Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Amore! Like a big pizza pie!!

so some of the highlights from my week :)

I had Café Rio with Garrett. Delicious food. I have missed my brother :) I cannot wait to hang out with him, Kristi, Brodi, Elsee, Tay this Saturday after work! i love my family.

I watched Bachelor, Women Tell All at Kina's with Chad (he was happy to be there), Julie, Ciara, Kina, Chloe, Charlotte! I cannot wait for the finale! My bet is on Vienna. P.s. the freekin magazines in the check out aisles are pissing me off. urgh.

AND..... i am officially going to visit Shelby, Josh, and Aubs :) :) :) :) March 10 to the 15th! whoop whoop whoop. i cannot wait. looking at the Loud's blog and videos and pics and everything. eeeeeeeek (that's and exctited eek)
its a much needed break. It will be so nice :) and i'll have a letter from chase to look forward to when i get back. sigh :)

I went to the Andersons to spend some quality time with Grandma Hanks and to prepare a hilarious "pizza" for Chase. please admire.

crust: rice crispee treat
sauce: chocolate
cheese: melted marshmallows
pepproni: fruit by the foot
tomatoes and green peppers and pineapples: sweet sugared gummies
sausage: milk duds
i love you's: peeps

now those things individually are delicoius (he'll prolly pick at it and eat it that way) but if you actually made slices and tried to eat it as a slice. that'd be interesting. i know he'll love it (it was delivered today) but still- his comments will be interesting.

I wrote this for Grandma Hanks. She is an AMAZING woman. I love her and feel like she is family. completely.

Grandma Hanks

your sweet spirit is a treasure to know
your hilarious perspective and opinion, you always show
you haven't lost your fire
and that is something i dang do admire
i love your songs, your cackle, and feisty retorts
let's jump on a plane and for the rest of our lives, just bask on tropical resorts

you're such a babe and i look up to you
you are so youthful and with you, i'm never blue
you make me laugh and make me feel like a million bucks
you have such style and you're always getting dolled up- you would look good with chase next to you in a tux

and through your life and love, you've given me another family that i admire
thank you for raising them right, and giving me a handsome squire
you are a beauty on the inside and out
i feel your love as i travel throughout my route

i feel like we will be together and i'll be your other grand daughter :)
but ciara will always be hotter
no matter what happens- i'm blessed to feel your love and be around your bright soul
so let me just finish with a song. here i go:
I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that means?
she got her own walker, she got her own dentures.
work hard, big drawers, you a bad broad :)
I love you, Grandma Hanks

I went to the temple with two of my favorite people, Kelly and Taylor <3

My blog has been quite serious most of this week. Well it has been a very serious week.

Some good news: 97% on my ScEd final. 93% on my religion "midterm- not really". 82% (which is a miracle) on my business finance class.
I have a lot to be grateful for.

Some other facts. Laughed and gossiped hard at the bachelor. Cried during One Tree Hill. Learned and laughed at Teen Mom. Finished my BoM testimony collection. And compared bodies with Kelly's. And made Kelly's bridal picture bouquet today- i'm going with her to take her bridal pics tomorrow. Genevieve is taking them. It's going to be awesome. Then going to work. Then having a much needed girl session with some of my beloved co-workers after work tomorrow!

Have a good weekend. I plan on it!

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Taylor S said...

spelling: Elsie? I thought I saw that yesterday somewhere.

The pizza looks great! ;)

Bachelor tomorrow...I guess.