Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Shoulders are Sore

my shoulders/upperback/shoulder blades are always sore. but that's not what i really mean. it's supposed to be a pun. or maybe a figurative phrase. well wtv it is called. this is what i mean!


Just a small insight. A LOT has been going on this week. Some big news (some horrific, some overwhelming, some happy, some time-consuming, etc) So of course I became overwhelmed and a little stressed. Well I was talking to my amazing father yesterday on the phone (he is in Canada. He doesn抰 travel half as much as he used to when I was living at home growing up, but dang. I never know where he is  he is such a hard worker.) Anyways. He was telling me that 揗arissa, you just need to cast it to the Lord. He will lift your burdens.?

Now I抦 sure I抳e heard something like this before but for some reason this gave me new insight. If you try to carry everything yourself, you are wasting your efforts. Somebody already has taken on that role to carry everyone抯 burdens. Christ took upon the sins and troubles of the world for our sake and for every soul抯 sake. We don抰 need to feel like we have to bear the weight of ever single person抯 life. We can barely take on our own.

God is obviously challenging us and pushing us to grow; so our own lives can be all we can handle with the Lord抯 help at times. God told us that he will never give us more then we can handle; well with Christ, this is obviously true. Because with Christ as our partner and Savior, he takes on our burdens and joys. Therefore, as we trust and lean on the Lord, half (and even more) of our worries and weights will be healed and shared. Christ took upon the feelings, sins, experiences, and choices of each soul; so now, we shouldn抰 feel like we have to carry heavy burdens and have tired shoulders (for our loved ones, our neighbors, and even ourselves sometimes.)

This isn抰 to say that the Lord doesn抰 want us to be charitable and giving. We should serve others; help lighten one another抯 burden and be super caring. I love being the answer to people抯 prayers. I love when the Lord uses me as his mouthpiece and when I can change people抯 lives. I have had so many experiences of this throughout my life; I literally could not count them all because there are too many to remember.

The Lord is merciful and our partner. When you put him first and he is your strongest relationship, then all other relationships and problems can work out. He is our Savior and our ally. I love this gospel and the plan of salvation. I know that He lives and loves us and atoned for our every care. This gospel is a beautiful thing. It has given me everything I treasure. My Savior, my family, my Chase, my best friends, my education, my every blessing, and my every breath.

<3 <3 <3

as i was doing my hw, my ipod was on shuffle. woah look at these lyrics. coincidence that it played this? i think not :) ok maybe but a dang awesome ca winka dink :)

Cast your burden on the Lord
and he will make it light
Come unto him, ye heavy laden
Find your rest in Christ
Bring him your sorrows, all your grief
Lay every weakness at his feet
He will sustain you, give you peace
And lead you into life

Cast your burden on the Lord
and he will heal your soul
Place on his altar all your sin
and he will bear its toll
Bring him your blindness born of pride
Give him your broken heart to bind
It was for this he bled and died:
That he might make you whole

Cast your burden on the Lord
and he will carry you home
He will attend you and defend
through perils yet unknown
Put your unwavering trust in him
Christ, your constant heavenly friend
Hath graven you in the palms of his hands
And ne'er forsakes his own

<3 <3 <3 <3

woah i copy and pasted from word and all the conjuctives became chinese symbols. i kinda like it. so you can understand what it's supposed to say and i couldn't add chinese symbols if i tried! xie xie my weird mac :) ok well yep. another post soon! gotta get these pics of my bro's camera first before my next post. asta lavista. au revoir. tchao. bye. peace out. sign language (wave!)

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Taylor S said...

i like the sign language bye [wave] RHMIT: ching cha chay!

I felt like I was reading the Ensign, you should submit it. It's easy.

And dang it, the chinese symbols were going to be the main emphasis of this comment, but you noticed them. Somethings up with the " ' " Apostrophes.