Thursday, April 8, 2010

in salt lake?

REAL WORLD in salt lake?
are you serious?
i am on my SHORT break at work this evening and i see my beautiful cousin called and left me a voicemail. so i check it and assume it's going to go something like this "i just missed your voice and wanted to let you know someone cares about you a lot and you go to the gym way more than me and i admire you." but oh no- she continues to tell me that she heard on the radio that they're placing casting audtions right now and that the next location for the MTV ridiculous reality show is in fact SLC!!!! hahahahahahahaha..... still laughing 5 hours later!!
after my break is over (cuz there's no way ANY PIECE of information would be worth me cutting my break short) i run up to Aimmie and tell her. luckily the store was fairly empty and we just laughed like hyenas. we are both weird reality tv show fans and real world and survivor are often are choice of topics. so we continued for the rest of the 3 hours to analyse, laugh, and suggest fake scenarios of how the season could go!!
oh what's that jeremy? you're under 21- looks like it's area 51 and studio 600 for you. have fun with that!!!! and if that's too lame just head down to provo and find sparks or something. bahaha. a byu dance is always an option. find the "risque" utes. oh wait- even the utes of utah are the straight edges where you attend university.
well MTV- good choice!!! this can't be good publicity for the church OR the normal scene for real world. stupid stupid stupid.
what are they thinking?
and what kind of liberal project will they have going on in salt lake when OH WAIT the church OWNS half of salt lake.
i know i'll prolly be on my mission by the time this uplifting, spiritual-feastful show airs but seriously. if you want some RIDICULOUS, BRAIN-NUMBING tv. Real World Salt Lake has to be your first choice!!!!

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Taylor S said...

can i say ridiculous? great publicity for the state. haha. just read a funny article in the daily universe. Henderson (elbowed Emery in the BYU Utah game for basketball) - a Ute. Said he quit the basketball team because Boylen the coach inflicted or something upon his "individualism" good cover, paper writer. Plus he was the fifth one on the team to "quit."