Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i write too much. the amount i write for myself. on the public internet. my private notes to chase. but it's hard. because if i LIVE more then i have MORE to write about. so it's a cycle. i live more- run out of time more. and the more i write- the deeper i'm thinking and then MORE thoughts come to me and it's just a snowball!! so i'm living more condensely but my time withers away because I can only type so fast. Does that make any sense?

Anyways. (yes i know there is no "s" but it's a habit.)
i.e. "flick" someone off.
she made him jealous "to spite" him or "despite" him
we averted that. good thing we had our "scape-go"
etc. you see the errors.

Ok so I decided to blog today about YOGA.
i used to Yoga a lot in Texas when I was being a pre-school teacher full-time and just really doing a lot of soul searching. It was quite relaxing. I loved going to the YMCA and just unwinding and finding answers. Well now that I'm at Gold's, they have awesome classes too. I haven't taken advantage of every single one of them YET but last night me and Annie ran a couple miles (we needed some MUCH catching up time!) and then we did the hour yoga class after. It was divine.

I am often a tense person. maybe not to the naked eye- but under all my layers and in my over analytical head- i often am a HUGE worry wart (that's kinda a gross phrase)
When i was in elementary school in League City, Texas, my siblings would abuse their authorativie status. We would always go to our Elementary school (aka our backyard) and catch frogs and toads under the huge Houston-like drain pipes and flooding systems. Well who did Shelby and Garrett ALWAYS make catch the frogs? actually touch them? oh yeah that was me. i had the most massive wart on the back of my hand -right square in the middle of my hand. NICE!
another time Garrett and our friend Tyler tickled me til I peed my pants. Did i mention I was a sophomore? in high school. when i am squealing about my bodily functions- you cannot take that lightly. Ha- they deserved to get peed on. My poor mom's new carpet- we just moved into that house. Haha i cleaned it and nobody needed to fret. Ok why is my middle name TMI?! bahahah.

ANYWAYS. i got side tracked again. the whole point of this blog was to talk about Yoga.
Yeah oh boy it was great. I literally felt like a hippie (kelly always accuses me of being a hippie since i love peace signs. but i'm not pro-Obama. or obsessed with the environment. or into free love - UNLESS ur married!!!) anyways. i was all aware of my inner energy and bodily light. it was nice.
except i am sore today. which is sooooo weird cuz i felt so relaxed and stretched yesterday. ope wait- now my muscles are all tense and a titch sore. oh bollucks. but it's still a good kind of sore :)
warrior 1, warrior 2, downward dog, upward dog, chatarunga, tree, planks, shoulderstand, cow face, lotus, etc. oh wonderful

and then after all the meditation and poses- you say namaste. which means like my inner light thanks your inner light. and then you do some prayerful bow thing. it made me think of doing the catholic crucifix over your chest. i don't know why. bahaha. my parents are proud when they see me sneakily doing that before a family prayer. haha caleb copies me. anyways- i will become more appropriate as i mature :)

alright. gotta rush to class! asta lavista schwarzenegro!!

p.s. obsessed with Sally DeFord! look her up!
write thy name upon my heart.