Friday, June 25, 2010

a week of prepping :)

today is my last day of "scheduled" work this summer. i will miss my downeast girls but i will visit them often (off the clock :)!!!!!)
i'm so excited for summer to officially start. i'm pickin up mom and cay tomorrow and i cannot wait! then some roosevelt time (i'll take pics of that desert) and then ECLIPSE!!! then some independance day celebration. then family reunion. then kayla and mitchell's wedding. then a justin bieber concert. then ms. mary's wedding. then caleb's baptism. then my birthday. then my last bishop/stake pres meeting. then papers IN!!!!!!!!!! wow what a moutful. i'm so busy and tired just typing all my exciting plans :)
then after my call= texas, california road trip, lake powell, vegas, etc!!!!! oh boy i'm a lucky girl :)

this week has been crazy with mission prepping and prepping to leave behind some provo days :) i had my pre-mission dentist appointment. i just got back from the pre-mission doctor session. oh lady doctors :) i love the intrusion!
and of course spiritually preparing for a mission. that part is the BEST experience ever. even if for some freak reason i get in a car accident where some reckless driver is texting or fiddling with their cd player.....and i become an innocent victim and become paralyzed and can't go on a mission- i'm so glad i have had these months to PREPARE. i have grown so much. i can't even imagine how spongy and absorbent i'll be in the MTC. wow can't wait :)

AND...... taylor shoulda got his call in the mail by now. like days ago! so we're anticipating every single stinkin awesome beautiful blessed day. can't wait for my date with skype to see him open it and just be beaming!!! he is going to make the best missionary ever :)


oh my brother puts the GOOD in GOOD-LOOKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he loves me and my invasive, bombarding ways. i miss you tii :) i'm so proud of you! i love you!!


Kayla J said...

ahahhahaa. gotta love the lady doctor! lucky me, I've been going since I was 17...ahahah. good times.

I'm SO excited for you to go on a mish. me and mitchell were talking about it the other night. we will write you (and you better write back)!!!

Taylor S said...

Well thank you dearly. <3

"I DO NOT pray that your birthday comes and no one calls you"