Friday, March 5, 2010

another week

i am leaving for the beautiful, sunny, warm land of california in.... 5 days and 7 hours.
I do admit proudly that I CANNOT WAIT.
to leave this moby jane house. to leave provo. to leave school. to leave the couples of byu and all the confusing cultural ways of the bubble. to leave the mtc rainy cloud that follows me everywhere. to leave this snow (why the crap is it snowing again?) i think this will be the perfect break. i really do love it here. but for those 5 days- i will love california even more.
i cannot wait to see baby aubrey!! shelby!! and josh!! just seeing their blog- sigh :) i wish my blog was as entertaining and cute as theirs. but i don't have a baby. so i cannot compete. and i'm not a mormon bachelor so im not even runner up for greatest blog. freak nasty :)
so i have already started working on my homework and assignments for over a week and a half away. i am NOT going to have school work stressing me out. i'm a planner :)

i went to lunch with my friend Kourtney this week. Now that was a good time. It was hilarious and even with time, she has only gotten more kind and beautiful on the inside and out. i have plans to hang out with her more and more :)
we went to kneaders. ok delicious. but i find myself (once again) stuck in a rut where i only order the same thing off the menu every time. i get so comfortable and crave that platter that i cannot bare myself to venture out onto another delicacy. oh boy.

so i work tonight. it's a friday night. and i'm actually pretty stoked. i love the people i work with. i feel powerful. i get paid. its a 6 hour period of time where i don't have to think about what i'm doing. it's all programmed in my head. fold. steam. check out. inventory. deposit. count cash. make calls. email. smile. be happy. it's a good little system. and i especially love the gals i'm working with tonight.
i'm not always this chipper about work but i do love my job.

bachelor finale. i wasn't as livid as most people. it's wtv. not my favorite season of bachelor anyways. and (hate me if you must) i doubt i'll really be a fan of ali being the bachelorette. we shall see.
this week i did bake like 5 pans of goodies. 2 for the bachelor finale party up in riverton. 1 for chase and his missionary buddies (pls pray for those dang brazilian visas. come on international affairs!) and 1 for me to eat over the next two weeks. ok let's be honest. it'll prolly be gone by monday :) yay for no guilt for binging. i work out enough. hahaha. well at least to clear my conscience.

p.s. thank you to all those who i email, text, wave at, anything. i really do feel like a loved, blessed individual. yay for friendship :)
man, i'm frigid. what shall i do? hmmm. i will put on chase's over sized hoodie. done. man, i miss that man.

oh oh this is a blog of randomness. yesterday i forked over a wad of cash (and when i say cash i mean my debit card. i stay AWAY from my credit card these days) and bought a new triple combination. this is exciting to me. i've had the same scriptures since i was 8. they are beautiful but i'm preparing for a mission here. i cannot have scriptures that look more like a scrapbook/coloring book. but i will keep all my scriptures forever and treasure them. Oh feast on the word <3

another glorious highlight of the week. going to kristi's. she is seriously a sweetheart. and the best perk: GARRETT was there! i love seeing him. he is a wonderful person. i see such complexities which feeds my deep side and then i see a caring side, which feeds my approval side. i am lucky to be his sister. i love my family.

i went to café rio with lauryn this week. FINALLY ordered the right thing. the burritos > the enchiladas. it was delicious. she went to seattle this last weekend. lucky girl ;) get some...... eventually. i wanna go to seattle. that is chase's "favorite" city.
i've never been. i shall go with my gf jessica since that is her hood. ok done. or maybe i'll invite bella or jacob or edward to give me a tour.
actually me and lauryn really were brainstorming what great trip we should take this summer. NYC was up there but prolly not possible. seattle could be the one!!

i hope this weekend is awesome. much potential. let's see if i actually go through with all my big plans!

alright well here is a bunch of rambles for you!! blogger out. 10-4! roger! chase!


Taylor S said...

always busy, have fun in SUNNYvale

Lauryn said...

Your blog always brings a smile to my face. love you!