Sunday, June 6, 2010

construction poems :)

so i was driving home from laur's- beautiful girl! and i was jamming to some colbie callait. (sp?idk) gracefully of course and i'm sure the cars in the other lanes were impressed and complimenting me from their perspective. well of course utah is full of retarded construction so it gives me even MORE time to jam. well as i was analyzing (like i always do) callait's song lyrics. this poem just streamed into my brain wave. so i got home and wrote it down. p.s. it sounded a lot cooler in my head. of course.

Their eyes were never on just me
Their sincerity was questioned
Their addictions were distancing and dumb
Their words turned me numb

Their consistency was non-existent
Their fun ran out fast
Their games weren't too bad. But i ended up dead last.
Their right hook stung three too many times

There weren't any reasons or rhymes
To why i went this way or that.
How wasteful. All of them.
Wow i sure know how to pick 'em

Now with you i can see each flaw they paraded
that you don't share
But who cares
You're not here either

Sometimes my support is erroneous
When i lose sight and I can
I think how unfair
You left me. Just like i left them.

They all had flaws that had me running
So what are mine?
that made you leave.

Then i remember
And am humbled oh very quickly
This isn't about me
It's about giving, serving, and following God Almighty

And let's be honest
Here's a true disclaimer
I'm not smart enough to choose you
We all know you picked me
And you didn't just pick me
But you picked me UP, lifted me HIGHER,
And helped me stand TALLER
You started this serving fire

And I'm so glad you did
Because i lo.... you more
And i know you'll be back at my door

So until then, just knock on everyone else's
And I'll soon do the same
This chapter is awesome
Sorry if I'm psycho at the beginning, middle, or end
I'm getting better
You know me :) more with every letter.

ok so i'm guessing 2% of you actually understood every line :) good job, y'all!

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Kelly said...

im the 2%! im the two percent!!!!! although i admit, i wish i didnt know some of what you were talking about :(