Sunday, March 21, 2010

sunny skies.

wow i have been happy. i really think my advice to others sending off missionaries is to get past the 2 month hump. maybe it has to do with california. or maybe it has to do with how much confidence i have in me and chase. but after his "2 month" mark. i really feel a lot better. and maybe i should not be getting my hopes up that i'm going to be consistent in this attitude. i've been smiling and making lemonade the whole time he has been gone but i truly feel happy these past two weeks- like i don't feel like there is a huge hole of emptiness in my gut anymore. i'm loving my life with chase being afar with not much nostalgia. going to california helped me realize how much life there is to love and live. and i think i needed that break. things have been great this week. i've been a titch irresponsible but it's been uber fun and i've taken care of my responsibilities too :)

so monday- lauryn picked me up from the airport. ok is she such an amazing best friend and cousin? yes. yes she is. i seriously love her. if you ever want to meet someone who sees the good in everybody and everything- let me introduce you to her. she is such a kind person with a strong testimony and she is so loving. i look up to her so much and am so grateful for her in my life. i love you, laur <3
so monday. i came home. blogged. ordered some pics of cali for chase. went to class. did some errands. did some homework. then somehow ended up in draper area. i stopped by to see my second family- i missed the bluffdale crew. love you, andersons. and then lauryn and i went to dallin's to hang with dallin and nick. hahaha ping pong much? and charade's- oh my word. empathy? really- they would expect us to act out that crazy abstract word. it's okay "we're not scared!" and we totally won. did we not get back to provo til 330 am? yeah that's a true story but man it was a great night. i am going to LOVE taking all these memories with me on my mission.
ps bishop told me to start meeting with him next MONTH to start getting prepared and filling out what i can before i send my papers in. awwww yah buddy.
and i'm moving into a new apartment at the end of april- if you wanna help me move. feel free. many people have 'volunteered' (but so did chase last summer and he bailed) so if chase can bail. then other people will too. so it's best to have as many OFFERS as possible and then like 3 or 4 people actually help. hahaha. chase would be hurt if he saw this post. ah not really. i teased him all the time about this incident. so it's an honest post so far :)
tuesday- homework. grocery shopping. class. then i went with dallin and lauryn up to the district and saw the MOST ridiculous movie but yet i kinda liked it. if i ever see it for like $5 on a shelf. i'll buy it. "Remeber Me" hahaha i need to see it again because it was chalk full of randomness. then slept over at lauryn's. hahahaha hilarious serious time.
wednesday to saturday work work work work :) it was weird since i hadn't been to work in like a week. but it was good for me.
oh wednesday- it was sorta me and chase's "six month." people say i can't claim it but HE IS THE ONE that told me it's our six month anniversary. so kiss it, world. and it was st. patty's day. so i got a cute little piece of chase's heart that day. he sent me a french "cantique" (hymn book) and a french "chants pour les enfants" (primary song book) awwwww i already sang like ALL my favorite songs with the accompaniment by myself in my room. oh yeah i am rocking and basking in cool points.
and me and annie have a fun plan to sing the "child's prayer" duet on a tape in french for chase. if you ever have the need to sing french songs- come over to the moby jane house. we have a piano and everything. and a harp- we could get all La bohème on ya :)

going to the temple once a week is the best goal i ever made. it seriously has changed my life. i never realized how bright life can be. take the challenge :)
oh friday friday- after my forever 8 hour shift that was so frustrating, i had a great night. i went shopping for like 2 hours for kelly's bridal shower. oh my word that is going to be my BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT yet. cannot wait!!! pics and blog post dedicated to next saturday. bridal shower, elder wilder's birthday, and festival of colors. it's going to be a blast. wonderful people will be apart of that day :) ciara- get stoked. jessica- you better come. everyone else- gonna be a partay!!!! yah. all the games and activities and decor and success in preparing for the bridal shower really make me proud (in a good kinda way) and honored to be kelly's maid of honor!!! i also reserved my hotel for Colorado. 40 days till their wedding.

also, friday i went with like 10 pepes to see sherlock holmes in the dollar theater. it was amazing. i loved it. (i am a big rachel mcadams fan and that guy from iron man too- i have a crush.)
p.s. taylor- stop hurting urself. put some ice on that knee!
afterwards at like 2 am we went to ihop. a typical provo activity. that was fun.

i miss having my boyfriend 24/7 but i'm glad it gives me this silver lining of hanging out with many people and different people all the time. it gives me the chance to do whatever i want whenever. not much planning required. but i DO look forward to having my boyfriend-24/7 life back :) ok well that's all to report. oh oh wait wait.
who wants to hear a lame joke that chase shared with me. i'm not saying chase is lame but just the joke. i laughed because i was like- chase thinks this is funny? oh a mission has tamed him. hahahaha. he is a dollface and i love him and his quirks. chase, if you can hear me- "smooch smooch" hahaha.
ok joke:
"here is a joke for you, so there is a missionary and he has one of those little books of mormon in his shirt pocket and a guy who really hates missionaries pulled a gun on him and shot him, it was a good thing the he had the book of mormon in his pocket because it stopped the bullet, and he pulled it out and opened it up and it stoped right at isaiah haha even bullets dont want to get into isaiah i love you have a great day"
p.s. isaiah is not in the book of mormon but i maybe he meant the alma chapter's of isaiah.
hahahahaha study the scriptures, my friends!!

ok have a BONNE JOURNÉE!!!!!!


Kelly said...

1. You reserved the hotel? False.
2. Isaiah chapters=Nephi
3. I want my own blog about the bridal shower. I don't want to share with Festival of Colors, etc! Come on, you know Kelly Scene-It deserves its own post!
4. I love you.
5. I miss you. Have fun in RS.

Taylor S said...

Kelly. Ridiculous. Funny.

SECOND Nephi. Good try.

I will try to not hurt myself. It's natural and I like be injured. Sympathy.

I want to play PING PONG!!!!!

330 is nothing.