Thursday, February 11, 2010


once upon a time, there was a beautiful maiden named Karissa. She made a handsome lad named Chance. They fell in love instantly. He was a blonde, tall, blue- eyed 28 year old lawyer and she loved to shovel snow and take pics all the time. ok that's tribute #1.

tribute #2.
how i met the love of my life.
i met this chic and she had crap and gross old pizza strewn all over her bedroom. she caught my eye. so i decided to move in with her.
then we became best friends and bonded through torturing each other and pranking each other. bikes on beds. newspaper overload. dirty boys on her clean sheets. using her backscratcher. hacking into her fbook. etc. you know the normal things best friends do.
then we hated each other. i liked a boy. she thot he was scum. i liked to party. she thot i was a hussy. i liked to sleep. she liked to talk to her long distant bf for hours at night. i liked to keep my room clean. she liked to collect dirty socks. i didn't have a calling. she didn't have a calling. you can see we weren't on the right track here. this detestable behavior grew to be too much. but before the summer we worked out our immature craziness. and when i say work out- i mean that we morphed into being identical to one another. very healthy friendship. we became two peas in a pod.
but then we had some time apart for our personal independent lives.
well love only knows what it really has once the absence of it overwhelms the solitude. bahah kelly will LOVE that sentence.
so we were reunited after a summer of work and sweat.
we had wonderful memories, talks, and adventures.
i went to paris. she met boys boys boys. we came back together in p-town and both fell madly in love (not with each other but with our significant others) and now we're both marriage bound- hers is more legit. we are freakishly similar in our lives but our personalities are quite different but our brains think simultaneous thoughts. its a hard thing to explain. well anyways. i felt in necessary (and was bugged daily) to write this blog dedicated to Kelly. oh kelly.

kelly is so happy to be with me. like always. chase sent me that shirt :) and DOUSED it with his cologne. hmm. i'm trying to show my "princess" tattoo on my wrist he got me. failed. kelly is NOT amused because i'm sure this is like the 16th pic i made her take. i always find something wrong with a pic and need a re-do. ie this pic has many flaws too. oh boy!

bahhaha ok only kelly will understand EVERY retarded sentence and she BEST appreciate this or i will throw some bows.

also. somebody ask me what i did today.....
Blogreader: Marissa, what did you do today?
Marissa: well i went to pleasant grove high school for my french teaching observing. made some lunch. watched one tree hill with lauryn. did my homework. and PREPARED chase's vday present. and i'm going to the store. then to class. then do some more vday prep. then go to work tonight. then go to the gym.
Blogreader: oh marissa, please tell us some of what you did for chase- but don't tell us EVERY thing you did because obviously some of your love is too personal for this blog
Marissa: ok well if you insist. i will show you ONE part of his vday gift. today i changed my outfit like 6 times and took pics. hahaha so he thinks for "vday week" i took a pic a day. bahahah false. so yeah- i'm pretty extreme and embarrassing and a lil obsessively pathetic but c'est la vie. c'est MA vie and i LOVE it :)

outfit #1. jumping pic. gotta show some personality :) a lil bit of me for him.

chase gave this to me via ciara. and tied that peace sign blanket for me behind me for christmas. and the princess poster he made. and the plate on the right. and the flowers on the shelf are dried from him. and the title page of our story. and the vace. and the perfume he bought me. and the ring i'm wearing. and pics of him on the wall. and the pic frame he got me for christmas. and my weekly flip book he got me for christmas. and the byu santa hat hanging. and ETC. basically there are 30 things in this pic alone in my room that have chase written all over them.
bahaha "outfit" #2 i hope he doesn't realize that its the same day. i'll be super embarrassed. he's a male so maybe he won't notice the small detail similarity of the shirt. eeek :) hahaha

bahahah oh yeah. i would. i did. kelly texting. typical. i don't have any lover to text :( ps NOTICE the kissing map behind you. oh yeah baby! black stars= my color. kelly's are red stars i believe. annie is green. and becca is silver. hahahaha.

this is just me trying to tell chase that i'm still just as weird and exotic as ever. ok good.
ope. yep. another pic. I'm not that self obsessed. i swear he likes pics of me. and besides this is my blog. i do what i want.

hahaha in my closet. so ridiculous and pointless and yet. i hope he loves all these pics. i'm embarrassed for myself. and when i say that i don't really mean it but i SHOULD be embarrassed for myself. i took MORE pics but my blog can only humiliate me to a certain limit. my blog is supposed to sing my praises. not sing my insanity :)
happy valentines week to all and to all a happy valentines week!

p.s. happy wedding day allison. sorry i had to work on your BIG day. i know you looked beautiful. congrats!

ope good thing blog's have spell checker. i struggled today with my typing.

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