Sunday, May 23, 2010

i recommend...

i recommend
enough said. i might be juvenile for finding it so hilarious but seriously. it felt soooo good to laugh so hard. i'm sure my company and the whole theater was embarrassed for me but it was glorious :)
i have recently (since kelly's wedding) started keeping a daily diary (i like to call it a journal just like greg [aka main character from the movie]) mainly to record what preparing for a mission is like for me and so i can write down a lot of my issues. hahaha.
so i felt like WOW i should write more like gregory. his diaries are hilarious. but then i remembered i'm not in middle school so now matter how i tried- my life would never been that crazy.

i just wanted to write a quick shout out to this awesome movie. i will be buying it. oh let me google when it gets released on video. brb.
estimated: JULY 2010!!! that's not too far away at all!!!!!!! yay.

"dear john" comes out tuesday. whoop whoop!

bachelorette starts tomorrow!

garrett's birthday is wednesday!!!!

becca's bridal shower is thursday!!

i'm going camping with my beloved andersons this memorial day weekend!

ciara's bday is friday and julie's bday is sunday :) aww yah! keeping my surprises till the last possible second. i CANNOT blurt it out at our bachelorette party. I WILL NOT!!!!

ok have a great week!! hope it's a busy one :)

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Taylor S said...

We have to see this together!