Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just got home!
from taking Sister Ann Clark into the Provo MTC.
her dang visa delay. Jerusalem Center. fiasco. It's not like she is a terrorist or something.
Anyways- i was her companion for like 4 hours. That was exciting. I kept a very tight leash and made sure she was strictly obedient. It was a little weird when she told me I was her companion. I was like OH buddy. best clean up the language and road rage and morning grumpiness. hahaha. it was such a great commute and time with Sister Clark :)
Well man how i love that missionary. She was so calm and collected. Barely nervous. I think i was having more of an anxiety attack than her about dropping someone off at the mtc AGAIN!!! it was much better this time. i actually enjoyed it and now have happy memories dropping someone off at the mtc. But it was great. She looked so glorious and her companions were adorable! They are Mesa, Arizona bound and were super sweet. Annie will be in the Provo MTC for 3 weeks. so the pressure is on to make the goodies :) i'm so excited for her and to hear about a girl's perspective and experience.
This made it all the more real to me, too, how i'm putting in my papers in 2 months. Aw yah baby :)
Some beautiful pics of Sister Ann Clark. She has a blog (I'm a follower) Play Like An Angel. SO check that out too for her awesome progress. Give 'em heaven, ANNIE!!!!

there she is. sister ann clark. looking like one hott mamma missionary!!

ope a scrub with the classy missionary! love you, annie.

all smiles for this awesome adventure. watch out birmingham.
awwwwwwww. doesn't she just look awesome. i'm so proud of you annie.

her first pic with her official name tag. you teach those people. tract that!

her faithful companion handing her off in the mtc lobby!
her companions for the next three weeks :) you go girls!

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Taylor S said...

Well done Annie. Well done.