Tuesday, May 4, 2010

two is better than one

yes two is better than one. this is the epic song that kelly and lance two-stepped to for their first dance as husband and wife. it was glorious. the reception was rockin. some spontaneous line dancing. getting hit on by older men. making a witty toast. hosting with a microphone. failing at catching the bouquet. dancing with underaged men. chase on the brain. kelly and lance looking spectacular. especially kelly. MAN oh man! bombshell. and now they're in the bahamas. livin the dream! sigh :) i'm so happy for them and cannot wait to hear deets (thanks for the word lauryn) when they get back. i have so much to say but i guess i'll just let some pics tell the story :) my scrapbook for this event is going to be awesome. it's weird because for the past 5 months THIS is what i've been putting my heart and soul into! now it's like RELAXATION and nostalgia. everything went so smoothly. and it was a blast. like seriously a party! becca was a great wingman and i was a wingman to kelly so we just were a winged creature having fun!!! so many laughs and good times.
we had some tbell and butterface lee and paix watching over us. and a creepy truck that harassed us and a pic of chase and phone calls with aj. and whining from the fiancé about missing aj. oh bother. hahaha. GREAT times. music video coming soon. maybe not appropriate for public eyes. hahaha.
the drive from ptown to denver was long. HENCe.
THIS IS A GOOD SIGN!! (a pun!) in the right state now at least. yippeeeeeee.
just some hotel adventures. nice to have our own space and crazy times!!! wonderful roomie.
skillful. gymnastics lessons as a child= paid off= check.
we had a day at the aquarium in denver. that was fun. this is a great pic of the 5 year old children. aka women in their 20's.
they had some hideous, goofy looking, beautiful, eye-captivating fish there.

the group all cheering for this glorious eternal occasion. yah buddy rollin like a big shot.

this is my favorite picture of the whole wedding pics. i love it. me and my obsession with kissing pics. its just so picturesque and brings a tear to my eye. many reasons for tears that day: so happy for them, missing chase, a little sad its over, i miss kelly, a little stressful, the spirit was strong, and SOOO happy for them
kelly wanted me to do this. but i liked it :) symbolic. haha jk i bring them CLOSER. i'm not sure what that means. but yah.

there it is. my own idea of beauty and friendship and awesomeness.
this is a great captured moment for me. hence the prof pic making.

you know it. scandolous and sassy!!! jumping for joy after their ceremony.

nme and becca chilling on the temple grounds for a second after all the commotion. soaking it all in. and it was beautiful weather.
their first dance at the reception that night. two is better than one.
enjoying the reception with my date. why does she look in pain? she just smashed her knuckles on the table it was hilarious. and this is BEFORE the giant spider (bigger than my retainers!!!) was on my shoulder and who know how it got there or where it went after i made a huge commotion shaking it off and almost knocking over the bride and the whole tent? YIKES! hahaha but hilarious. good times, b!
GOOD BYE lovely couple. get 'er done! be safe. be gentle. be wild!!!!!! bahamas WATCH out! see you in 2 weeks :)

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Taylor S said...

I just saw I didn't comment but remembered looking at this quite a while ago when you said pics were coming when you got back to Provo from Denver. So I just wanted to comment and be sure to try and comment on all the blog stories. the end.

comment. Like the pics.