Tuesday, June 29, 2010

straight edge

ok. icing on the cake. this afternoon i was talking to my insightful uncle, Steve, and i was telling him how me and carwash boy were talking about gangs and i told carwash boy i am a straightedge. and then carwash boy was confused and Steve helped me realize why. STRAIGHTEDGE is a gang in utah. it's very cruel and crazy. i had to immediately clear the air. i didn't want a gang coming after me. oh my word.

i am a straight edge morally.

i do not smash people's heads on the sidewalk. oh my word. that's just inconsiderate to NAME a gang straightedge.

i'm concerned for this world.

can i write you a check?

so i spent a beautiful weekend in roosevelt with my mother and caleb. and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins (aka half the population of roosevelt consists of my blood relatives)

and anyway. so i had a follow up doctor appointment yesterday so i had to come back to ptown for like 3.76 seconds. and then i went to the andersons to pay for my justin bieber tickets. yah be excited for me :) and also i had stolen ci ci's temple recommend. freak nasty. and then perfect timing for bachelorette!

well let's not get ahead of ourselves. this is where the story gets good. so for all of you who don't know roosevelt- it is a one light town out in the utahn desert!! so my car got filthy. just dirt molecules and specks all over my silver beauty.

and my wonderful, charitable mother gave me the exxon gas card. welcome to utah mother. stay as long as you need :)

so i decided "ok gas and carwash. necessary! check!" so i am pulling up the carwash. let's count the ways i embarassed myself.

1. hott attendant there. his blue eyes were like a clear waterfall in the middle of samoa. so i blush.

2. apparently you have to put your wheel in the track. the sun is burning my eyes and i couldn't see the track. i missed it. he had to coach me through it.

3. he needed a tip. i had no cash.

4. i decided to write him a check for 3 dollars. he was hott and broad. he looked at least 22! he needed to be rewarded for that.

5. from my check....he now has my texas address- so be careful dad. hope he doesn't turn into one of my many stalkers.

6. he said, "i hope your number is on that check." i am very obedient. i jot it down.

7. i didn't read the "put car in neutral sign" i almost ruin the track and my car. he had to run up and point at the sign

8. i left my right shot-gun window cracked a little. soap came flying in. struggles. he laughed at me.

ok so.................... he texts me later that night. and after some AWKWARD texting about gangs, catholic private school, not being mormon in a mormon state, etc...... i find out he is in HIGH SCHOOL "a senior finally!" were his exact words. oh sweet balls..... hahahaha i told him i was a senior too.... at byu. he said that won't be a problem. who is this KID? hahahaha he said he always dates older girls and that we can work something out. hahah and the story goes on. it's still going on actually. i'm trying to nip it in the bud but it's not working very well.

and besides. i love awkward entertainment. absolutely harmless :)

ok conclusion:
ciara. i will set you up!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


TAYLOR L. SCHROEDTER will soon be ELDER SCHROEDTER (or wtv ELDER is translated to in Romanian :)!!!!!) He checks into Provo MTC September 8 (my baby neice, Aubrey's first birthday!)



Congrats Taylor man. i love you! can't wait to HUG you AS i scream in 12 days :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

a week of prepping :)

today is my last day of "scheduled" work this summer. i will miss my downeast girls but i will visit them often (off the clock :)!!!!!)
i'm so excited for summer to officially start. i'm pickin up mom and cay tomorrow and i cannot wait! then some roosevelt time (i'll take pics of that desert) and then ECLIPSE!!! then some independance day celebration. then family reunion. then kayla and mitchell's wedding. then a justin bieber concert. then ms. mary's wedding. then caleb's baptism. then my birthday. then my last bishop/stake pres meeting. then papers IN!!!!!!!!!! wow what a moutful. i'm so busy and tired just typing all my exciting plans :)
then after my call= texas, california road trip, lake powell, vegas, etc!!!!! oh boy i'm a lucky girl :)

this week has been crazy with mission prepping and prepping to leave behind some provo days :) i had my pre-mission dentist appointment. i just got back from the pre-mission doctor session. oh lady doctors :) i love the intrusion!
and of course spiritually preparing for a mission. that part is the BEST experience ever. even if for some freak reason i get in a car accident where some reckless driver is texting or fiddling with their cd player.....and i become an innocent victim and become paralyzed and can't go on a mission- i'm so glad i have had these months to PREPARE. i have grown so much. i can't even imagine how spongy and absorbent i'll be in the MTC. wow can't wait :)

AND...... taylor shoulda got his call in the mail by now. like days ago! so we're anticipating every single stinkin awesome beautiful blessed day. can't wait for my date with skype to see him open it and just be beaming!!! he is going to make the best missionary ever :)


oh my brother puts the GOOD in GOOD-LOOKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he loves me and my invasive, bombarding ways. i miss you tii :) i'm so proud of you! i love you!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

the count downs :)

I pick up my mom and my baby brother in...... 12 days

My beloved Becca is getting married in...... 5 days

I get to laugh and hang out with the beautiful Mary in...... 2 hours

I get an email (and a letter before that I bet) in.......2 days

My birthday is in........... 36 days (which means papers are getting sent in like a couple days after that!!!!)

Chase's 6 month mark will be (aka 1/4 mark) ..... a month from yesterday

My family reunion is in........ 25 days

My last day of "official" scheduled full-time work is in...... 11 days

oh the countdowns :)

I had a freekin bomb-diggidy weekend.
Friday night was Kelly and Lance night :) i love spending time with them. re-watching Lost is trippy! i'm sitting in class right now and right before this class i was at kelly's just chatting it up. man i love having the funniest friends. laughing is my favorite. and sharing my life with kelly is great too. i love her stories and her beauty hahahah
Saturday was a great split-shift at work and Mary's hilarious Bridal shower in between. It was great and helped me appreciate all the many life experiences and friends I've made :) I'm so happy for Mary and she deserves the most happiness and stability and beautiful marriage ever- Taylor is a lucky man. I LOVE HER!!!
and the rest of my weekend was beautiful at my Aunt and Uncle's house in So Jo. Dall + Laur= i love them!!! and lauryn took such great care of me as i was whining and crying over my sick body. what a good nurse she will make!
bachelorette party tonight with her and the andersons. and when i say bachelorette party- i can see how you'd think that means scandolous strippers and drunken craziness but (A) we're mormon and that means something, people!!! and (B) i wasn't referring to that kinda bachelorette party. just scandolous HOTTIES with shirtless tanned bodies running after Ali :) yay!!! oughtta be an entertaining night.

p.s. SHUTTER ISLAND. i saw it for the first time this weekend. i'm still processing. i liked it :) A LOT!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


i was looking at some twitter profiles for the first time today.
i "knew" what twitter was but was disgusted with the retarded idea of it so i refused to succumb.
i feel vulnerable when i make facebook status updates about my life. like um TMI for the public. and they have this WHOLE program dedicated to being peeping toms and stalkers. hmmmm...

but after looking at some of the coolness on my friends' twitter pages (if you have twitter. i might have creeped you) it makes me wanna join. JUST A LITTLE. i still think its ridiculous...... but ridiculous is my middle name! so maybe it's fitting.
like what could be more fun, entertaining, and pointless at the same time? my three favorite adverbs. ok i realize those aren't really adverbs. but i'm sure if you add an "ly" they would be.

i would try to inform the world of all my random, obscure, inappropriate, heart-wrenching, ab-laughing moments on my twitter.

ok i prolly won't do this because i'm gonna be MIA and a leper to the internet except for myldsmail.net in a couple months here AND i don't wanna get addicted to ANOTHER internet application before i leave.
so to suffice my hunger for this twitter account of mine that i long for...... i shall have a mock twitter for five seconds on this blog.


welcome to twitter!

marissajean thinks that her prayers are stronger and more faithful than those people who love winter. finally her prayers win. hello summer :)

marissajean misses certain people. but if you're reading this. it's prolly not you because i see you too often anyways or talk to you in cyberland too often. too= a good thing. @kellylarbrun @tiischroe @aubsmom @lauross

marissajean cannot believe how delicious the letter she got from @elderchase smelt today. i could taste him.

marissajean is STOKED for bachelorette. yah @kinanderson i'm in love with this show. if it doesnt' work out with chase, i'm joining. me with 25 hott guys! criteria: RM or convert. BYU fan. hometown NOT utah. sexiness off the charts!!!

you are now leaving twitter!

did i convince you for a sec that you were in twitter? i hope so :) if the format looks weird that's because twitter is weird. i tried to make it formattishly similiar.

ah crapface! i'm IN class. how long have i been spaced out?
oh wait we're learning about Gothic Architecture. Notre Dame. I could recite and teach this lesson in my sleep. J'aime ma Notre Dame!!!
now Saint Chappelle. AND Chartres.
Oh France- I YEARN FOR YOU!!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

construction poems :)

so i was driving home from laur's- beautiful girl! and i was jamming to some colbie callait. (sp?idk) gracefully of course and i'm sure the cars in the other lanes were impressed and complimenting me from their perspective. well of course utah is full of retarded construction so it gives me even MORE time to jam. well as i was analyzing (like i always do) callait's song lyrics. this poem just streamed into my brain wave. so i got home and wrote it down. p.s. it sounded a lot cooler in my head. of course.

Their eyes were never on just me
Their sincerity was questioned
Their addictions were distancing and dumb
Their words turned me numb

Their consistency was non-existent
Their fun ran out fast
Their games weren't too bad. But i ended up dead last.
Their right hook stung three too many times

There weren't any reasons or rhymes
To why i went this way or that.
How wasteful. All of them.
Wow i sure know how to pick 'em

Now with you i can see each flaw they paraded
that you don't share
But who cares
You're not here either

Sometimes my support is erroneous
When i lose sight and I can
I think how unfair
You left me. Just like i left them.

They all had flaws that had me running
So what are mine?
that made you leave.

Then i remember
And am humbled oh very quickly
This isn't about me
It's about giving, serving, and following God Almighty

And let's be honest
Here's a true disclaimer
I'm not smart enough to choose you
We all know you picked me
And you didn't just pick me
But you picked me UP, lifted me HIGHER,
And helped me stand TALLER
You started this serving fire

And I'm so glad you did
Because i lo.... you more
And i know you'll be back at my door

So until then, just knock on everyone else's
And I'll soon do the same
This chapter is awesome
Sorry if I'm psycho at the beginning, middle, or end
I'm getting better
You know me :) more with every letter.

ok so i'm guessing 2% of you actually understood every line :) good job, y'all!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

happiness is good!

yes happiness is good.

this is gonna be a short blog because OH WAIT i'm in class. bahaha. good one. i should be more hardcore in classes. ah well spring= automatic A practically so im good.

1. i was trying to watch the hills (yah mtv-i know its uplifting) and my hotmail was up BAM!!!! an email from chase. well i normally get 3 in my inbox each wednesday and it was just the 1st one recieved so my little brain was like HE MUST BE ONLINE. so i emailed him. and it was true!! a couple messages were exchanged. sometimes i forget he lives in the world. i think of chase as in mission world. good part of my day :) did i cheat? it was through ldsmail...... well i justified it ;)

2. i'm working on a "creativity project" for my history class and i'm doing a music video (a modern twist of the odyssey in a "mission to brazil" kinda way) it oughta be good. i'm thinkin A+ for me. i will post it on the blog maybe if i like it hahahaha

3. i love talking to my mom on the phone. and now i'm mature enough to read mary higgins clark novels to discuss with her. oh yah.

4. memorial day weekend was spent with FAMILY. yah i said it. i spent the first night up at the cabin with laur, dall, jeanna, steve, rhyker, and jacksie :) precious times and the next two nights i snuggled up with my andersons. it was glorious. i'm a rough hard core camper. chad and kina's camper. i had a photo shoot with bryton and ciara. i went shopping with grandma, julie, and ciara. i beat dave in a campfire game. and charlotte was trying to steal paix. good times!

5. i can't wait to go to oqquihr mountain temple tomorrow

6. ok everyone watch the bachelorette. there will be a bachelorette blog post once i get emotionally attached to the strapping young men. ow ow! hott!!!!!

ok c'est la vie! j'aime ma vie!!!

i only have 3 weeks of work and 1.5 weeks of class left!!! my beautiful mother and hilarious mini-me caleb will be here in 24 days :)
wow i can't believe it's june already. wow!!!!!! that's a GREAT THING!!!

ok the internet connection in this classroom sucks. pics are on fbook. peace!