Thursday, March 25, 2010

looking like a hott mess- but happy about it

the title- i looked ROUGH today. excercise. temple. cleaning= did NOT look good all day. yikes.
so today was interesting. and when i say interesting. i mean AWESOME!!
chase has been very concerned that i take care of his beautiful mother (she just had surgery) and yesterday on the phone she told me "i swept the whole basement from grandma's wheelchair" OPE! ok did i need a bigger sign or kick in the butt for chase's counsel. hahahaha. so thursday is kinda a loose day for me (especially when i don't have to work that night) i already took my quizzes this week. i have one (french) class at 4 (but i got notes and basically skipped) so i decided i was going to have the most productive day. wake up, go work out, get utilities off my name, go to chase bank, take annie to admissions office, go to oqquhir mountain temple. go to chase's parents house. clean. bond. relieve stress and lighten loads. well fortunately FOR ONCE my plans actually panned out.
i was out the door by 815 (an hour behind schedule) but still got all my plans annihilated.
a beautiful day.
sometimes i wish my parents and younger brothers (it's been the best time of my life having tay at byu with me) lived close enough to drive. well today- was another one of those days. spending all my time with the age group i did today and with my second family- made me miss not having weekly memories like this with my own parents in h-town.
BEST time at the andersons with charlotte (5 months), brodi (4), and lexi (6), and julie (ageless) and grandma hanks (looking 5 years younger than she actually is. so that would make her what. looking 80? haha) ok yah. so this lil shin-dig was beautiful. and my wonderful roomie, annie came too. she is leaving for her mission in less than 3 weeks. i'm getting so sad but then SOOOO stoked for her. she has played a big part in my life and i just love her to pieces. i'm glad we had a day of memories.
well at oqquihr (spelling anyone?) mountain, annie did a session and i was feeling inferior in my baptistry section. OH NO SIR!!! it was absolutely amazing. me and like 10 workers. i was catered to nicely. i got to do over 40 names. in provo- like 3 or 4. it was amazing. they were like- you're waiting for your friend? she could be a couple hours. just sit here and read for a bit then we'll work till you gotta go. it was awesome. i'm considering going up there every week at 930 am and doing that. i also decided i'm getting my endowments out there. i didn't want to at first cuz that's where chase got his out and i didn't wanna get all crazy tangled like that but then i thot NO. don't overanalyze ur every move, u crazy woman.
i have had some good memories there too. this temple has some of my most precious moments. i'm doing it. done. so yah. i had a good feeling :) but i also could still do it in houston, provo, mt timp, who knows :) anyways so that was the perfect chapter to my day.
ps also STOKED that i got my beloved camelbak water bottle back :)
i brought my jiffy cookies over for all of us to devour. and devour we did- sorry none for you when you got home from work dave :( next time.......... maybe. if i am not so hungry.
then i talked with julie for a couple hours. i have learned a lot from her and done a lot of reflection from our convos in the past. she is seriously a rock! chase has a beautiful mother and he adores her- which means he will adore his wife. awwww yah. i will not be his mother. but i will be as loved!
oh and for the record. i'm not sitting around idly waiting. i go on dates now and then. and i'm a maid of honor- so that consumes me sometimes. ok so don't think i'm that crazy girl with a ring on my finger and a date set. if you think that- well go to "heaven" as chase would say. he replaces "hell" with "heaven" like all the time in his letters. some mtc joke i guess. idk. if you read this blog and judge me- well why are you reading this? if you really know me- you know what i'm saying. ok now that we're all on the same page. or hopefully OFF my blog page. k cool.
then as julie did some errands i tended lexi, brodi, and charlotte.
me and annie are a POWER house when it comes to watching children. it was so fun. we also vacuumed, swept, cleaned, steamed the floors, etc. i felt very happy after that. if you're looking for someone to clean ur house- give me a call. i'll do it for free. it makes me happy to help.
then they got back and ciara got home from school- she is a hoot. ps GORGEOUS dress kailey. and we watched NEW MOON of course. ciara stood at the cast signing debut. bahaha. got jessica, mike, angela's signature
during the move=children scrambled all over my face and did NOT realize that my skin was attached to my bones. but it was still fun.
it was such a good day. i came home then and did my homework and some laundry and some baking for elder chase- STILL waiting for his visa. come on brazil. i've been fasting.
do i need to send money to you, too? are you third world, is that why you're hating on america? (no really does anyone know if brazil is third world. i'll ask chase) ah jk i've discussed a million times why this whole visa thing is all caught up and retarded. pray for the visas and chase!
yah so now my feet are cold. ( and when i say "so now" i mean it doesn't relate at all to any other part of the blog. i just mean that NOW they are cold at this moment) becuase i took the very socks off my feet and threw them in the washer. because they were my last white pair and i wanted them to be clean even tho i'll prolly put them right back on. so in the long run- they'll be in my laundry hamper by the end of the night anyways. hahaha i try to be efficient but instead i just suffer with cold feet. anyhow- alright well i just wanted to blog about my beautiful day. it was so pleasant and fulfilling. i love me some annie, chase, and andersons.

make tomorrow, productive!!

bridal shower blog coming up! so much to do tomorrow! it's this saturday!!! can't wait!


Annie said...

i love you. and i miss you already.

Taylor S said...

what temple? haha.

love the sock part.

very productive day, love those. thanks for invite. just kidding.



how do you "steam" floors? serious, ive heard it done. how?

MarisStar said...

they have to be wooden or tile. you use a mop with some hott water/pressure coming from the mop. it's all plugged in and spiffy.

camelback- not as the camping hose kind. just the brand of that one with the cool chewy straw.

yah 40 :)

socks= good.

you and your invites. i know how busy you are toosh.

annie- DITTO