Monday, June 14, 2010

the count downs :)

I pick up my mom and my baby brother in...... 12 days

My beloved Becca is getting married in...... 5 days

I get to laugh and hang out with the beautiful Mary in...... 2 hours

I get an email (and a letter before that I bet) in.......2 days

My birthday is in........... 36 days (which means papers are getting sent in like a couple days after that!!!!)

Chase's 6 month mark will be (aka 1/4 mark) ..... a month from yesterday

My family reunion is in........ 25 days

My last day of "official" scheduled full-time work is in...... 11 days

oh the countdowns :)

I had a freekin bomb-diggidy weekend.
Friday night was Kelly and Lance night :) i love spending time with them. re-watching Lost is trippy! i'm sitting in class right now and right before this class i was at kelly's just chatting it up. man i love having the funniest friends. laughing is my favorite. and sharing my life with kelly is great too. i love her stories and her beauty hahahah
Saturday was a great split-shift at work and Mary's hilarious Bridal shower in between. It was great and helped me appreciate all the many life experiences and friends I've made :) I'm so happy for Mary and she deserves the most happiness and stability and beautiful marriage ever- Taylor is a lucky man. I LOVE HER!!!
and the rest of my weekend was beautiful at my Aunt and Uncle's house in So Jo. Dall + Laur= i love them!!! and lauryn took such great care of me as i was whining and crying over my sick body. what a good nurse she will make!
bachelorette party tonight with her and the andersons. and when i say bachelorette party- i can see how you'd think that means scandolous strippers and drunken craziness but (A) we're mormon and that means something, people!!! and (B) i wasn't referring to that kinda bachelorette party. just scandolous HOTTIES with shirtless tanned bodies running after Ali :) yay!!! oughtta be an entertaining night.

p.s. SHUTTER ISLAND. i saw it for the first time this weekend. i'm still processing. i liked it :) A LOT!!!


Kelly said...

um i know i got almost a whole paragraph to myself, but i really feel like there should be some sort of countdown in your life regarding me at all times.

Taylor S said...

I love countdowns.