Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Infamous Bridal Shower :)

SO OF COURSE i wanna blog about talking to Chasé on the phone but the convo on Friday was only 5 minutes and the Tuesday conversation will be with numerous layovers and better to wait to blog after that. besides. i promised kelly i'd have a WHOLE BLOG dedicated to her bridal glory. so here you go!

i, as the hoe moh (moh=made of honor), hosted a wonderful bridal shower for kelly. i thought it was a smashing hit. there were some tears and stress but it all worked out. yes my GIANT poster of kelly that i ordered had a set back and won't be here till tomorrow (um a couple days late stupid overnight UPS. but i get refunded but still) so we couldn't play pin the "trojan" (let's say) on kelly. it was going to be a smash hit. freak! well i'm sure the bridal shower was more appropriate without that game.
so everyone arrived. there was a beautiful turn out and plenty of delicious food. thank you costco- even tho you deserve a slap in the face for the trouble you were to me for buying the food. either way the food was delicious. those WONDERFUL muffins. fruit. a delicious fruit dip (thanks lauryn via gina! (spelling ah sorry. we even had that goodwood waitress conversation freak)) yah so that was delicious. with plenty of mountain dew and dr. pepper and water (for those non-sinners hahaha) and some lemonades. beautiful purple/silver themed cutlery.
a little peak (the muffins are more to the left) yum!!! i'm hungry. i think i'll go get a choc muffin (in the freezer. of course. schroedter (or ross really) style!)

i cleaned (with great HELP from laur and annie!!!!) the upstairs living room and decked it out with the theme of kelly's wedding colors and i think i succesfully transformed the room into a beautiful may 1 denver temple wonderland preview. bahaha ok i'll pretend like that makes sense.
some of the room. helium balloons. non-helium balloons. streamers (good work, laur) twirled ribbon. table cloth. poppers. game. beads. etc.

then we played the "video" match game i made of lance answering questions beforehand on my quicktime mac and then kelly answered them. they actually matched on a lot of the questions. i had the most random questions like "where would you go on your 1 year anniversary if you picked to travel?" "what is kelly's sexiest feature?" "what is kelly's favorite song on the radio right now?" they actually did better than i thought they would.
then we played the "kelly scene-it" game i made. if you know me even a LITTLE (i'm sure i've shown you the MANY embarassing videos of me. dance videos. awkward candid videos. etc. kelly is in MANY MANY of these. you see we were freshman roommates. and freshman year was my PRIME year for my immature excursions. i had even LESS shame back then to being crazy and humiliating. so the "dvd challenge" part for the scene-it game were those videos of me and kelly. from the past 3 years. with random (some impossible) questions after the clip.
i.e. "what did kelly's hat say?" or "when did kelly first appear in the video and what was she doing?" or "what wrist was kelly wearing a bracelet on?" yes yes. it was very fun. and then there were 6 categories. (true/false. preferences. wedding details. lance questions. kelly questions. and then fate cards) i.e. true or false: kelly told lance she loved him first? i.e. lance wants ____# of kids? i.e. who was kelly's first kiss? i.e. does kelly prefer rock climbing or swimming? i.e. what time are kelly and lance getting married?
yes this is the board (a transformed spray painted DI candyland purchase) it starts off in the law building (where the met) with lance's note of his phone number. then the "i love you" in the car moment. then her engagement ring. all the way to eternity in the denver, CO temple. awww precious.

then we opened up some gifts. that was jolly good fun. pls notice the faithful moh writing down the gifts and who they are from.
since freshman year :) 2 marriages. 2 missions. typical byu life paths of course! notice the garter!
the group! some family. some friends. some roommates. we all LOVE our bride. so happy for you kelly!

so then it was 1230 and the bridal shower was officially over but OF COURSE we had one more thing to do. BURN the kissing map. now this map will live on in infamy. but it needs to be destroyed. my course and future and love life is set. kelly is getting married. so are christine and becca. annie is leaving for her mission in 2 weeks. this map was dead and no one needs to hold on to it or dwell on it. so hence we needed to burn it.
these are the girls of who the stars belong to. we each are a different colored star. and the stars represent where the boys are FROM that we have kissed. yes some of us have higher numbers than others. but don't judge!
the process of burning it in the fire pit in the backyard. appropriate!!!!!!!!!!

so that's all folks. that i'm willing to dish on this blog. it was a succesful morning. a stressful weekend over with :) i'm glad i'm filling my moh shoes in. i really only have to stress about the actual week of the wedding now. it's gonna be a party at the hotel every night. i can't wait.

THIRTY-THREE days till kelly's big day :) get some!!!!


Megan said...

i planned one too for yesterday!! it was so fun, but honestly... couldn't be happier it's OVER. looks cute :)

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