Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brazilian themed day :)

SOOOOO i think Chase might be right- maybe i will get called to serve in Brazil. hahaha jk. i have no basis or inkling. i'd be freaked if i got sent there. and have a heart attack if i got sent to belo horizonte. hahaha. let's not even joke about something so torturous-sounding. so today many brazilian experiences. in provo? how is that possible. oh it's possible!!!
and when i say provo i mean Eastern Salt Lake City, Provo, and American Fork :)

i got an email from my missionary living the brazilian life. he is so beautiful and seriously treats me like the goddess i can become. he is so amazing. dear chase- i love you. hope cyber space got that message to you somehow even though if i EVER hear that you're reading this blog i will report you to your mission pres and scold you profusely.
so email from brazil was brazil encounter #1.

my beloved is getting married in NINE 9 NINE 9 NINE days!!!!!
and some grooming. hair highlighting. tanning. etc. has been taken place. and SOOO of course Brazilian waxes were a big topic and a hilarious adventure.
so brazil experience #2.

and today was my AWESOME cousin Nick's birthday. HAPPY BIG 22 fantastic cous!!! so we went to Rio Dizorio (spelling i think is right) it's like Tucanos and therefore VERY brazilian. they even had rice and beans (which is chase's breakfast every morning) so i think that the price range, dish preparation, and serving style is VERY accurate to Brazil :)

Ok well today was wonderful and the semester is over but it's spring semester for me too though. I am STOKED for kelly and lance's wedding. to move out of my haunted house. to hang out by the pool with caitlin. to cruise on motorcycles. to get taken on dates. to go camping. to have road trips. to tan. to prepare for my mission. to get snail mail from brazil eventually :) ok yah.


p.s. oh and i got to babysit my future niece (i call her my niece but you know ) Charlotte today. PRECIOUS. what a good baby and sooo freaking cute. man she is getting big. i love her! i miss Aubrey too. and i'm excited to be an aunt again :) sooner than later.

ok well taylor leaves me tomorrow :( to go home and work for the summer before his mission. it's been awesome tii. i love you. we'll still keep up our obnoxious relationship and i'll see u many times in between before we leave for our missions. i love you, bub!

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Taylor S said...

Love you.

Sorry for reading this two weeks later. That was a fun day, it never ended with me.