Tuesday, June 29, 2010

can i write you a check?

so i spent a beautiful weekend in roosevelt with my mother and caleb. and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins (aka half the population of roosevelt consists of my blood relatives)

and anyway. so i had a follow up doctor appointment yesterday so i had to come back to ptown for like 3.76 seconds. and then i went to the andersons to pay for my justin bieber tickets. yah be excited for me :) and also i had stolen ci ci's temple recommend. freak nasty. and then perfect timing for bachelorette!

well let's not get ahead of ourselves. this is where the story gets good. so for all of you who don't know roosevelt- it is a one light town out in the utahn desert!! so my car got filthy. just dirt molecules and specks all over my silver beauty.

and my wonderful, charitable mother gave me the exxon gas card. welcome to utah mother. stay as long as you need :)

so i decided "ok gas and carwash. necessary! check!" so i am pulling up the carwash. let's count the ways i embarassed myself.

1. hott attendant there. his blue eyes were like a clear waterfall in the middle of samoa. so i blush.

2. apparently you have to put your wheel in the track. the sun is burning my eyes and i couldn't see the track. i missed it. he had to coach me through it.

3. he needed a tip. i had no cash.

4. i decided to write him a check for 3 dollars. he was hott and broad. he looked at least 22! he needed to be rewarded for that.

5. from my check....he now has my texas address- so be careful dad. hope he doesn't turn into one of my many stalkers.

6. he said, "i hope your number is on that check." i am very obedient. i jot it down.

7. i didn't read the "put car in neutral sign" i almost ruin the track and my car. he had to run up and point at the sign

8. i left my right shot-gun window cracked a little. soap came flying in. struggles. he laughed at me.

ok so.................... he texts me later that night. and after some AWKWARD texting about gangs, catholic private school, not being mormon in a mormon state, etc...... i find out he is in HIGH SCHOOL "a senior finally!" were his exact words. oh sweet balls..... hahahaha i told him i was a senior too.... at byu. he said that won't be a problem. who is this KID? hahahaha he said he always dates older girls and that we can work something out. hahah and the story goes on. it's still going on actually. i'm trying to nip it in the bud but it's not working very well.

and besides. i love awkward entertainment. absolutely harmless :)

ok conclusion:
ciara. i will set you up!


Kelly said...

almost peed myself. thats all i can say.

Kayla J said...

hahahahahhhaha. I loved every second of this story.

Taylor S said...

Wow. hahahaha. Ridiculous. crazy kid, he does try.