Wednesday, June 2, 2010

happiness is good!

yes happiness is good.

this is gonna be a short blog because OH WAIT i'm in class. bahaha. good one. i should be more hardcore in classes. ah well spring= automatic A practically so im good.

1. i was trying to watch the hills (yah mtv-i know its uplifting) and my hotmail was up BAM!!!! an email from chase. well i normally get 3 in my inbox each wednesday and it was just the 1st one recieved so my little brain was like HE MUST BE ONLINE. so i emailed him. and it was true!! a couple messages were exchanged. sometimes i forget he lives in the world. i think of chase as in mission world. good part of my day :) did i cheat? it was through ldsmail...... well i justified it ;)

2. i'm working on a "creativity project" for my history class and i'm doing a music video (a modern twist of the odyssey in a "mission to brazil" kinda way) it oughta be good. i'm thinkin A+ for me. i will post it on the blog maybe if i like it hahahaha

3. i love talking to my mom on the phone. and now i'm mature enough to read mary higgins clark novels to discuss with her. oh yah.

4. memorial day weekend was spent with FAMILY. yah i said it. i spent the first night up at the cabin with laur, dall, jeanna, steve, rhyker, and jacksie :) precious times and the next two nights i snuggled up with my andersons. it was glorious. i'm a rough hard core camper. chad and kina's camper. i had a photo shoot with bryton and ciara. i went shopping with grandma, julie, and ciara. i beat dave in a campfire game. and charlotte was trying to steal paix. good times!

5. i can't wait to go to oqquihr mountain temple tomorrow

6. ok everyone watch the bachelorette. there will be a bachelorette blog post once i get emotionally attached to the strapping young men. ow ow! hott!!!!!

ok c'est la vie! j'aime ma vie!!!

i only have 3 weeks of work and 1.5 weeks of class left!!! my beautiful mother and hilarious mini-me caleb will be here in 24 days :)
wow i can't believe it's june already. wow!!!!!! that's a GREAT THING!!!

ok the internet connection in this classroom sucks. pics are on fbook. peace!

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Claire said...

I'm already attacked to Frank and Steve- the guy who looks like Hugh Dancy and Patrick Dempsey combined. The whiny weatherman, Jonathan is super annoying, but I'm glad Craig is out- he was uber creepy.