Sunday, April 11, 2010

life is grand

what a wonderful weekend. my dad came in town. reason to be happy #1. my beautiful cousin got married. CONGRATS MEGAN AND NICK. reason #2. this also meant my schroedter side of the family was gathered. haven't seen some of them in ages. like literally 10 ages or so. reason #3. a wedding always means partying. reason #4. she got married in salt lake temple. which is where i hope to be in a couple of years. reason #5. i went to roosevelt another weekend day for my (ross) other side of the family. so i got to see BOTH sides of family this weekend. reason #6. little sammy got baptized and it was glorious. reason #7. came back and had a FUN game night with annie and her possie. reason #8. i spent annie's last moments just happy to know such a WONDERFUL best friend. reason #9. annie is on her way to serve her full-time mission in Birmingham, England. congrats. reason #10. and i spent much time with taylor this weekend. reason #11. i saw kristi and garr too. reason #12. my dad is the best. reason #13. and now i'm on my way to see my OTHER family :) it's kina's birthday. andersons here i come. reason #14.
so what do we have here folks.
wedding, baptism, mission, birthday, FAMILY!!!!!!
sounds like heaven to me.

a few pics of beautiful humor and love.
the maid of honor. uncle. cousin. HAPPY family :)
some cousin loving as we WAIT for megan and nick

some love for the bride. megan wagner denney :)

loving my time with taylor man banana.
hahahahahahahahahahaha the ONLY thing that matters in this pic is taylor

me and the baptism girl. samantha ross :)
sometimes. and when i say sometimes. i mean all the time. me and my friends are handicapped.
WE MISS YOU. and glad you're making this GREAT decision. we're sad for this second but truly happy!!!! yay birmingham, england!

this pic is hilarious to me. prolly my favorite of the four of us ever. or maybe the one previous in my fbook album

PS NOTICE the new video on my fbook of my bro and dad and me. your welcome, world!


Taylor S said...

I love the pic of you handicapped people. Ridiculous, and you would put me on here sleeping.

Kelly said...

oh marissa. marissa marissa marissa.