Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Infamous Bridal Shower :)

SO OF COURSE i wanna blog about talking to Chasé on the phone but the convo on Friday was only 5 minutes and the Tuesday conversation will be with numerous layovers and better to wait to blog after that. besides. i promised kelly i'd have a WHOLE BLOG dedicated to her bridal glory. so here you go!

i, as the hoe moh (moh=made of honor), hosted a wonderful bridal shower for kelly. i thought it was a smashing hit. there were some tears and stress but it all worked out. yes my GIANT poster of kelly that i ordered had a set back and won't be here till tomorrow (um a couple days late stupid overnight UPS. but i get refunded but still) so we couldn't play pin the "trojan" (let's say) on kelly. it was going to be a smash hit. freak! well i'm sure the bridal shower was more appropriate without that game.
so everyone arrived. there was a beautiful turn out and plenty of delicious food. thank you costco- even tho you deserve a slap in the face for the trouble you were to me for buying the food. either way the food was delicious. those WONDERFUL muffins. fruit. a delicious fruit dip (thanks lauryn via gina! (spelling ah sorry. we even had that goodwood waitress conversation freak)) yah so that was delicious. with plenty of mountain dew and dr. pepper and water (for those non-sinners hahaha) and some lemonades. beautiful purple/silver themed cutlery.
a little peak (the muffins are more to the left) yum!!! i'm hungry. i think i'll go get a choc muffin (in the freezer. of course. schroedter (or ross really) style!)

i cleaned (with great HELP from laur and annie!!!!) the upstairs living room and decked it out with the theme of kelly's wedding colors and i think i succesfully transformed the room into a beautiful may 1 denver temple wonderland preview. bahaha ok i'll pretend like that makes sense.
some of the room. helium balloons. non-helium balloons. streamers (good work, laur) twirled ribbon. table cloth. poppers. game. beads. etc.

then we played the "video" match game i made of lance answering questions beforehand on my quicktime mac and then kelly answered them. they actually matched on a lot of the questions. i had the most random questions like "where would you go on your 1 year anniversary if you picked to travel?" "what is kelly's sexiest feature?" "what is kelly's favorite song on the radio right now?" they actually did better than i thought they would.
then we played the "kelly scene-it" game i made. if you know me even a LITTLE (i'm sure i've shown you the MANY embarassing videos of me. dance videos. awkward candid videos. etc. kelly is in MANY MANY of these. you see we were freshman roommates. and freshman year was my PRIME year for my immature excursions. i had even LESS shame back then to being crazy and humiliating. so the "dvd challenge" part for the scene-it game were those videos of me and kelly. from the past 3 years. with random (some impossible) questions after the clip.
i.e. "what did kelly's hat say?" or "when did kelly first appear in the video and what was she doing?" or "what wrist was kelly wearing a bracelet on?" yes yes. it was very fun. and then there were 6 categories. (true/false. preferences. wedding details. lance questions. kelly questions. and then fate cards) i.e. true or false: kelly told lance she loved him first? i.e. lance wants ____# of kids? i.e. who was kelly's first kiss? i.e. does kelly prefer rock climbing or swimming? i.e. what time are kelly and lance getting married?
yes this is the board (a transformed spray painted DI candyland purchase) it starts off in the law building (where the met) with lance's note of his phone number. then the "i love you" in the car moment. then her engagement ring. all the way to eternity in the denver, CO temple. awww precious.

then we opened up some gifts. that was jolly good fun. pls notice the faithful moh writing down the gifts and who they are from.
since freshman year :) 2 marriages. 2 missions. typical byu life paths of course! notice the garter!
the group! some family. some friends. some roommates. we all LOVE our bride. so happy for you kelly!

so then it was 1230 and the bridal shower was officially over but OF COURSE we had one more thing to do. BURN the kissing map. now this map will live on in infamy. but it needs to be destroyed. my course and future and love life is set. kelly is getting married. so are christine and becca. annie is leaving for her mission in 2 weeks. this map was dead and no one needs to hold on to it or dwell on it. so hence we needed to burn it.
these are the girls of who the stars belong to. we each are a different colored star. and the stars represent where the boys are FROM that we have kissed. yes some of us have higher numbers than others. but don't judge!
the process of burning it in the fire pit in the backyard. appropriate!!!!!!!!!!

so that's all folks. that i'm willing to dish on this blog. it was a succesful morning. a stressful weekend over with :) i'm glad i'm filling my moh shoes in. i really only have to stress about the actual week of the wedding now. it's gonna be a party at the hotel every night. i can't wait.

THIRTY-THREE days till kelly's big day :) get some!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

looking like a hott mess- but happy about it

the title- i looked ROUGH today. excercise. temple. cleaning= did NOT look good all day. yikes.
so today was interesting. and when i say interesting. i mean AWESOME!!
chase has been very concerned that i take care of his beautiful mother (she just had surgery) and yesterday on the phone she told me "i swept the whole basement from grandma's wheelchair" OPE! ok did i need a bigger sign or kick in the butt for chase's counsel. hahahaha. so thursday is kinda a loose day for me (especially when i don't have to work that night) i already took my quizzes this week. i have one (french) class at 4 (but i got notes and basically skipped) so i decided i was going to have the most productive day. wake up, go work out, get utilities off my name, go to chase bank, take annie to admissions office, go to oqquhir mountain temple. go to chase's parents house. clean. bond. relieve stress and lighten loads. well fortunately FOR ONCE my plans actually panned out.
i was out the door by 815 (an hour behind schedule) but still got all my plans annihilated.
a beautiful day.
sometimes i wish my parents and younger brothers (it's been the best time of my life having tay at byu with me) lived close enough to drive. well today- was another one of those days. spending all my time with the age group i did today and with my second family- made me miss not having weekly memories like this with my own parents in h-town.
BEST time at the andersons with charlotte (5 months), brodi (4), and lexi (6), and julie (ageless) and grandma hanks (looking 5 years younger than she actually is. so that would make her what. looking 80? haha) ok yah. so this lil shin-dig was beautiful. and my wonderful roomie, annie came too. she is leaving for her mission in less than 3 weeks. i'm getting so sad but then SOOOO stoked for her. she has played a big part in my life and i just love her to pieces. i'm glad we had a day of memories.
well at oqquihr (spelling anyone?) mountain, annie did a session and i was feeling inferior in my baptistry section. OH NO SIR!!! it was absolutely amazing. me and like 10 workers. i was catered to nicely. i got to do over 40 names. in provo- like 3 or 4. it was amazing. they were like- you're waiting for your friend? she could be a couple hours. just sit here and read for a bit then we'll work till you gotta go. it was awesome. i'm considering going up there every week at 930 am and doing that. i also decided i'm getting my endowments out there. i didn't want to at first cuz that's where chase got his out and i didn't wanna get all crazy tangled like that but then i thot NO. don't overanalyze ur every move, u crazy woman.
i have had some good memories there too. this temple has some of my most precious moments. i'm doing it. done. so yah. i had a good feeling :) but i also could still do it in houston, provo, mt timp, who knows :) anyways so that was the perfect chapter to my day.
ps also STOKED that i got my beloved camelbak water bottle back :)
i brought my jiffy cookies over for all of us to devour. and devour we did- sorry none for you when you got home from work dave :( next time.......... maybe. if i am not so hungry.
then i talked with julie for a couple hours. i have learned a lot from her and done a lot of reflection from our convos in the past. she is seriously a rock! chase has a beautiful mother and he adores her- which means he will adore his wife. awwww yah. i will not be his mother. but i will be as loved!
oh and for the record. i'm not sitting around idly waiting. i go on dates now and then. and i'm a maid of honor- so that consumes me sometimes. ok so don't think i'm that crazy girl with a ring on my finger and a date set. if you think that- well go to "heaven" as chase would say. he replaces "hell" with "heaven" like all the time in his letters. some mtc joke i guess. idk. if you read this blog and judge me- well why are you reading this? if you really know me- you know what i'm saying. ok now that we're all on the same page. or hopefully OFF my blog page. k cool.
then as julie did some errands i tended lexi, brodi, and charlotte.
me and annie are a POWER house when it comes to watching children. it was so fun. we also vacuumed, swept, cleaned, steamed the floors, etc. i felt very happy after that. if you're looking for someone to clean ur house- give me a call. i'll do it for free. it makes me happy to help.
then they got back and ciara got home from school- she is a hoot. ps GORGEOUS dress kailey. and we watched NEW MOON of course. ciara stood at the cast signing debut. bahaha. got jessica, mike, angela's signature
during the move=children scrambled all over my face and did NOT realize that my skin was attached to my bones. but it was still fun.
it was such a good day. i came home then and did my homework and some laundry and some baking for elder chase- STILL waiting for his visa. come on brazil. i've been fasting.
do i need to send money to you, too? are you third world, is that why you're hating on america? (no really does anyone know if brazil is third world. i'll ask chase) ah jk i've discussed a million times why this whole visa thing is all caught up and retarded. pray for the visas and chase!
yah so now my feet are cold. ( and when i say "so now" i mean it doesn't relate at all to any other part of the blog. i just mean that NOW they are cold at this moment) becuase i took the very socks off my feet and threw them in the washer. because they were my last white pair and i wanted them to be clean even tho i'll prolly put them right back on. so in the long run- they'll be in my laundry hamper by the end of the night anyways. hahaha i try to be efficient but instead i just suffer with cold feet. anyhow- alright well i just wanted to blog about my beautiful day. it was so pleasant and fulfilling. i love me some annie, chase, and andersons.

make tomorrow, productive!!

bridal shower blog coming up! so much to do tomorrow! it's this saturday!!! can't wait!

Monday, March 22, 2010

wrestling with technology

this is how i spent 3 hours. STRUGGLING. this is the best version i could come up with and it is still flawed and just awful.
i'm sending this to Chase on a CD and because i spent sooooo much time on it. i thot i'd spread the song around because i didn't spend this much time for nothing.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

sunny skies.

wow i have been happy. i really think my advice to others sending off missionaries is to get past the 2 month hump. maybe it has to do with california. or maybe it has to do with how much confidence i have in me and chase. but after his "2 month" mark. i really feel a lot better. and maybe i should not be getting my hopes up that i'm going to be consistent in this attitude. i've been smiling and making lemonade the whole time he has been gone but i truly feel happy these past two weeks- like i don't feel like there is a huge hole of emptiness in my gut anymore. i'm loving my life with chase being afar with not much nostalgia. going to california helped me realize how much life there is to love and live. and i think i needed that break. things have been great this week. i've been a titch irresponsible but it's been uber fun and i've taken care of my responsibilities too :)

so monday- lauryn picked me up from the airport. ok is she such an amazing best friend and cousin? yes. yes she is. i seriously love her. if you ever want to meet someone who sees the good in everybody and everything- let me introduce you to her. she is such a kind person with a strong testimony and she is so loving. i look up to her so much and am so grateful for her in my life. i love you, laur <3
so monday. i came home. blogged. ordered some pics of cali for chase. went to class. did some errands. did some homework. then somehow ended up in draper area. i stopped by to see my second family- i missed the bluffdale crew. love you, andersons. and then lauryn and i went to dallin's to hang with dallin and nick. hahaha ping pong much? and charade's- oh my word. empathy? really- they would expect us to act out that crazy abstract word. it's okay "we're not scared!" and we totally won. did we not get back to provo til 330 am? yeah that's a true story but man it was a great night. i am going to LOVE taking all these memories with me on my mission.
ps bishop told me to start meeting with him next MONTH to start getting prepared and filling out what i can before i send my papers in. awwww yah buddy.
and i'm moving into a new apartment at the end of april- if you wanna help me move. feel free. many people have 'volunteered' (but so did chase last summer and he bailed) so if chase can bail. then other people will too. so it's best to have as many OFFERS as possible and then like 3 or 4 people actually help. hahaha. chase would be hurt if he saw this post. ah not really. i teased him all the time about this incident. so it's an honest post so far :)
tuesday- homework. grocery shopping. class. then i went with dallin and lauryn up to the district and saw the MOST ridiculous movie but yet i kinda liked it. if i ever see it for like $5 on a shelf. i'll buy it. "Remeber Me" hahaha i need to see it again because it was chalk full of randomness. then slept over at lauryn's. hahahaha hilarious serious time.
wednesday to saturday work work work work :) it was weird since i hadn't been to work in like a week. but it was good for me.
oh wednesday- it was sorta me and chase's "six month." people say i can't claim it but HE IS THE ONE that told me it's our six month anniversary. so kiss it, world. and it was st. patty's day. so i got a cute little piece of chase's heart that day. he sent me a french "cantique" (hymn book) and a french "chants pour les enfants" (primary song book) awwwww i already sang like ALL my favorite songs with the accompaniment by myself in my room. oh yeah i am rocking and basking in cool points.
and me and annie have a fun plan to sing the "child's prayer" duet on a tape in french for chase. if you ever have the need to sing french songs- come over to the moby jane house. we have a piano and everything. and a harp- we could get all La bohème on ya :)

going to the temple once a week is the best goal i ever made. it seriously has changed my life. i never realized how bright life can be. take the challenge :)
oh friday friday- after my forever 8 hour shift that was so frustrating, i had a great night. i went shopping for like 2 hours for kelly's bridal shower. oh my word that is going to be my BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT yet. cannot wait!!! pics and blog post dedicated to next saturday. bridal shower, elder wilder's birthday, and festival of colors. it's going to be a blast. wonderful people will be apart of that day :) ciara- get stoked. jessica- you better come. everyone else- gonna be a partay!!!! yah. all the games and activities and decor and success in preparing for the bridal shower really make me proud (in a good kinda way) and honored to be kelly's maid of honor!!! i also reserved my hotel for Colorado. 40 days till their wedding.

also, friday i went with like 10 pepes to see sherlock holmes in the dollar theater. it was amazing. i loved it. (i am a big rachel mcadams fan and that guy from iron man too- i have a crush.)
p.s. taylor- stop hurting urself. put some ice on that knee!
afterwards at like 2 am we went to ihop. a typical provo activity. that was fun.

i miss having my boyfriend 24/7 but i'm glad it gives me this silver lining of hanging out with many people and different people all the time. it gives me the chance to do whatever i want whenever. not much planning required. but i DO look forward to having my boyfriend-24/7 life back :) ok well that's all to report. oh oh wait wait.
who wants to hear a lame joke that chase shared with me. i'm not saying chase is lame but just the joke. i laughed because i was like- chase thinks this is funny? oh a mission has tamed him. hahahaha. he is a dollface and i love him and his quirks. chase, if you can hear me- "smooch smooch" hahaha.
ok joke:
"here is a joke for you, so there is a missionary and he has one of those little books of mormon in his shirt pocket and a guy who really hates missionaries pulled a gun on him and shot him, it was a good thing the he had the book of mormon in his pocket because it stopped the bullet, and he pulled it out and opened it up and it stoped right at isaiah haha even bullets dont want to get into isaiah i love you have a great day"
p.s. isaiah is not in the book of mormon but i maybe he meant the alma chapter's of isaiah.
hahahahaha study the scriptures, my friends!!

ok have a BONNE JOURNÉE!!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

the san fran :)

so good to get away for a while. i really loved the family life, family love, good memories, bonding, laughs, baby time.
it was nice to be away from EVERYTHING that reminded me of chase. i am excited to move out after this semester to new apartments to also have a change of scenery and a new chapter in my life. ok back to the highlight of my life. SUNNYVALE, CA!!!!!! good work at choosing stanford, joshua. awesome possum place!!!
and i had 5 letters on my bed waiting for me when i returned this afternoon. ok ahh getting sidetracked. AND the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom was spotless. wonderful. ok back to san fran!!
you know how i make ridiculous generalizations. if anyone tries to call me on this exclusive claim. i will deny it. but seriously. i am officially converted to california. i had many stereotypes and was a hater in a way- well no longer, my friends. awww yah
great food. great diversity. bohemian fellowers. beautiful sight seeing. great weather.
p.s. california drivers MIGHT be worse then utard drivers. eeeeeek.

yes yes well HAPPY BDAY SHELBY!!! (last friday) and i had a beautiful time. took over 150 pics. 6 videos. just a glorious time. so i wrote a very detailed letter to chase (which is my form of a journal) and i already told my adventures of california like 4 times to different people. but i must document this. so i will tell my tale through the beautiful art form of PICS!!!! ready go!

so i arrived wednesday night. and i was ecstatic!!! what a short flight. much better than the asia jetlag. wonderness! so we went grocery shopping right away. so domestic. i knew i'd be eating them outta their house so i pulled my weight. literally i gained like 4 lbs. back to the gym today! hardcore. par core par core (i just felt like saying that). (ok i don't know if i gained weight. but i feel like i was a heifer. yah heifer club)

this is in the parking lot :) all smiles. look at that baby. she is always smiling. giggling. laughing.
apparently something was hilarious because this is pure cheeseballing it :)

just chatting it up with aubs in her high chair. she loves to tell me her stories.
our little aubritto all ready for bed!! never seen a baby so obedient and sleep so much. wonderful. then i bonded with shelbs while aub got her full night rest.

this is the next morning. i cropped the pic for the mirror- shelby sake. haha. look how cute she is.
on thursday we toured san fran. we were up by a japanese/botanical garden area looking out on the city. so many beautiful hills. this is the great sewage drain system and i took this pic for my mom. she loves the stability and comfort of walking over drains. i was a little hesitant too. the part i'm jumping on was just a few feet. in the middle it fell endlessly. so ta da- your welcome mom. i'm still alive.
the pretty japanese gardens. we thought of you dad :) mushi mushi.
even stopping to smell the "roses" (aka not. just some other kinda flower) is better in california.
i love my sister. seriously made the best memories :) i'm glad we're friends.

then we scored the JACK POT by just exploring around and found this boss beach. pic perfect. alcatraz is in the back. yah we got tons of culture in today :) i love the diversity.
i love like a giant. but my sister is truly just fun-sized. i love the company. the view. the day!
awww mother and daughter. precious moments.
i really love this pic. it just captures the essence of my trip. beautiful!!!!! ps i know kelly will appreciate the hippie essence as well!
over the top of course. but i won't be agile forever.
she loves putting her face on ur face.
i feel like i'm walking on sunshine :D
this is our thing now
i was taking some scenic pics and i look back. and it looks like shelby is torturing her baby. or maybe eating her. so it's a good thing we went to fisherman's wharf....... YUMMy clam chowder bread bowl
very difficult to eat with this grabby baby :) but worth it.
not afraid to be a tourist
this is the famous steep windy street. starts with a L. Lombard St. or something like that. wicked for longboarding.
a hilarious mani-pedi-baby experience. not thoroughly thought through. happy bday my sister :)
now the next morning. friday :) shelby's 25th bday. she had a 12 hours shift at the hospital. josh was hitting the phd books at stanford and me and aubs had a great time. she sat in her bumbo while i got ready. but first she had some laughs while pulling my hair!! cutie patootie.
i was a little nervous to babysit her for 12 hours all by myself but for no reason. she was absolutely perfect. sooooo happy and hilarious. some of my favorite memories :) and we went to chilli's that night for mamma's bday
the next morning. a RIDICULOUS amount of baby bargain shopping. called "outrageous outgrowns" in the san fran area. if u live in that area. i'd recomment it. JUST NOT FOR 4 hours. but it was pretty fun and aubs is a doll. we went to marie callendar's too. never been. quite delish!
a beautiful little angel who seems to adore me almost as much as i adore her
at first it's funny when she plays with my hair and face and we have back and tummy time.

then it actually hurts. she has a kong fu grip.
and shelby only managed to cut one of her hands. before she squirmed and wouldn't let her other fingernails get cut. can you see the actual skin in her grips. woweeee.
a beautiful sabbath day
a beautiful stroll in the woods.
sharing my knowledge and wisdom with my precious niece. she's captivated and in awe.
sisterly love. i know my limits and that is that i could only handle one sister. so i'm glad that it is her :)
i know kelly will appreciate this. i took this with her in mind. yay for peace. because we all know conservatives don't like peace. and yay for the enviornment and nature and green thumbs and recycling.
this is me. this is my talent. i embrace it.
um.... what the heck is this??? i'm trying to make taco salad here. and not have it take 40 hours.
oh yes. well it only makes sense to skype some of the family. looking good schroedter clan.
aubrey loved it. and was the center of our convo :) but of course. nobody can outshine her.
YAY for DDR.... and when we say yay we mean freak nasty. because it wasn't working. and the man of the house was entertained by our loss and shelby was in a stupor and aubrey was trying to fall asleep and i was taking pics!
long story short. chase's idea. it didn't hurt at all but i'm exxagerating it so i look tough. failed. grant used 1/2 of an inside-out tennis ball to suction to his chest to make it look like a tennis ball hickey (he showed me on skype) so i remembered a brilliant idea of chase's where you grab your chin for a minute as hard as you can (making it pale from blood loss) and then you flick it with your hand. then you get a huge purple bruise (which is painless) well ta da. i just squeezed a little bit of my chin during our skype convo with the parents. and it worked. so now i look diseased but i still think its hilarious. so if you wanna try this at home. squeeze a BIGGER part of your chin so it will be noticeable enough that people iwll actually wanna know what happened and not just assume that you are a dirty, infected creature. ok good.

the conclusion of my pics= aubrey grace. i love shelby and josh and am soooooooo grateful and happy they let me visit. it was a long trip but i loved every second :) i miss you guys, already!!!

now a few videos.

at the golden gate bay beach :)

bouncing on mamma's bday

high chair time

laughing before bed