Friday, March 5, 2010

wednesday at 6:30 pm.

next wednesday at 6:30 pm.....

my tribute and a small glimpse at my excitement

i cannot wait for little aubs to brush MY teeth!!! what a helper.
look at the doll face. i'm melted!!! lauryn- get the sponge ;) tee hee
ma soeur :)
she makes me feel big. not in a fat way. just in a "i'm superior" way. ok jokes. sorta ;)
oh eternal families. baby aubs is a lucky duck!
they left byu and me. so i shall come to them :) pre-aubrey but still as happy as ever. good-bye bubble!
HAHA NO SNOW IN CALIFORNIA. oh yah baby. this pic is great. it will be even greater with a sunny beach background.
and for old times sake. bahahah we're looking good. shirtless. hideous 80's design. pantless. slutty disney princess. good family right here!!! LOVE IT!!!

ok yay! can't wait. my next blog post will be about AWESOME post-california days!

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