Monday, June 7, 2010


i was looking at some twitter profiles for the first time today.
i "knew" what twitter was but was disgusted with the retarded idea of it so i refused to succumb.
i feel vulnerable when i make facebook status updates about my life. like um TMI for the public. and they have this WHOLE program dedicated to being peeping toms and stalkers. hmmmm...

but after looking at some of the coolness on my friends' twitter pages (if you have twitter. i might have creeped you) it makes me wanna join. JUST A LITTLE. i still think its ridiculous...... but ridiculous is my middle name! so maybe it's fitting.
like what could be more fun, entertaining, and pointless at the same time? my three favorite adverbs. ok i realize those aren't really adverbs. but i'm sure if you add an "ly" they would be.

i would try to inform the world of all my random, obscure, inappropriate, heart-wrenching, ab-laughing moments on my twitter.

ok i prolly won't do this because i'm gonna be MIA and a leper to the internet except for in a couple months here AND i don't wanna get addicted to ANOTHER internet application before i leave.
so to suffice my hunger for this twitter account of mine that i long for...... i shall have a mock twitter for five seconds on this blog.


welcome to twitter!

marissajean thinks that her prayers are stronger and more faithful than those people who love winter. finally her prayers win. hello summer :)

marissajean misses certain people. but if you're reading this. it's prolly not you because i see you too often anyways or talk to you in cyberland too often. too= a good thing. @kellylarbrun @tiischroe @aubsmom @lauross

marissajean cannot believe how delicious the letter she got from @elderchase smelt today. i could taste him.

marissajean is STOKED for bachelorette. yah @kinanderson i'm in love with this show. if it doesnt' work out with chase, i'm joining. me with 25 hott guys! criteria: RM or convert. BYU fan. hometown NOT utah. sexiness off the charts!!!

you are now leaving twitter!

did i convince you for a sec that you were in twitter? i hope so :) if the format looks weird that's because twitter is weird. i tried to make it formattishly similiar.

ah crapface! i'm IN class. how long have i been spaced out?
oh wait we're learning about Gothic Architecture. Notre Dame. I could recite and teach this lesson in my sleep. J'aime ma Notre Dame!!!
now Saint Chappelle. AND Chartres.
Oh France- I YEARN FOR YOU!!!!!!

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