Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brazilian themed day :)

SOOOOO i think Chase might be right- maybe i will get called to serve in Brazil. hahaha jk. i have no basis or inkling. i'd be freaked if i got sent there. and have a heart attack if i got sent to belo horizonte. hahaha. let's not even joke about something so torturous-sounding. so today many brazilian experiences. in provo? how is that possible. oh it's possible!!!
and when i say provo i mean Eastern Salt Lake City, Provo, and American Fork :)

i got an email from my missionary living the brazilian life. he is so beautiful and seriously treats me like the goddess i can become. he is so amazing. dear chase- i love you. hope cyber space got that message to you somehow even though if i EVER hear that you're reading this blog i will report you to your mission pres and scold you profusely.
so email from brazil was brazil encounter #1.

my beloved is getting married in NINE 9 NINE 9 NINE days!!!!!
and some grooming. hair highlighting. tanning. etc. has been taken place. and SOOO of course Brazilian waxes were a big topic and a hilarious adventure.
so brazil experience #2.

and today was my AWESOME cousin Nick's birthday. HAPPY BIG 22 fantastic cous!!! so we went to Rio Dizorio (spelling i think is right) it's like Tucanos and therefore VERY brazilian. they even had rice and beans (which is chase's breakfast every morning) so i think that the price range, dish preparation, and serving style is VERY accurate to Brazil :)

Ok well today was wonderful and the semester is over but it's spring semester for me too though. I am STOKED for kelly and lance's wedding. to move out of my haunted house. to hang out by the pool with caitlin. to cruise on motorcycles. to get taken on dates. to go camping. to have road trips. to tan. to prepare for my mission. to get snail mail from brazil eventually :) ok yah.


p.s. oh and i got to babysit my future niece (i call her my niece but you know ) Charlotte today. PRECIOUS. what a good baby and sooo freaking cute. man she is getting big. i love her! i miss Aubrey too. and i'm excited to be an aunt again :) sooner than later.

ok well taylor leaves me tomorrow :( to go home and work for the summer before his mission. it's been awesome tii. i love you. we'll still keep up our obnoxious relationship and i'll see u many times in between before we leave for our missions. i love you, bub!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just got home!
from taking Sister Ann Clark into the Provo MTC.
her dang visa delay. Jerusalem Center. fiasco. It's not like she is a terrorist or something.
Anyways- i was her companion for like 4 hours. That was exciting. I kept a very tight leash and made sure she was strictly obedient. It was a little weird when she told me I was her companion. I was like OH buddy. best clean up the language and road rage and morning grumpiness. hahaha. it was such a great commute and time with Sister Clark :)
Well man how i love that missionary. She was so calm and collected. Barely nervous. I think i was having more of an anxiety attack than her about dropping someone off at the mtc AGAIN!!! it was much better this time. i actually enjoyed it and now have happy memories dropping someone off at the mtc. But it was great. She looked so glorious and her companions were adorable! They are Mesa, Arizona bound and were super sweet. Annie will be in the Provo MTC for 3 weeks. so the pressure is on to make the goodies :) i'm so excited for her and to hear about a girl's perspective and experience.
This made it all the more real to me, too, how i'm putting in my papers in 2 months. Aw yah baby :)
Some beautiful pics of Sister Ann Clark. She has a blog (I'm a follower) Play Like An Angel. SO check that out too for her awesome progress. Give 'em heaven, ANNIE!!!!

there she is. sister ann clark. looking like one hott mamma missionary!!

ope a scrub with the classy missionary! love you, annie.

all smiles for this awesome adventure. watch out birmingham.
awwwwwwww. doesn't she just look awesome. i'm so proud of you annie.

her first pic with her official name tag. you teach those people. tract that!

her faithful companion handing her off in the mtc lobby!
her companions for the next three weeks :) you go girls!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i sinned

there is just something i need to get off my chest.
i'm a filthy lying traitor.
my whole life i have been swearing on so-and-so's life or whoever's grave that i would NEVER do this thing. i have mocked the orange umpa lumpas. i have spit on their very being. and now i have succombed.
i have went with my shallow desires to not look like a ghost or pastey maid of honor. so what did i do.
that's right for the next 2 weeks i shall be.....
the incubator oven of skin cancer.......... but i do have a nice heart shaped tan line shaded thing-a-ma-bob.
at leat i tan easily and this will all be over in 2 weeks and my heart can stop breaking.

freak nasty. i can't believe i did this.
i've sworn off many things in my life. what's next? dating someone who lives in utah? who is a university of utah fan? and prolly get conned into living in the state of utah the rest of my life? HAHAHAH when pigs fly!
ope there they go........

ahhhhhhhh hellllllavator. i just realized that this little ironic twist DOES go along perfectly with my new blog title. *ml. this would happen to me. ahhh well I'M LOVING IT ANYWAYS :) i love chase.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

life is grand

what a wonderful weekend. my dad came in town. reason to be happy #1. my beautiful cousin got married. CONGRATS MEGAN AND NICK. reason #2. this also meant my schroedter side of the family was gathered. haven't seen some of them in ages. like literally 10 ages or so. reason #3. a wedding always means partying. reason #4. she got married in salt lake temple. which is where i hope to be in a couple of years. reason #5. i went to roosevelt another weekend day for my (ross) other side of the family. so i got to see BOTH sides of family this weekend. reason #6. little sammy got baptized and it was glorious. reason #7. came back and had a FUN game night with annie and her possie. reason #8. i spent annie's last moments just happy to know such a WONDERFUL best friend. reason #9. annie is on her way to serve her full-time mission in Birmingham, England. congrats. reason #10. and i spent much time with taylor this weekend. reason #11. i saw kristi and garr too. reason #12. my dad is the best. reason #13. and now i'm on my way to see my OTHER family :) it's kina's birthday. andersons here i come. reason #14.
so what do we have here folks.
wedding, baptism, mission, birthday, FAMILY!!!!!!
sounds like heaven to me.

a few pics of beautiful humor and love.
the maid of honor. uncle. cousin. HAPPY family :)
some cousin loving as we WAIT for megan and nick

some love for the bride. megan wagner denney :)

loving my time with taylor man banana.
hahahahahahahahahahaha the ONLY thing that matters in this pic is taylor

me and the baptism girl. samantha ross :)
sometimes. and when i say sometimes. i mean all the time. me and my friends are handicapped.
WE MISS YOU. and glad you're making this GREAT decision. we're sad for this second but truly happy!!!! yay birmingham, england!

this pic is hilarious to me. prolly my favorite of the four of us ever. or maybe the one previous in my fbook album

PS NOTICE the new video on my fbook of my bro and dad and me. your welcome, world!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

in salt lake?

REAL WORLD in salt lake?
are you serious?
i am on my SHORT break at work this evening and i see my beautiful cousin called and left me a voicemail. so i check it and assume it's going to go something like this "i just missed your voice and wanted to let you know someone cares about you a lot and you go to the gym way more than me and i admire you." but oh no- she continues to tell me that she heard on the radio that they're placing casting audtions right now and that the next location for the MTV ridiculous reality show is in fact SLC!!!! hahahahahahahaha..... still laughing 5 hours later!!
after my break is over (cuz there's no way ANY PIECE of information would be worth me cutting my break short) i run up to Aimmie and tell her. luckily the store was fairly empty and we just laughed like hyenas. we are both weird reality tv show fans and real world and survivor are often are choice of topics. so we continued for the rest of the 3 hours to analyse, laugh, and suggest fake scenarios of how the season could go!!
oh what's that jeremy? you're under 21- looks like it's area 51 and studio 600 for you. have fun with that!!!! and if that's too lame just head down to provo and find sparks or something. bahaha. a byu dance is always an option. find the "risque" utes. oh wait- even the utes of utah are the straight edges where you attend university.
well MTV- good choice!!! this can't be good publicity for the church OR the normal scene for real world. stupid stupid stupid.
what are they thinking?
and what kind of liberal project will they have going on in salt lake when OH WAIT the church OWNS half of salt lake.
i know i'll prolly be on my mission by the time this uplifting, spiritual-feastful show airs but seriously. if you want some RIDICULOUS, BRAIN-NUMBING tv. Real World Salt Lake has to be your first choice!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

baby baby baby

that justin beiber song is my ring tone. (ps concert july 14 at e center slc. can't wait ciara)
when i heard it go off on tuesday= pure celestial.
i got to talk to chase for over 4.5 hours. he is doing great and the most amazing man.
it's obviously GREAT when you find the greatest friendship you've ever known.
i have typed PAGES and bullet points of that conversation that great tuesday. (it was kelly's bday! happy bday kelly late on the blog) but for my blog. i'm just gonna say what everyone already knew. chase david makes me absolutely giddy and joyful in an eternal kinda lasting way. an everlasting gobstopper. and if i swell up to look like a huge blueberry- it'll be worth it :)

as we grow older together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you.
chase knows this :) so do a lot of ppl!!!

and i can already tell that him being in brazil is a thousand times better than the provo mtc. that was torture. brazil= actual purpose and progress and making a difference. him being there is WORTH him not being physically with me.
in the words of someone famous vicariously through chase's every letter

"two years is but a blink of an eye in eternity"