closest thing to idolatry that isn't)
chase: sigh :)
kelly: ok baby beau. you're life is a fairy tale and you are so amazing and a wonderful friend that teaches me so much. (lance: i like you just fine. thank you for taking care of my kelly)
parents: oh my beacons that show me the way. you are the answer to my mane prayers.
garrett: i know you're there :)
shelby: you call me so much and i need that. thank you!! you're an amazing mother, wife, nurse, sister. i'm lucky to be your sister.
and i have more people to praise but i gotta leave in NINE minutes. ahhhhh video: hahaha so this is at the bridal fair that i was so obediently attending with my bride and her groom. it was fun. this was a contest then entered to win $1,000. they failed. but the video is hilarious. aj and becca were there too and oh my word. (they are officially engaged. congrats love birds) and yeah. enjoy :) they had to do a series of excercising (i.e. jumping jacks) and remain kissing. hahahaha. epic failure!

the pics :)

walking to the bridal fair. i love these 2. my closest friends- oh eternal celestial love!
I LOVE MY COUSINS and brother :) taylor, me, nick, lauryn!

on our way home we stopped by the jordan river temple (that's two blocks from laur's house) and took some pics!

haha the cookie i sent the missionaries. chase's hair- love the untameableness. oh i love that man.
chase set up flowers for me to receive on valentines day (through janelle smith aka kelly) and brought me to happy tears. how amazing!!!!!

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