Monday, March 15, 2010

the san fran :)

so good to get away for a while. i really loved the family life, family love, good memories, bonding, laughs, baby time.
it was nice to be away from EVERYTHING that reminded me of chase. i am excited to move out after this semester to new apartments to also have a change of scenery and a new chapter in my life. ok back to the highlight of my life. SUNNYVALE, CA!!!!!! good work at choosing stanford, joshua. awesome possum place!!!
and i had 5 letters on my bed waiting for me when i returned this afternoon. ok ahh getting sidetracked. AND the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom was spotless. wonderful. ok back to san fran!!
you know how i make ridiculous generalizations. if anyone tries to call me on this exclusive claim. i will deny it. but seriously. i am officially converted to california. i had many stereotypes and was a hater in a way- well no longer, my friends. awww yah
great food. great diversity. bohemian fellowers. beautiful sight seeing. great weather.
p.s. california drivers MIGHT be worse then utard drivers. eeeeeek.

yes yes well HAPPY BDAY SHELBY!!! (last friday) and i had a beautiful time. took over 150 pics. 6 videos. just a glorious time. so i wrote a very detailed letter to chase (which is my form of a journal) and i already told my adventures of california like 4 times to different people. but i must document this. so i will tell my tale through the beautiful art form of PICS!!!! ready go!

so i arrived wednesday night. and i was ecstatic!!! what a short flight. much better than the asia jetlag. wonderness! so we went grocery shopping right away. so domestic. i knew i'd be eating them outta their house so i pulled my weight. literally i gained like 4 lbs. back to the gym today! hardcore. par core par core (i just felt like saying that). (ok i don't know if i gained weight. but i feel like i was a heifer. yah heifer club)

this is in the parking lot :) all smiles. look at that baby. she is always smiling. giggling. laughing.
apparently something was hilarious because this is pure cheeseballing it :)

just chatting it up with aubs in her high chair. she loves to tell me her stories.
our little aubritto all ready for bed!! never seen a baby so obedient and sleep so much. wonderful. then i bonded with shelbs while aub got her full night rest.

this is the next morning. i cropped the pic for the mirror- shelby sake. haha. look how cute she is.
on thursday we toured san fran. we were up by a japanese/botanical garden area looking out on the city. so many beautiful hills. this is the great sewage drain system and i took this pic for my mom. she loves the stability and comfort of walking over drains. i was a little hesitant too. the part i'm jumping on was just a few feet. in the middle it fell endlessly. so ta da- your welcome mom. i'm still alive.
the pretty japanese gardens. we thought of you dad :) mushi mushi.
even stopping to smell the "roses" (aka not. just some other kinda flower) is better in california.
i love my sister. seriously made the best memories :) i'm glad we're friends.

then we scored the JACK POT by just exploring around and found this boss beach. pic perfect. alcatraz is in the back. yah we got tons of culture in today :) i love the diversity.
i love like a giant. but my sister is truly just fun-sized. i love the company. the view. the day!
awww mother and daughter. precious moments.
i really love this pic. it just captures the essence of my trip. beautiful!!!!! ps i know kelly will appreciate the hippie essence as well!
over the top of course. but i won't be agile forever.
she loves putting her face on ur face.
i feel like i'm walking on sunshine :D
this is our thing now
i was taking some scenic pics and i look back. and it looks like shelby is torturing her baby. or maybe eating her. so it's a good thing we went to fisherman's wharf....... YUMMy clam chowder bread bowl
very difficult to eat with this grabby baby :) but worth it.
not afraid to be a tourist
this is the famous steep windy street. starts with a L. Lombard St. or something like that. wicked for longboarding.
a hilarious mani-pedi-baby experience. not thoroughly thought through. happy bday my sister :)
now the next morning. friday :) shelby's 25th bday. she had a 12 hours shift at the hospital. josh was hitting the phd books at stanford and me and aubs had a great time. she sat in her bumbo while i got ready. but first she had some laughs while pulling my hair!! cutie patootie.
i was a little nervous to babysit her for 12 hours all by myself but for no reason. she was absolutely perfect. sooooo happy and hilarious. some of my favorite memories :) and we went to chilli's that night for mamma's bday
the next morning. a RIDICULOUS amount of baby bargain shopping. called "outrageous outgrowns" in the san fran area. if u live in that area. i'd recomment it. JUST NOT FOR 4 hours. but it was pretty fun and aubs is a doll. we went to marie callendar's too. never been. quite delish!
a beautiful little angel who seems to adore me almost as much as i adore her
at first it's funny when she plays with my hair and face and we have back and tummy time.

then it actually hurts. she has a kong fu grip.
and shelby only managed to cut one of her hands. before she squirmed and wouldn't let her other fingernails get cut. can you see the actual skin in her grips. woweeee.
a beautiful sabbath day
a beautiful stroll in the woods.
sharing my knowledge and wisdom with my precious niece. she's captivated and in awe.
sisterly love. i know my limits and that is that i could only handle one sister. so i'm glad that it is her :)
i know kelly will appreciate this. i took this with her in mind. yay for peace. because we all know conservatives don't like peace. and yay for the enviornment and nature and green thumbs and recycling.
this is me. this is my talent. i embrace it.
um.... what the heck is this??? i'm trying to make taco salad here. and not have it take 40 hours.
oh yes. well it only makes sense to skype some of the family. looking good schroedter clan.
aubrey loved it. and was the center of our convo :) but of course. nobody can outshine her.
YAY for DDR.... and when we say yay we mean freak nasty. because it wasn't working. and the man of the house was entertained by our loss and shelby was in a stupor and aubrey was trying to fall asleep and i was taking pics!
long story short. chase's idea. it didn't hurt at all but i'm exxagerating it so i look tough. failed. grant used 1/2 of an inside-out tennis ball to suction to his chest to make it look like a tennis ball hickey (he showed me on skype) so i remembered a brilliant idea of chase's where you grab your chin for a minute as hard as you can (making it pale from blood loss) and then you flick it with your hand. then you get a huge purple bruise (which is painless) well ta da. i just squeezed a little bit of my chin during our skype convo with the parents. and it worked. so now i look diseased but i still think its hilarious. so if you wanna try this at home. squeeze a BIGGER part of your chin so it will be noticeable enough that people iwll actually wanna know what happened and not just assume that you are a dirty, infected creature. ok good.

the conclusion of my pics= aubrey grace. i love shelby and josh and am soooooooo grateful and happy they let me visit. it was a long trip but i loved every second :) i miss you guys, already!!!

now a few videos.

at the golden gate bay beach :)

bouncing on mamma's bday

high chair time

laughing before bed


Taylor S said...

Love the videos. (think one of them is a repeat) Great pictures as well.

And for the beginning of your blog. I think I agree with those drivers. And you need to meet some people I have met from California.

Megan said...

one word: SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

hahahahaha the cheese grater is by far my favorite part.