Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i sinned

there is just something i need to get off my chest.
i'm a filthy lying traitor.
my whole life i have been swearing on so-and-so's life or whoever's grave that i would NEVER do this thing. i have mocked the orange umpa lumpas. i have spit on their very being. and now i have succombed.
i have went with my shallow desires to not look like a ghost or pastey maid of honor. so what did i do.
that's right for the next 2 weeks i shall be.....
the incubator oven of skin cancer.......... but i do have a nice heart shaped tan line shaded thing-a-ma-bob.
at leat i tan easily and this will all be over in 2 weeks and my heart can stop breaking.

freak nasty. i can't believe i did this.
i've sworn off many things in my life. what's next? dating someone who lives in utah? who is a university of utah fan? and prolly get conned into living in the state of utah the rest of my life? HAHAHAH when pigs fly!
ope there they go........

ahhhhhhhh hellllllavator. i just realized that this little ironic twist DOES go along perfectly with my new blog title. *ml. this would happen to me. ahhh well I'M LOVING IT ANYWAYS :) i love chase.


The Andersons (Chad + Kina = Charlotte) said...

Heck yeah! You're coming over to the dark side... or I guess technically the light side since tanning is actually quite bright!!!

As an avid tanning addict I am quite aware that there is a very good chance that skin cancer is in my future. That is why every May (skin cancer awareness month) I pay a visit to my dermatologist to have all my moles, sun patches, etc. examined. My appointments are always the same... he lectures me about how bad tanning is, I promise to "attempt" to stop, and then I go and buy a tanning pass once I get the "all-clear" from the doc!!!

So, I guess what I'm saying is that I too am a sinner!!! (But at least it's supposed to be warm in Hell, right?!?!) =)

Taylor S said...

I'm disappointed.

That's all I'll say. Appearance isn't everything.