Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a yawn

dear world- i got my first nap all semester. so i hadn't been napping up till now because either (1) i didn't have time (2) i was nervous if i slept i'd get in the habit or not be able to sleep at night. was i serious? that's stinking retarded. i'm the narcolyptic queen AND a 10 minute nap can really change a person's day! it was only probably a solid 20 minutes but now i'm actually EXCITED to go to work. and when i say excited- i mean not cursing work because my eye lids are yelling at me. anyways. i told a very intimate person of mine that i would write a blog dedicated to them so that's my plan at work today- to brainstorm how i will write a beloved blog for this person. ah crap i gotta leave for work in 2 minutes.
oh my word. this "beloved" just asked "is this the blog that's going to be about me?" take it easy, woman! yes this person is a woman.
p.s. my next next blog NEEDS to be about the bachelor. preview.
1. vienna is my idol
2. tenley is hott
3. gia boobs look so real
4. ali's hair is inspirational
ok ttyl. i'm gonna be late for work. freak nasty!

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